Laus Deo!

My friend, Richard Blake, has just reached 200,000 words in his latest novel. Only two more chapters to write, then he can be free of it.

2 responses to “Laus Deo!

  1. … but does he wish to be free of it? Fewer physical distractions I should think. It might also be a cosier – albeit temporary world – with less destructive human electricity being generated. Why not ask him?

  2. Good luck with the book.

    James Stewart was thinking of getting back into acting after World War II – but was worried over whether it was a respectable profession.

    He asked someone (I can not remember the man’s name – but I did hear the man concerned tell the story) and got the following reply….

    “Would you rather carry on dropping bombs upon people – or go back to entertaining them?”

    Mr Stewart returned to acting.

    Writing historical fiction is much the same.

    However necessary it may be to kill people sometimes, It is better to make a living from entertaining people, than to make a living by killing them.