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They Work for You!

Richard Blake: A Brief Introduction


A Brief and Rambling Advertisement
for the Works of Richard Blake

Oh dear, I suddenly feel just as I always do when I reach the “horrid page” of a job application form. You’ve given all the easy information – date of birth, qualifications, previous experience, and so forth. You now have a whole sheet of A4 on which you need to explain why the job should be yours. The horridest of horrid pages even contain the words “Continue on a separate sheet if necessary.” There’s no point shouting “Haven’t I said enough already to show whether I can do the bloody job?” No point at all. You’ve a readership of dead-eyed human resource managers, and they won’t even consider having you round for interview until you’ve revealed your childhood ambition to work in whatever position is being advertised. Continue reading


I have written 280,000 words this year – 20,000 down on last year and the year before, but still worth announcing. I have a new book on freedom of speech coming out next year, among other things.

Christmas Bonuses Courtesy of the Taxpayer…

by Anna Raccoon

The Taxpayer, aka, Northern Rock Asset Management is to hand back some £270m to 152,000 customers. Apparently the Taxpayer wasn’t used to running a Bank and forgot to print on the statements the amount of the original loan; this meant that it was illegal to charge interest for the loan of the Taxpayers money – so we’ll be foregoing any interest that we should have received, and handing it back to the mortgagee in time for Christmas – an average of £1,775 a piece…… Continue reading

Minds Like A Sponge, So Get ‘Em Young

by Dick Puddlecote

Minds Like A Sponge, So Get ‘Em Young After a few months respite, I was beginning to think that state educational silliness had been left behind now my two have left primary school. It has come thick and fast in the past couple of days, though. Continue reading