Daily Archives: 25 December, 2012

Libertarian Alliance Christmas Message 2012. What is a Libertarian for?

David Davis

Yup. What is a Libertarian for? Why are we here? Why in the face of all this socialism going on about our ears, do we bother?

It echoes what one of my teachers sometime in the 1950s asked us once…“BOYS! WHY are you HERE?” The correct answer was:- “er…to learn how to learn, Sir!” I mean, sometimes, it’s hard to discern what the hell are we trying to do, since  comparing pissing into the wind with what can be done against the brilliantly-arrayed forces of the GramscoFabiaNazis*** produces an obvious imbalance.

The situation in those parts of the world where stuff goes on that actually matters much to other humans, is not good.Governments everywhere are falling into the hands of the 60s-generation of neoNazi layabouts.

A GramscoFabiaNazi sadly got elected in the USA in Continue reading