‘Thackerism’™ and the ‘Long March’.

by Anna Raccoon

‘Thackerism’™ and the ‘Long March’.

Rudi Dutschke coined the phrase ‘Der lange Marsch durch die Institutionen’ – ‘The Long Walk through the Institutions’ to describe his desired outcome of governmental institutions being infiltrated by those who shared his belief in Marxism and would be in a position to influence future generations; eventually you would end up with a society where all ‘thought’ was uniformly Marxist.

Joyce Thacker is surely the virtual love child of this ideology. There has been universal condemnation of her department’s decision to remove three young children from a loving foster home on the grounds that their parent’s membership of UKIP – ‘a racist’ organisation according to Joyce – was incompatible with their cultural needs as ‘EU migrants’. It is inconceivable that these children might have been removed from their foster home on the grounds of their foster parent’s membership of the Labour Party – a Labour party which enthusiastically supported the carpet bombing of large areas of Europe. I’m tempted to ask why these children are in need of a foster home – did someone bomb their parents off the face of this earth? Are we to believe that the children’s cultural needs are better catered for in a household whose adults are in favour of wiping their fellow Europeans off the face of the earth, than merely limiting their access to UK taxpayers funds?

‘Tis a curious world to be sure, that we geriatrics inhabit, as we watch the Long March of Marxism through our present environment. Instead of the seaside cottage and roses round the door that our parents worked towards, we await the ‘Liverpool Pathway’. Not for us the rewards of pension funds that soared in value; we are a ‘burden on the young’. We watch in amazement as those who spoke “inappropriately” to an under age girl 40 years ago are pilloried in the media as paedophiles, while those who buggered an under age boy have been thoughtfully pardoned in advance of exposure by a retrospective change in the law. We hear that under age girls who have had sex with Muslim men are making ‘lifestyle choices’, whilst those under age girls who had sex with white celebrities are ‘victims of an appalling attack’.

We listen to a government sanctioning and promoting contraception and abortions to 12 year old girls, whilst condemning the sale of ‘inappropriately revealing’ clothing to those same 12 year olds. We see children who can confidently tell you the date that Buddhism started, or the finer tenets of the Koran but are struck dumb when asked why we celebrate Christmas Day. We hear nothing of the children of Muslim families where male members have been convicted of paedophile attacks, yet our newspapers are full of information as to how a man who failed to ‘grab the tits’ of an under age girl 40 years ago is prevented from having contact with his own children until the long arm of the law finally unwinds.

We read of think tanks set up by Gordon Brown to instill ‘ethics into banking’ – under investigation after substantial sums went ethically missing – and Lord Mandelson appointed head of ‘ethical banking’ at Lazards. Of MPs refusing to give us details of the way in which they have managed to circumnavigate the controls they grudgingly agreed to install after their financial chicanery was revealed. Of celebrities who insist that the press should only be allowed to publish that which their press agent has released. And MPs who believe that they should control what the press is allowed to print.

In fact the only consistently sensible thing I have heard in the past few days came from Jamie Blandford. Yes, that Jamie Blandford, the drug addled, inbred son of aristocracy.

“This country is bent, that’s what the ordinary people think. […] I’m not the only one that’s politically p—– off.”.

There is something wonderfully surreal realising that the only person with the courage to speak the truth in public is the formerly disgraced drug addict son of aristocracy, whilst standing waiting for ‘our glorious leader’, the Prime Minister, to arrive and formally open – his new toilet block!

Meanwhile the queue outside UKIPs office in Rotherham continues to grow, 50 new members signed up on the first day I hear. Seems the good citizens of Rotherham prefer a little straight talking to Thackerism™.

Now if UKIP signed up Jamie Blandford as parliamentary candidate for Whitney, I reckon they could be onto a sure fire winner….I’ll go and campaign for him.


13 responses to “‘Thackerism’™ and the ‘Long March’.

  1. Edward Spalton

    UKIP should institute a Joyce Thacker prize for the person who makes the best propaganda for the prty in any one year.

  2. The problem for this thesis is that, as Paul Gottfried pointed out in The Strange Death Of Marxism, none of the described policies are recognisably Marxist.

  3. The Frankfurt School (Cultural Marxism – P.C. and so on) is not about building Marxism Ian – it is about destroying Civil Society (“capitalism”).

    Even Karl Marx did not bother his head about how Marxism would work (“I will not write the menues in the …. of the future”) and the “Cultural Marxists” of the Frankfurt School (such as the “Critical Theory” academics and the P.C. Social Workers) are even less concerned with making things work economically.

