It’s the Demographics, Stupid.

by Anna Raccoon
It’s the Demographics, Stupid.

It has been an interesting week for the Establishment. And a bad one for the Republicans.

The Republicans lost an election because there are too many Hispanic, black and female voters and too few white, working and lower middle class men. The so called Rainbow coalition will continue to grow. That is the nature of “the American Demographic” and it is irreversible. This is the nature of history.

History progresses inexorably driven not simply by economics as Marx assumed, but by demographics and economics. For example, I would argue that anyone taking a proper perspective on the fall of the Roman Empire and the eventual creation of what we call the Dark Ages – the forerunner of modern Europe – would have to put as number one factor the simple demographic fact of a population explosion amongst tribes of eastern Europe and indeed the Steppes, all surging towards the richer lands of the West. That is a brief exposition, but it is essentially correct. The Hun, the Visigoths, the Vandals, all shoved west. The Angles shoved west too, and created “Angle Land”: England.

And what of the Establishment? By the Establishment I mean the cadre of self appointed left of centre and largely atheist intellectuals who tend to dominate the public life and have laid down the agenda for social policy since after World War II. The discerning characteristics of this class have to my mind been along the following lines:

  • • An abiding hatred of any sense of national pride and self respect.
  • • An attitude towards the working classes of something between paternalistic distain and dismissive disgust.
  • • A deep seated love of wealth and high living: see under this heading the Blairs.
  • • A lack of spine.
  • • Defeatism. How the Falklands war irked!
  • • A voracious capacity to obtain very well paid and secure employment in the higher echelons of the public services – including and perhaps especially the BBC.
  • • Ignorance of history. This is an indication of both distain for the story of one’s own people and land, and also absence of intellectual rigour. No, scrub that – it is an indication of stupidity. History is the great teacher. The names, the clothes and the technology change, but the human condition remains exactly the same as it was in 15,000 years BC.

And this week has not been a good week for Auntie Beeb. In the curious case of the Cancelled Documentary the Beeb seems to have canned an important investigation into the nefarious activities of a former employee of the BBC. Then the Beeb broadcasts a documentary which suggests a senior conservative politician was a peadophile, when it is clear that is wholly untrue, based on deficient research – they had not even shown the victim (who also seems a genuine man, by the way) a picture to check if it was the right man. The Director General doesn’t know what has been going on. And he is toast. For the moment Chris Patten – a man who appears to have no significant use in life at all, but who is great at obtaining sinecures – hangs on. We shall see. Hmmm…..

Meanwhile inquiries abound. We now have an inquiry into an inquiry, as I understand it. The Establishment loves inquiries, but is always obsessed by process and form, not substance. It does not the truth, it likes agendas. So terms of reference are imposed and “senior independent persons” (i.e. people who are not independent minded and who know the game, and depend on the state for their salary and lavish pension) are appointed. They provide the expedient result for the day, acutely sensitive to political agenda. It is their default position. Who remembers Lord Hutton? I do!

Whilst all this has been going on other people outside the media firestorm have carried on their ordinary lives, paying taxes, struggling along, being murdered…

One case which has been brought to my attention by the always informed (and well researched) Yorkshire Post is that of Mr. Ahmad Otak. It seems to have slipped under the mainstream media a bit this week, what with all the attention on the BBC and the hapless ex Director General, although after a brief bit of googling did find a short report in the “Daily Fail”

Mr. Otak is from Afghanistan. That is the place which we are trying to convert into Islington by the cunning strategy of having many hundreds of our young men and woman being killed and maimed. Although history would suggest that any attempt to impose an external culture on Afghanistan will fail. But then there is that history word again…

Be that as it may, Mr. Otak turned up in This Sceptered Isle in 2006. He claimed to be 16, but he was not; he was older but he knew “the system”, and how it worked. Remarkably, I know of a very good and kind person – British born and bred – who fled an unhappy marriage and an “expat” lifestyle in the Gulf to come back to Britain with the children in tow. She has had the devil of a job getting any help or benefits from “The system” and has really struggled. Not unsympathetic officials have explained that it would be so much easier if she had been claiming asylum. The system is all set up and kicks in with a benefit package once the magic word is uttered…

But I digress….

