Past Lives and Present Misgivings – Part Eight.

by Anna Raccoon

Lordy, Lordy, Lordy – this entire shebang grows more bizzarre by the hour, if not by the minute.

Overnight, a woman called Andrea Davison has emerged to claim that she was also at Duncroft, and there she first learned of ‘the existence of an Elite Paedophile ring reaching into the Government’. This is a story which has been gaining much traction on the Internet overnight.

I will take it one step at a time, otherwise I might fry your brains…

I have established via Derbyshire police (explanation will come later!) that this woman really is called Andrea Davison, that is her true name (amongst many fake others) and that she really is 62 years old.

That would place her at Duncroft around 1964/1965/1966. Assuming she really was at Duncroft. I have spoken to a senior member of staff, and two girls who were there at that time, and no one can recall a girl of that name. That is not to say that she is lying, she may have been utterly unmemorable; if so, she got off to a slow start in the ‘being utterly memorable‘ stakes.

If, and it remains an ‘if’, she was at Duncroft in ’64, ’65, or ’66, then she was there some 8 or 9 years before Jimmy Savile ever set foot in the place. Pace Bebe Roberts. Ipso, she cannot be talking about an alleged paedophile ring involving Jimmy Savile.

Andrea Davison is an interesting person though. The reason I had to confirm her identity with Derbyshire Police is that they have reluctantly become considerably expert in all matters Andrea Davison and her various related identities. This started when the Derbyshire Economic Crime unit became aware of a major fraud which resulted in several innocent members of the public losing their life savings. Prosecutions were brought against the fraudsters, and in the course of their enquiries, they became aware that false identity documents, including passports, were being used by the fraudsters which emanated from an address in Wales.

North Wales police obtained an arrest warrant and raided the property in Felinheli – the home of Andrea Davison – where they discovered what amounted to a ‘document factory’. They arrested Andrea Davison and charged her with 27 separate fraud and theft offences.

During the course of their interviews with her, she claimed to be an agent for MI5 or MI6, and claimed to have been producing ‘virtual identities’ in an effort to protect her life which she said was in danger as a result of ‘her work for the secret services’. The police made enquiries with both MI5 and MI6, but were unable to confirm that she had ever worked for either of them…they did discover that she had been an informant for Customs and Excise, and the Ministry of Defence. Something which would hardly have endeared her to the serious criminal gang who were using false passports provided by her. This may have some bearing on what followed.

Before the matter could come to Crown Court, Andrea left her home and claimed political asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy.

You may take a second breather here to compose yourself.

She was, of course, ahead of Julian Assange in this move. Indeed, she would tell you that the real reason William Hague ‘was threatening to storm the Ecuadorian Embassy’ was to get at her rather than Assange….she believes herself to be a far more important and dangerous person to the British government on account of her ‘knowledge’ – gained at Duncroft, aged 14 or 15, no less – of an elite paedophile gang operating at the heart of government.

In her absence, she was convicted of 26 offences of fraud and theft by a jury of 12 of her peers – note, not a ‘member of the corrupt judiciary’ – her peers, of having been instrumental in fleecing many innocent people of their life savings. She was found not guilty of the 27th charge by order of one of those ‘corrupt members of the judiciary’ that we are told about….

Somehow she managed to leave the protection of the Ecuadorian Embassy and arrive in Argentina, where she is today.

From Argentina, she has now declared that ‘Police and Yorkshire Crown Prosecution Service and the Judiciary of North Wales wanted to get her into prison where they could silence her. Her colleagues are convinced the Establishment were deliberately driving her to suicide or would have suicided (sic) her in prison.

If that were so, many innocent members of the public would have had to be fleeced in a police sting operation in order to be seen to arrest the fraudsters (now slumming it in prison) who were using the passports which Andrea claims she was only printing to save her life on account of her being such a terribly dangerous person to the British establishment…this ‘conspiracy’ has more tentacles than a brace of siamese-twin octopi.

She also claims that ‘ the Court stole [all her] life savings, her inheritance and heirlooms from her Parents and everything she owned’ – not the train fare to Argentina apparently…

Usually known as a ‘proceeds of crime order’. Quite common after a major fraud trial.

From Argentina, Andrea tells us that ‘she worked closely with Tony Blair’ to expose evidence of ’the Conservative Governments involvement in illegal arms deals and their cover-up of organised child abuse’. She certainly wrote to Blair more than once, and produces as evidence a copy of his letter to Ken Clarke where he states that ‘it is not the first approach I have received and I am sure it is not the last’ – whether he was just referring to an approach by Andrea or by other people is not made clear.