    The project is about – destruction.

    Once one understands that – it all makes sense.

    As for the alliance with the Islamists…..

    Of course Islam is not compatible with a Marxist society – why should that bother the Marxists?

    Remember they are not interested in how a Marxist society would work – that will just solve itself.

    They are only interested in destroying the West (in destroying “capitalism”).

    So the de facto alliance with the Islamists makes perfect sense.

  4. Likewise the mad alliance between femminazis and jesus-jumping Christian fundamentalists that produced the Satanic panics. In no way do the long-term interests of those two showers melt and merge but as short-term wreckers the deal worked well for both -in their twisted minds at least.
    Leftists already know they havec lost the argument–only sactimonious bullshit now keeps them going. However, no one should underestimate how powerful bullshit is.

  5. We have not got much time. What are people going to do?

  6. De facto bankruptcy, economic breakdown, isindeed comming.

    Perhaps it is just as well – as the longer things go on like this the more cultural institutions of society decay. And that is worse than financial bankruptcy

    Minds should turn to the post bankruptcy period.

    If I had Dr Gabb’s skill with languages (which I do not) I would be thinking about moving – Bavaria (and Switzerland and Liechtenstein) is likely to suffer less (altought there will still be great suffereing) than Britain will.

    As for the English speaking world……

    The basic dishonesty of the cuture is so exterme as to be incredible – both in Britain and the United States. As a small example – I looked at a copy of the (British) Financial Times newspaper and (the American) “Time” magazine today, and the number of blatent lies (not mistakes – actual lies) left me physically shaking. Both of these publications are part of the core establishment of their respective countries.

    The islands (such as Guernsey) are hard to settle in – unless one has money.

    Canada is too close to the United States – and may be dragged down with it?

    Australia is very hard to get into – and has a British like contempt for freedom of speech (look up the fate of Andrew Bolt).

    New Zealand?

  7. The Falklands.

    When the Argentines get them, which as the UN and Obama are on their side cannot be long delayed, they will be less concerned with petty matters (to them) about liberty and speech-freedom, and more about getting at the fish and the oil.

    They’d leave you pretty much alone if you didn’t lampoon their “presidentiella” too loudly. And there’s plenty of room to not be near them.

    Or, there’s always Chindobrazilia, which are not going to pay much attention to the rantings of the thackerites, and one of which may yet save us all.

  8. New Zealand will be forced to do what Australia does, but later and less firmly. That Julia welsh gramscian woman who falls over, will ensure it.

  9. I am too old (and too useless) to start elsewhere – but other people might consider it.

    As for Julia G. – she did get her first job from the Marxists, but she may be looking for a job (rather soon).

  10. By the way – Argentina is going down the toilet. And I see no reason to give the Falklands to them. Even the incredible shrinking British armed forces should be able to deal with the (even more incredible shrinking) Argentine armed forces.

    As for Comrade Barack and his lapdog media…… let see how popular he (and they) are in a year’s time.

    Most likely too late to save the United States – but he (and the media, and the education system) will be seen for what they truly are.

    All the claims that “the rich” and “the corporations” are responisible are going to ring hollow.

    And, besides, Barack (and many of his close allies) are rich. And the media (including death-to-businessmen Hollywood) are corporations.

    When the savage mobs in “L.A.” explode (which they will) they are going to be looking for rich people in big houses.

    That sounds like the entertainment industry people.

    Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

    By the way even George Soros better stick to those Dutch owned islands where his business is officially based.

    He funds a lot of this death-to-the-rich stuff (either directly – or via the Tides Foundation) – for example the anti Walmart campaign.

    But do you think the Kevins will give him a pass?

    I do not.

    It would be so sad if the last words out of from the mouth of George Soros are “but I have funded you for years” – before the Kevins tear him to bits (or eat him – as in their slogan “eat the rich”).

    So best stay on the island – with all that private security that he is not supposed to be in favour of.

  11. We have not got much time. What are people going to do?

    Hold tight. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  12. IanB – In practice Marxism was always primarily about the process, the journey rather than the end. In fact, most , probably all, Marxists would have been dismayed if the communist nirvana had ever been reached because that would have meant the journey and, hence their prime motivation for living, was over.

    The other thing which is in play is the appeal that creeds like Marxism make to the intense desire in some humans to interfere with the lives of others and to do so without any sense of moral obligation because the end justifies the means. Cultural Marxism is essentially about control and the making of the world in one’s own image.