Why Obama is Good News For England

Why Obama is Good for England

by Sean Gabb

November 12, 2012

I can understand that American conservatives and libertarians are upset at Mr. Obama’s reelection. It means another four years of government by someone whowants to make their country into a Third World dump. But my view as an English libertarian and conservative is that he is very good news for England…..


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  1. The subeditor stuck in a split infinitive, my only one in about three million words!

  2. Briefly;
    1) You refer repeatedly to “Americans” and their alleged hatred for England. There are 300 million people in a United States which is effectively fifty different countries with vastly disparate views on just about everything under the sun. Your statement is a gross generalisation. For what it’s worth, I divide my time between the two countries, and I can honestly say I have never met a single US citizen who holds anything but affection for Britain, together with a desire to visit.
    2) You mention the alleged ‘tyranny’ of the British in the era of the Revolution. How would you have viewed it had you been alive at the time?
    3) It is my firm conviction, and I said so publicly at the time, that the Conservative Party (by which I mean the people actually running the show – the ‘Hesel-clarkes’ and their managers) were more committed to EU integration than they were to winning the election. They would far sooner see a pro-EU Labour government elected than an anti-EU Conservative one. They could have won the election – and put UKIP out of business – if they had adopted the more stringent policy on the EU that the electorate were crying out for. Yet they chose not to. I can’t see what any of this has to do with “the Americans” though.

  3. Had I been round at the time, I’d have written pamphlet after pamphlet about the need to crush the Slaveholders’ Rebellion.

  4. he Chinese state has created a milleau of corruption

    There is a clear distinction between the people of America and the Federal Tyranny which is all that Sean says. However,as in this land, there are enough morons over there who keep voting for the eternal choice–shit or shite. That is what is putting both nations down the pan.

  5. Write more about what you know in regard to the US/England relationship please. Why worry about bloody split infinitives – this is showing the world that the English do, in fact, have their priorities all screwed and that the US is right therefore to ridicule them?

    Having homes myself in the States and knowing many Americans, some very well known, I do agree with what you say about what’s plainly been American government policy toward the British – not necessarily the English. Clearly too, Hollywood does hate us and has always ‘had it in’ for England and the English. In fact, I’ll go further and defy anyone to name just one film made in Hollywood that portrays the English in a totally good light. Always something there demonstrating a lack of English resolve, talent, understanding and/or competence. But you know, we have not done much about it have we? In spite of all the evidence we’ve still sucked up to the US as though our lives depended upon it. But our lives never did – in spite of what Hollywood or Washington DC says.

    Don’t blame all Americans for this situation however. Some are my closest friends and I love them as they love me… and England too. There have been dull-witted politicians operating evil agendas on both sides of the pond for very many years. These people are the real enemies of England. Sean says that Blair is the worst of the many wretched English politicians. Well, I say that without Heath there could not have been a Blair. Heath was the worst, most conniving English prime minister ever. A pig of a man to my mind with just about all the seven deadly sins. He sold the English out the moment he realised he’d lose the vote on joining the Common Market. He knew he’d lose, so he put the whips in to achieve a naive dream. He did it in spite of having promised the nation that he’d not force Europe upon them if he didn’t have their whole-hearted support. As I recall, the vote was won by his side by a miserable 7 votes. Hardly whole-hearted support from MPs for his dreaming then.

    No doubt about it. A foul traitor to a nation that had placed total trust in him. His name should be erased from history – and will be, just as soon as the total bill lands on all our doorsteps for the disaster that awaits us courtesy of out EU friends. From a British Empire point of view, it seems that nobody really cares to be a friend to a fallen giant. Great satisfaction in seeing the mighty fall I suppose (being a failed cricketer, I confess that I was like it myself at school!).

    Blair was little more than a miserably failed rock star and then lawyer. He had a briefcase full of left-wing theory when he landed on his feet and lady luck riding at his elbow. Having her there throughout your entire life and you too can become rich and famous – maybe even a British PM.

  6. I commend Sean to my comment on the Taki Mag thingy.

    Perhaps my old chum ought to make a clearer distinction, in public, more often, between the American People and the USA’s Federal Tyranny. I occasionally worry about how Sean’s justifiable hatred of the US Federal Political EnemyClass plays out, in a PR sense, when cursorily viewed on line in various places without full distinction being made.

