The Continuing War on Motorists

by Rex Poulton

Are you aware of the following about the new (secretive) speed cameras ? See the item below

When speed cameras are widely known for failing disastrously in the purpose given them by an overbearing and dictatorial government, why are more types of camera being tried and installed?

We all know that speed does not cause accidents. Speed cameras do not pick up the inattentive, the drunken, those on drugs or the illegal immigrant drivers having no licence or insurance. And do not forget that 80% of road accidents occur at less than 20 miles per hour and 70% of accidents occur on urban roads.

As a mere 5% of main road traffic accidents are in any way speed related, why is Governmental fixation on speed control so manic ?

As a secretively employed and unmarked means of speed detection, isn’t this further proof of a burgeoning dictatorial police state where “We will catch you breaking the law no matter what it takes”. Isn’t it just to bring more stealth tax money into government coffers? That, and to remind us who is the boss?

And most importantly, funded ultimately by the motoring public, isn’t this most underhand secret criminalisation of drivers an illegitimate use of our tax money?

You may want to watch out for these rather sneaky new speed cameras. Two are already in operation on the A52 dual carriageway into Nottingham (I’m told), see attached photograph, and six further cameras became operational on the A1 between Great Gonerby, Lincolnshire and Oakham, Rutland on Monday 22nd October 2012. Take care.

7 responses to “The Continuing War on Motorists

  1. Well you’ve answered your own question and of course, you are quite correct, it’s more to do with revenue raising than safety. If speed really did kill we’d all be dead by now. That and, of course, all the hundreds of guys and gals in Westminster who earnestly believe it is their job to push people around. Oblige the nerds to do what they’re told to. Use the cattle probe if you like. The ‘public’ have to be controlled and that’s what they’ve been chosen by the ‘public’ to do. That’s what they seem to believe, although it doesn’t make a lot of sense does it?

    They also do their utmost to keep a lid on, or disguise, any facts that all those evil and dangerous right wingers out there might make use of; Tax dodging by the wealthy for instance (all legal… of course it is!); Corporate corruption; Corrupt MPs; The UK slowly being taken over by guys and gals here to work (we’re told) although most seem not to according to the amount of welfare benefits being paid to our ever welcome visitors; Paper money printed wholesale by government before being handed over to banks in order to re-finance failing business but who gleefully stuff it in their vaults thinking ‘stuff business loans’, this load’a loot means security and better pensions… for us (think Germany and the Reichsmark with that one); NHS in funding crisis… again; Pensioners witnessing hard earned savings often built up over 40 or 50 years, vanish in less than 5 along with the hoped for interest (with no other income now – other than that also handed out to any old Tom, Dick or newly landed Harry – who does an English pensioner, who’s worked hard his, or her, entire life, turn to now?); War being fought in spite of the vast majority of UK citizens in opposition and the country unable to afford the buying of compo rations let alone bullets; Young white girls sexually abused by those whom our forebears would have described being alien… and so on…

    Well on and on it goes of course and life’s too short to re-list here everything we all know goes on that shouldn’t be going on. Anyway, I agree with you entirely Rex. There is no logical reason for the government to approve the hiding of these wretched devices but even though the law’s often a arse, it’s still the law and lawyers love seeing people being cowed into paying up. Bread and butter – what a comfy job – all springs to mind.

    That’s my couple of quids worth on this wet and miserable morning.

    • Apologies:

      Pictures of a supposed new type of covert speed camera being tested in the UK is spreading through Facebook and email.

      The picture of the ‘camera’ which is installed into the central barrier/armco is accompanied by a variety of information such as the claim that it is being trialled on the A52 in Nottingham and on the A1 in Lincolnshire.

      The claims are entirely false. The images have been lifted from a Swiss Police PowerPoint presentation where this device is being trialled. The device is NOT a speed camera, it is a speed measurement instrument and it is deployed in conjunction with the standard speed camera on a pole.

      It IS NOT a new form of covert speed camera and IT IS NOT being tested in the UK. Please spread the word to correct the misinformation being passed around.

  2. It is time that the roads were returned to private ownership – whether trusts (such as the old TurnPike trusts) or for profit enterprises. Technology means that toll gates would no longer be needed (so there can be no objection there) and if the government openly no longer owned the roads it would be up to the private owners to decide how best they should be used – also the vast lie (and it is a lie) that taxes on the motorist go to “maintain the roads” would be exposed.

    Private roads should compete with private railways – with no taxes on either, and no subsidies for either.

    • I understand what you’re saying Paul but how would privatising roads stop the government planting cameras designed for snooping, or to tax (fine) the motorist for using his latest model motor car to travel at something close to its designed cruising speed? The nay sayers are still referring to a cars stopping distance by using figures established decades ago by tests conducted using a drum braked Ford Anglia. Just as surely as a modern car can accelerate faster these days so it can stop much quicker. If they genuinely wanted to improve safety on the roads, then why do they not toughen the current test; up to German standards at least? Why not add a motorway driving section to the current basic one? Why not allow lorries to be passed more easily on minor roads by making the lorries pull up short of traffic lights so allowing cars to get by – just like they do in Germany. Why are gypsies allowed to motor on when no tax has been paid and/or faults with the vehicle are spotted? I’ve seen that happen so can vouch for the truth of it.

      All revenues raised from those wishing to use ‘their’ roads, should be ploughed back into building more roads and better roads as well as improving those that are already built. If the government got out of the drivers mirror for a change, then the driver would be more focussed on what he was doing and safety would benefit enormously thereby.

  3. Some good news then! Thanks for letting us know.

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