Anyway, he got in, and owing to his alleged age he was placed in a children’s unit run by social services. There he met a vulnerable young girl called Elisa Frank and formed an “on off” and rather controlling and threatening relationship with her.

Remarkably, his claim to asylum was rejected. Praise be! Notwithstanding that, he remained in this country, and was granted “humanitarian protection” until November 2013. I have no record of Mr. Otak doing any work. I have all the researching tenacity of a Newsnight reporter, you see. So I haven’t asked…

However Elisa seems sensibly to have tired of his affections and decided to finish with him. This caused Mr. Otak to become very angry. Perhaps he felt his Human Rights had been violated by this slight. Who can say? In any event he threatened to kill Elisa’s family if she did not take him back. Elisa’s friend, a very pretty girl called Samantha Sykes, reported his disturbing behaviour to the UK Border Agency, but when Elisa Frank was too scared to make a formal complaint nothing was done.

He then decided to take some direct action. On the pretext of arranging to return some clothes and a pet kitten he arranged to meet Elisa at her flat in Wakefield. He came bearing not a kitten, but a carving knife.

First of all he killed her sister Kimberly, repeatedly stabbing and slashing her in front of Elisa before, as the prosecuting QC told the court, licking the blood from his knife and spitting on the body. The description of the wounds in the newspaper report is graphic and very upsetting and I will not set out the detail here.

He then tied up Elisa with some electrical flex and made her send a text message luring her friend Samantha to the flat, and I am sad to report she received the same treatment. Again the details are too distressing to repeat.

He then forced Elisa to flee with him. He headed to Dover, in an attempt to board a lorry and head to France. There he was disarmed and arrested. Then at Leeds Crown Court week he was handed a life term with a minimum of 34 years.

As a story it is depressing and alarming on so many fronts. I suppose one may say that in a sense it shows that the system was working; Otak had been scheduled for deportation, albeit at some date in the future…

But does anyone think he would have ever gone?

Before I am accused of some sort of raging anti asylum seeker rant, there is an ironic detail in the case. When he was in Dover it was another illegal immigrant who bravely disarmed him, allowing Elisa to escape. Well done that man or woman!

But there is not doubt in my mind that Britain’s policy and practice on asylum seeker is weak and ineffective. The problem with people like Otak is not just that they are raving psychopaths, but that they share absolutely no cultural values with the country that gives them shelter. These are people that for the moment the Establishment does not have to deal with; vulnerable and poor people like Elisa do. I say for the moment, because the problem of lack of affinity with the values of a mature Western democracy will not go away. I have the feeling that it will grow. And one day it may grow so large as to come to haunt even those who live their cosseted and cosy life with the house in Hampstead and the villa in Tuscany.

It’s not the economy, stupid. It’s the demographics, stupid.



11 responses to “It’s the Demographics, Stupid.

  1. What will the effeminate self-hating yuppies do when all the white people they despise so much are the minority?

    • I predict that, within the next few years, rich people in London will be given some loophole in the victim disarmament laws to allow them to employ armed guards. They already have private dog patrols in areas where they are clustered, and the men in charge are left alone by the police when they issue threats or use moderate violence.

      This is, by the way, not an exercise of free market rights that we all have. It is an exemption from laws that are strictly enforced against the serfs.

  2. There are solutions, which would bring redress to the proximal victims of course, but we can’t describe them on here.

  3. Or indeed, I have had a thought. Is it indeed possible that the Political EnemyClass actually -wants- British society to descend into murderous lawlessness?

    Do they really hate all of us that much, that they could want this grave misfortune to befall us?

    And if they do, what then do they get out of the deal?

