Bodies in Deal?

Got home today at 6pm. Car park behind the Town Hall crowded with police buses, including several marked “Forensic Services.” Spotlights everywhere. Ditto officers. All clustering about an abandoned glass warehouse.

I’ll bet they’ve found a body in there. Murdered or natural causes, can’t say. But will make a point of watching the local news. Deal is not normally a town where the Plod have any presence at all.

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  1. Ooh, it’s ever so exciting! My neighbour was told to go away when she went round to ask a few questions. She said there was a really horrid smell coming out of the warehouse, and at least one officer was wearing a mask.

    We’ve had nothing like this since Charles Hawtree was nearly burned alive by one of his unpaid rent boys.

  2. It all sounds terrible – it does not sound like Deal.

    Kent is an interesting county. It even kept features of Anglo-Saxon land law till the 1920s.

    For a county right next to London and only a few miles from Continental Europe, Kent is surprisingly “Kentish”, rather than just another part of South East England.

    I do not not really know why.

  3. Deal. Ah yes, found myself marooned near Sandwich for a day summer before last. Stumbled across an amazing transport caff called the Adelaide Farm cafe on the A258 near Deal, sitting under an apple tree at a rickety wooden table in their beautiful little garden complete with a little stream and a family of swans drifting by, and being passed a delicious breakfast through the window by a pretty young girl. Life doesn’t get much better than that!

  4. It’s worse than that. I’ve just heard that special branch have sent their very finest down there to round up a few mouthy malcontents. Making trouble for the establishment by something called ‘blogging’. Not sure what that is exactly but it does sound very fifth column. So many of ’em at it apparently that they need to prepare a warehouse just to hold ’em all. One or two educated, or so it seems, so they have to be dealt with… obviously. Glad I don’t live down that way. Lights out and keep the shutters down I say.

  5. Funny comment from John Warren. But, on a serious note, if Sean ever comes to the attention of the plod, he should know that there enough of us admirers out here in anonymous land that he is covered. We have his back, as it were. We will kick up a real stink if he is persecuted.

    So please, Sean, keep on keeping on. You are appreciated.

    • Many thanks Anonymous. However, I’m not martyr material, and I suspect the authorities will appreciate that. We still aren’t living in some foreign hellhole.

  6. I’m wondering if this is a misrepresentation of the facts, or it’s the real Deal.

  7. The English and puns…….

  8. But it’s getting nearer that progressively. One thing I now agree with Sean, is regarding all these petty punitive expeditions abroad, sold as “wars”, which our masters like to indulge in over the last 20-odd years. All that happens is “no visible change” to the pre-capitalist-savages our soldiers are sent to “train” before coming home in bodybags. Meanwhile, our Police behave more and more like an occupying army at home.

    Sean will need to appoint me as Princiap Secretary of State for War fairly soon, so I can put a stop to all this expensive and bloody nonsense.

    • Thanks, David. As an update, the police have vanished from the Town Hall car park. The glass factory now looks exactly as derelict as it did before the police visit. Nothing in the local media. Except they were there last night, it is as if they never had been there.

      Perhaps they were practising.

  9. Dr Gabb, please don’t assume that the authorities will appreciate anyone who appears to be standing in the way of what they consider to be progress. Should you seem to be just a tiny bit to the right of what they believe to be good and wholesome, then you’ll be considered a massive problem.

    Nothing demonstrates this better than their repeated attacks upon the freedom for us all to be allowed to express honest opinion. Look at Kenny Clarke, going on again about the benefits of the UK remaining in the EU. It will be a disaster for us if we leave he tells us, whilst remaining totally blind to the disaster that we’re currently enduring. To me at least, it shows very plainly just how low this nation’s pride in its own ability to rise to the challenge has sunk. How much more evidence do people need before they get it into their skulls that the UK was never wanted in Europe in the first place… and nothing in that regard has changed. The best way to find out about the truth of the charade is to take some sort of legal action in Germany. My company did take action some years ago and it turned into a nightmare display of flagrant German bias in favour of their own people.