Five years after that letter was written, Tony Blair came to power and Labour was in power for the following 13 years – yet nothing further seems to have happened with regard to Andrea ‘working closely with Tony Blair’….

Andrea now complains that ‘the evidence she held about the North Wales Children’s Homes and Duncroft and the Paedophile ring was seized by the Derby and North Wales Police in January 2010 and has never been returned’ – that would be along with the evidence they seized about her fake ID factory then?

Andrea (now describing herself as an ‘investigator of sexual abuse’, rather than an MI5 agent) believes that Kenneth Clarke ‘got his revenge’ on her for having the temerity to write to Tony Blair regarding her views on a paedophile ring by refusing to allow her to have a fair trial in the Mold Crown Court proceedings – these would be the July 2012 proceedings that she chose not to attend, preferring to share a broom cupboard with our old friend Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy….they must have had some interesting discussions on the definition of sexual abuse, to say nothing of ‘which of them was the most important’.

One item I fell upon in the course of researching this article, concerns the Palestine Telegraph. A blogosphere ‘newspaper’ well known to those of us who come in contact with the tin foil hat conspiracy theorists. How can I say this, it is not a source that I would trust as far as I could see it to report the truth, or check on its sources. Indeed, it was sued for libel, for having made up wild stories that the ‘claimant was a fraudster’. It was at this point that I fell off my chair laughing.

The claimant was none other than Andrea Davison v Sameh Habeeb & 5 Ors [2011] EWHC 3031 Bwa-ha-ha-ha!

I reported all this to Miss Jones this morning. At 91, and having had her reputation maligned by a media which doesn’t choose to check up on the likely veracity of its informants, she is entitled to some cheer in life….as she said – you couldn’t make it up. But someone did, at some point in this story.

Remind me someone, didn’t I come into this story as a result of someone claiming to have been abused by Savile at Duncroft in 1965 and a forged letter? Forgeries, forgeries, I’m connecting dots somewhere…..

Blimey, never let it be said that Miss Jones girls were a boring lot……!

Ms Raccoon is now going to climb out of this rabbit hole and go out for lunch with her reassuringly sane husband – back later.


One response to “Past Lives and Present Misgivings – Part Eight.

  1. The Political Dynamic PANDORAS Box for Ms ANDREA DAVISON is KEVIN JAMES CAHILL who gave the only support evidence for Organised Crime and Money Launderer Operator at her trial.
    He knew her and his other mate PETE SAWYER in SCALLYWAG and PRIVATE EYE Mags
    Mr KEVIN JAMES CAHILL was an advisor for among others
    He is now an Advisor Lord LAIRD ARTIGAVAN
    who, like CAHILL has Companies registered at the SAME Criminal Money Laundering “BOILER ROOMS” that they arrested Ms ANDREA DAVISON for:

    However Mr KEVIN JAMES CAHILL is a recorded co-director with:
    Dear, Oh Dear! Oh Dear!


    And you wonder why this is not running on the front pages of ALL Major Editorials

    I am the one that recvovered in July 2010 (without copyright restrictions) over 400 Government Scandal Docs and Politicians letters, this after I traced her Boiler Room Operations since 2005. I published the story along with a few Docs and letters on Peter Eyre’s Blog.

    In 2006 It is RECORDED
    I gave the DERBY POLICE the technical Corporate evidence of Criminal Activity, fraud, advanced fee fraud, fake University Degree’s, Romance Scams, Fake Jobs and fronting hundreds of “Virtual” Office £Million Money Laundering “Russian Doll” Cash from the Address of Ms ANDREA DAVISON and a known International Organised Crime network that funded a POLITICAL PARTY and
    The ROTHSCHILDS Banking Empire.


    It was My Idea to call it PANDORA’S BOX given the Politicians names linked in Scam Fake Companies as Directors of over 400 Fake Fraud Alternative Investment Market AIM L.S.E PONZI Scam OIL & GAS and MINING Companies that are just fraud vehicles. Most of the Scam Companies are interlocked with the common directors of LONRHO PLC

    Andrea Davison and her network were COLD SELLING worthless shares in these Pump and Dump “Virtual” Companies and Ms Davison didn’t like me having and publishing the forensic evidence.
    Royal Courts of Justice Queens Bench Division Case HQ10D04366