    • I’m often puzzled about that myself. Either they or sadomasochists who genuinely hate humanity, or they are just religious zealots who genuinly believe what they preach. The bottom to middle of the superstructure is full of the latter.

  4. I am uncertain of all these claims that X percent of Y ethnic group voted for such-and-such a candidate. What can be known is what States voted for what candidate.

    They are not many blacks and hispanics in States like New Hampshire – and they voted for Obama.

    And there are plenty of blacks and hispanics States like Texas – and these States voted for Romney.

    I think the whole issue is more complicated than the post implies.

    A better predictor of which way a State would go (better than race) was whether or not it was a “Right to Work” State – i.e. a State where union membership is voluntary (where people can not be forced to join a union).

    The vast majority of States where joining a union is voluntary went for Romney.

  5. Julie near Chicago

    Paul is right. In particular, according to the non-“Big Left Noise Machine” the so-called “Hispanics” who are citizens (both legally in the U.S., and legally having the vote) are mostly conservative both fiscally and socially and are not in favor of amnesty but rather of closing the borders; and they are not in favor of the Sith.

  6. JFen – you mean George Soros and the other funders of the Tides Foundation?

    Hardly the bottom to middle of the superstructure – they are super rich types (although you may no be talking about income and wealth – after all some Harvard Prof like Sandel has more influence than Soros with all his billions).

    As for their minds… well Soros holds the year he spent working with the Nazis looting Jewish property (of people who the Nazis were deporting to the extermination camps) to have been the “most happy of my life” (if only they had not found out he was of Jewish origin himself – and he had to flee for his life).

    Somene like that is basically nuts (no matter how cunning he may be) I suspect it is a waste of time to try and figure him out.

    Julie – yes there are plenty of conservative hispanics, somehow a campaign has got to reach out to them.

    Also (and I make no apology for keep comming back to this) – lily white Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont…. (and on and on) all voted for Obama.

    Race is an easy explination – I would say a lazy one.

    • Soros is definately one of the big guys, by lower and middle I mean the voters of the 2 parts system (particularly democrats, who seem to love any type of authority), with bureaucrats in the middle. They are all turkeys voting for christmas.

  7. Will Wolverhampton

    Before I am accused of some sort of raging anti-asylum-seeker rant, there is an ironic detail in the case.

    It’s an interesting case: you’d think the feminists would be publicizing it to high heaven, because it embodies (encorpses?) so many of their perennial themes. But for some reason they’re not interested. And Jenni Murray’s from Yorkshire too. She may be too busy with her Star-Wars role-playing, however.

    “Rant” is also an interesting word. It means any expression of opinion, no matter how calmly expressed, reasonable, logical, and factually correct, with which the PC community disagrees. It’s often accompanied by adjectives like “spittle-flecked” or “swivel-eyed”.

  8. JFen – if a parasite kills its host it itself dies.

    This is what Harris explained to people in Ontario years ago – if government spending is not cut (really cut) then the Province will go bankrupt and you all lose everything. So even some government employees and welfare claiments voted for him – they are not without reason, if things are explained in straightforward and stark terms.

    Nor are ordinary people really interested in class war. Warren Buffett, George Soros, Bill Gates (and on and on) may support higher taxes on the rich – but ordinary people normally do not (for example the people in California, on the same day they voted for a Sales Tax increase, voted against a higher rate income tax increase).

    Will W.

    Do not mock roll playing – I would still do it if I had a chance (sadly I do not).

    As for crazy sex and race stuff…….

    Yes the world is full of it.

    For example, Susan Rice lied (lied blatently and repeatedly) about the September 11th attacks in Bengazi – pretending this long preplanned attack was about a YouTube clip.

    Yet anyone who points this out is screamed at – “racist”, “sexist”.

    The only people who care about this government person going to the toilet sitting down, and having non white skin are fellow leftists.

    They are using her sex and skin colour as some sort of magic armour that makes her imune from any consequences over her actions.

    “magic armour” – ah I am back to roll playing again….