    After 3 years of writing cheques we finally won the battle but we lost the war. The financial settlement had shrunk to a tiny fraction of our original claim (a figure determined by our own German legal team and which we had to pay a percentage of to them before litigation could begin). Being married to a German girl at the time we were aware that we’d be running uphill all the way… we just hadn’t realised the degree to which German courts would be prepared to openly favour German business. Couldn’t be more wrong of course in the set-up created with the notion of a Europe united but that is what’s known has being a shrewd business set-up in Germany. It’s a long story. I’d tell it too – if I thought anyone would care to listen.

    Anyway, forget all that – all water well down stream. But please tell us what has happened overnight in Deal. I can’t wait to hear the latest news. Is plod still plodding? Is that foul stench still running? Are plod’s vans still parked up with lights dimming but still flashing? Did your neighbour go back out and ‘demand’ answers? I hope you didn’t leave the light on! More fool you if you did.

  10. You swine. I thought you were a novelist. You could have just made something interesting up.

    • If I were writing this as a novel, the ending of all police activity would drive the plot along. I’d be visited this evening by someone calling himself a plainclothes policeman, and told not to write about this matter ever again on the LA Blog. 100 pages later, it would be shown that the abandoned glass factory had been fitted up as a receiving centre for dissidents when the big round up came. After 300 pages, David Cameron would have to be locked screaming into his own matter transmitter and sent off to explain to his real master, the Emperor Zurg, that the Plan had failed.

      Otherwise, search me what was going on last night.

  11. John Warren says; “How much more evidence do people need before they get it into their skulls that the UK was never wanted in Europe in the first place… and nothing in that regard has changed. ”
    It is my firm belief that, however much they may resent our constant whingeing from the sidelines, the European Union simply cannot survive without the UK as a Member State. We are a major financial conrtibutor to the EU, we have oil, we have fish, and our riches will be needed to bail out the more profligate countries of the Eurozone. And they are savouring the ideological prize of having reversed the outcome of WWII. The EU will stop at nothing, and I do mean nothing, to keep us in its clutches, referendum or no referendum. What any of this has to do with Deal I do not know, but there you are.

    • Hugo – If I step out of the front door and go round the corner, I can see the coast of France. On a good day, you can almost smell the garlic. Though I too fail to see what this has to do with anything we are discussing. Fortunately, the Libertarian Alliance has never believed in moderation of any kind.

  12. Sean, forget France, get back to the story. Why a glass factory? Is it a factory built in glass or is it a building making bottles. or maybe windows? Special windows maybe – sinister sheets that can beam stuff off to someplace. But what place. Oh, I’m loving the matter-transmitter. Who made it – was it created here in dear old blighty? Why do you say it was Cameron’s own – was it intended to be used on people like us? The foul monster Cameron if it was. Get on with it man – quickly now, tell the tale.

  13. I think we have given Sean an idea for a novel. It would be “EDGY” … for it would deal (sorry!) with real places like, er, a glass factory or whetever it was, er, in, er, Deal. I mean as being the mysterious origination point of the plot.

    Sean as a great plotliner and screenplay-writer – there’s an idea now – think of all that broken glass, hundreds of tons of it, in a movie…grand! – can deal with it I feel sure.

  14. As it might be a receiving cnter for dissidents, and is in “Deal”, it could be there because the Political EnemyClass has made a “deal” with the EUSSR, to the effect that “we will take all your anti-EU-dissidents, and we will “deal” with them in “Deal” which is sufficiently near the Channel ports for convenience, but far enough away that onlookers don’t see people being frogmarched off trains and boats in blankets and handcuffs and taken to Dover or Folkestone while still struggling to “deal” with their predicament.”

  15. I love the comment there are never any plod in Deal… you obviously don’t go into town out on a Saturday night!

  16. Perhaps the town has been taken over by Progressives, and this is the “New Deal”.

  17. It was probably just a training exercise, or else it was something that is not going to be made public any time soon. But I don’t think the police should have been so rude to an enquiring member of the public, Deal or no Deal.