Tesco is biggest owner of retail area in ČR


Note: I always rather liked shopping at Prior in Bratislava. You could buy a pair of socks there for 20p. Everything else was dirt cheap for foreigners, and no one spoke English. But I can appreciate that people want the normal things of Western life. The Tesco at Zlaté Piesky is so big that the shop assistants have to go about on roller skates. Poor service, though. SIG

Tesco is biggest owner of retail area in ČR

7 December 2012

Prague, Dec 6 (CTK) – Retail chain Tesco is the biggest owner of retail area in the Czech Republic, followed by furniture retailer Ikea and domestic developer group InterCora, real estate consulting company Cushman & Wakefield (C&W) said Thursday.

The biggest jumper in the chart is the CPI group owned by billionaire Radovan Vitek and developer ECE. CPI has jumped from last year’s 9th position to the 4th place. ECE did not even rank among the first ten last year.

CPI Group is becoming an important player on the retail area market. The domestic market has been dominated by international groups so far, but domestic capital started to gain strength and this trend will continue in the future, C&W executive director in CR and Slovakia Jonathan Hallett said.

Ikea has improved its position by organic extension of its existing outlets, C&W research head Michal Sotak said.

CPI and ECE, on the other hand, grew thanks to purchases of retail area.

The ten biggest companies on the retail area market own 1.85 millions quare metres of rentable area altogether, which is one half of all existing modern shopping area in the Czech Republic. Two years ago, they accounted for 47 percent.

The total rentable area in the retail sector is around 3.7 million square metres.

C&W compiled the chart on the basis of its own data.

The biggest owners of retail area in CR:



Change Owner Capital origin
1 1 – Tesco foreign
2 4 +2 Ikea Group foreign
3 2 -1 InterCora domestic
4 9 +5 CPI domestic
5 3 -2 Sallerova vystavba domestic
6 5 -1 CBRE Global Investors foreign
7 6 -1 Immofinanz/Immoeast foreign
8 7 -1 Unibail-Rodamco foreign
9 14 +5 ECE (incl. stake in joint-ventures) foreign
10 8 -2 SeGeCe/Kleppiere foreign

Source: Cushman & Wakefield, December 2012

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2 responses to “Tesco is biggest owner of retail area in ČR

  1. Tesco just lost a lot money in the United States. If customers choose you, they you do well – if not then not.

    People who complain about the success (although I accept that Sean Gabb is not complaining about that success here) of a retailer (or other enterprise) are really complaining against the freedom of choice of customers – or pretending that the customers are not really free beings (they are “Homer Simpsons” manipuated by “the rich” – “the corporations”).

    From where I am sitting there is a Tesco within an easy walk – but there is a Aldi just by it. And there is a corner shop actually closer to me.

    I normally choose to shop in Tesco – and whilst I am as fat and bald as Homer Simpson, someone who tries to take my freedom away (on the arguement that humans are not “really” beings, or whatever) really needs their throat…. (must not give people a reason to denounce me in yet another “shock-horror” blog post).

    In my young and innocent days I used to wonder why people hated Tesco so much.

    But then I wondered why Shirley Porter (Tesco money) was so hated – for the “crime” of selling council houses (indeed fined vast sums of money for this “crime).

    After all the council houses had been built for a political purpose – to “build the Tories out of London”, so selling them for (supposedly) a poltitical purpose seemed quite reasonable.

    Then I started to listen to the remarks that people were making and I understood what S. Porter’s real “crime” was – being a Jew.

    If there is an anti Tesco campaign in the Czech Republic and (especially) Slovakia I would guess much the same sort of people are involved.

    They may call themselves Marxists or Greens (as the anti Tesco people in Bristol do) but, in the end, there is not much difference between the Red Flag (or the Green one) and the Black Flag (either sort – Nazi or collectivist “anarchist”). The Bader Meinhof faction, and other German Marxists, considered themselves the exact opposite of the Nazis – in practice their methods (and, in many ways, their objectives also) were identical – even allying (just as the Nazis had done) with the Islamists. A little flight to Uganda springs to mind.

    “You are biased Paul – you do not see the exploitation”.

    Perhaps I am biased – but it hard to see how the Jews of Slovakia were exploing anyone. After they were mountain peasant farmers.

    Not that this saved them from Social Justice.

  2. Of course Sean Gabb had not (not) attacked Tesco in this post – or the Czech billionaire Mr Vitec.

    No doubt this post is meant to celebrate their sucess.

    I join with Sean Gabb in the good wishes he wishes to give to this self made billionaire.