David Davis

It falls to me, usually, in nominal charge of the Chipmanzee Duty-Type-Writors in the Lancashire Nissen Hut, to do something occasionally. One such duty is to scratch this organisation’s Christmas message in the tidal sands of ephemeral journalism, somewhere.

I have a feeling that last year got a bit hectic and I forgot to remind the little buggers to do it, but rest assured that something will be coming up this time: to either please or annoy all you people, on the day or just before.

3 responses to “Er…ummm…

  1. Thanking you in anticipation of a well scratched something Mr Davis, might I take the opportunity to wish you and every contributor out there, a “Very Happy Christmas’ and a ‘Safe and Inspirational New Year 2013’.

    My impoverished education also sends its best wishes.

  2. And the same from all the libertarians in Deal.

  3. Christmas greetings from the Northants libertarians (excluding Kettering)!