Cannabis Users: Stop With The Smug, Already

by Dick Puddlecote

Cannabis Users: Stop With The Smug, Already When viewing articles about smoking – particularly at the Guardian, funnily enough – I’ve always found it quite baffling to see some of the most vitriolic anti-smoking commenters are avid fans of cannabis.

The only possible justification I can see for their stance is that they are either:

a) Pretty pissed off that tobacco is legal and cannabis isn’t.

b) Under the impression that their drug is ‘cool’ but tobacco no longer is.

or c) Supremely confident that state-funded bansturbators will leave them alone.

Well, it looks like that last one could be off up the swanee, according to the Indy.

Is this the ‘tobacco moment’ for cannabis?

For cannabis it is the “tobacco moment”. The long-suspected link between consuming cannabis and developing schizophrenia has been repeatedly confirmed by recent studies. Observers say that for cannabis the present moment is similar to that half a century ago when scientific proof of a connection between smoking tobacco and cancer became so strong that no serious doctor or scientist could deny it.

What a bummer, man.

This is just the first of what the Indy declares will be a ‘four-part series’ too, so there is a long way to go yet on this. If correct in their conclusions, it could be the beginning of the end for the more enlightened thinking of jurisdictions such as Portugal, Mexico and – more recently – Colorado and Washington.

At time of writing, the comment count just rocketed past the 1,000 mark, many of which are tokers stupidly pointing the finger at alcohol as being more harmful … as if that is going to help them.

Perhaps, then, it’s timely to yet again quote Crampton’s inspired words from 2010.

It’s like a bunch of folks on the scaffolds complaining that the other guy’s noose isn’t quite tight enough. Y’all might instead direct your attention to the hangman sometime and try helping each other cut those ropes.

You see, the only way cannabis users are going to help themselves is by rejecting the state’s assumed legitimacy for interfering unduly in the voluntary consumption of any product, whether healthy or unhealthy. Prohibition never works, we know that. But – as John Stuart Mill once said – each measure against tobacco, alcohol, fast food, salt, sugar (the munchies, anyone?) or any other popular substance “for the sole purpose of making them more difficult to be obtained, is a measure differing only in degree from their entire prohibition.”.

How cannabis users think that calling for more prohibition of legal products will somehow make government legalise the sale and regulation of cannabis is anybody’s guess.

I sometimes tire of repeating it, but unless you’re prepared to defend all liberties – as I do, incidentally, for any potheads reading – against the collective arseholes who want to restrict them, stop bleating when someone sets out to demonise your particular preference.

10 responses to “Cannabis Users: Stop With The Smug, Already

  1. It is a peculiar irritation that almost all supporters of legalisation of cannabis fail to understand the libertarian argument. They demand liberty for themselves while having no sympathy for the idea of extending liberty to others.

  2. It’s more that they accept the principle of priory restraint regarding the damage a person causes to their own body, but argue that cannabis is so harmless as to not merit such a prohibition. They wish to keep the repressive state apparatus in place, but use it for their own ends, against “straights” who smoke tobacco but look down on users of illegal drugs.

  3. @CHIngoldby…

    …It’s because nearly all habitual prasie-singers of cannabis are socialists. Trust me on this one: I have lived for many decades among such people, in Universities and other environments where they congregate. Lefties advocate liberty for themselves in particular, above all others. Look at Cuba, North Korea, and Laurie Penny.

  4. waaaaaaaa haaaaa haaa ha ha aha ha ha ah aha ha, Mmmm!
    I feel quite sorry for you lot.

  5. @ “fetsy Mc b,b
    waaaaaaaa haaaaa haaa ha ha aha ha ha ah aha ha, Mmmm!
    I feel quite sorry for you lot.”

    Not quite sure what Mr fetsy Mc b,b means here. Could he explain? Only that we are obviously really really thick and can’t tell.

    Cuba, North Korea? wtf?
    We only use alcohol as a comparative because it’s the ONLY common legal drug that we can compare with, i’m guessing that you use/take/snort alcohol on a regular basis as do most people, well newsflash it’s killing you, try cannabis instead it’s been proven the safest of the two, simple init. As for the writers 3 point bollocks- a, tobacco kills! b, tobacco kills! c, tobacco kills!, couldn’t agree more. The only possible comparison between tobacco and cannabis is the smoking part, witch unless you have been living on a far of planet you will know that smoking cannabis is not the only way we can use our medicine (yes medicine). I noticed no mention of the 30-50 tonnes of the strongest strains of cannabis grown legally in the UK by GW pharma (look up Sativex).

  7. Father Rory Shanahan

    Well I have to say, I think that you’re a very rude man.

  8. reason please?

  9. To fetsy:
    If we said we were for legalising (totally) all drugs, without exception, and that this is the position of most libertarians, what would you say?

  10. To David Davis
    I would say yes! legalize and educate, thumbs up libertarians!.
    What would you say if i said just for example,legalize cannabis only?.
    I only single out cannabis as it is the safest therapeutically active substance known to exist, meth is not. Quite simple really,,, no?

    Back to the point, I am not smug! (all the time:) i am however in chronic pain, and cannabis helps me. not only does it relieve pain it also improves the quality of my life and that of my family, so yes this silly story really annoyed me with its totally inaccurate image of cannabis and the majority of it’s sensible adult users.

    I’m very sorry Father Rory if i offend you in any way, that was not my intention.