    • The American ruling class is actively hostile. However, Anglophobia is a default position among the people, and this is a prejudice that needs to be exposed and confronted. Mutual assistance and respect can only proceed from a basis of mutual honesty. More practically, American dissidents need to accept that the New World Order they keep denouncing is no more than a front for their own ruling class.

  7. The USA also very early went down the wrong road, just like us here: it created too many “universities”, in which edgy and unemployable youths and bitter, toothy wenches with bad hair “majored in” “degree subjects” whose titles consisted of more than two or three words, and wherein the Sororities and Fraternities declined in their terror to admit these specimans, for these poor wretches were all completely unshaggable, and thus a waste of space at cramped parties.

    So, in their sadness and humiliation, these joined “Law Firms”, political activist societies and the “Occupy” “movement”, in their completely-understandable efforts to find sex-partners. However…the cleverest ones went on to become “machine-politicians” and bureaucrats, detecting that lots of (nice) sex, with all sorts of (ordinary) people (who had no hang-ups) would become theirs, owing to their power.

  8. Political correctness, multiculturalism, “women’s rights,” “gay rights,” and the global campaigns to stop people from taking drugs and to abolish every trace of financial privacy—these are American exports. They are forced on the world by millenarian crazies who may have lost their belief in God but who have not lost their fatuous belief that they know how everyone else should be made to live.

    My unrelenting Carthago delenda is having an effect! :)

  9. This is all very well, but as I will be Sean’s first War Secretary, when he is Lord Protector, I can’t allow people on here to go about badmouthing “America”, (by which I am certain that Sean means “The American Political Class”) while I am simultaneously trying to “offer” all of America’s people the inevitability of “Full Union with England” (Scotland and Wales will probably by them have had to be sacked and sent invoices) in order that I can do the following things cleanly and silently:-

    (1) co-ordinate the shut-down and closure of almost all the “universities” and “teacher-training colleges” in both countries at once and within the British Commonwealth also, together with
    (2) all “courses” in “political sciences” or “sociology” plus
    (3) the Oxford PPE course, and
    (4) the shut-down and dissolution of the BBC.

    War begins at home, just as charity ought to.

  10. Although an excellent article it does, however, make one common mistake – that of blaming America and Americans for the actions of those who control America and American foreign policy. Those same people – who, yes, most definitely do hate England and the English – also have little regard for America itself. The US, like Britain, was long ago taken over by groups whose real loyalties and interests lie elsewhere.

  11. Yes, a great article. Also a reminder that pro-US policies must not replace our pro-EU policies. We must have true independence.
    I am not sure the Americans are trying to prove themselves the only legitimate heirs of the British Empire of 1763 – if they did I would think more of them – but all the Americans I have ever met seem to think Americans grew out of the ground in 1776 and had no prior history…

  12. Of course I always point out to Americans that the country’s independence was not achieved in 1776 – which was just the rebellion – but in 1783 with the Treaty of Paris. So all their anniversaries are wrong.

  13. you really disgust me sean gabb….you really and truly sound to me as if you relish the thought of people in america being murdered. well i say you are a goddamned coward son of a bitch. fuck you and have a rotten day you goddamned moral deviant.

  14. Sean Gabb says; “However, Anglophobia is a default position among the people,…”. This appears to be an uncharacteristically sloppy use of language. Surely you don’t mean Americans are frightened of the British? Presumably you mean they don’t like us, in which case all I can say is I have never seen it, not once. Quite the reverse in fact.
    And once again I must take issue with your generalisation. The only thing “We the People” have in common is a commitment to the Founding Documents. On every other subject you will find more opinions than the day is long.

  15. That was sheer cruelty, Sean Gabb. You’re a cruel man

  16. In spite of all his wild spending faults George Walker Bush was an Anglophile not an Anglophobe.

    It was me who asked Enoch Powell the question about A.N. (I was at a conference in Birmingham and asked whether British government policy would have been different had the man lived).

    Mr Powell replied with his statement about “high contracting parties” tolerating the INLA murdering the gentleman.

    Not quite “the British and American intelligence services murdered him” which is how the reply was interpreted by the media.

    Did the intelligence services sit on their hands, knowing of the plot but doing nothing to prevent it?

    I just do not know.

    On Iran – war depends on how the Iranian nuclear program goes. A lot of their key people have had terminal accidents recently. But things continue to develop.

    On the general claim that the reelection of Barack Obama is “good for Britain”.

    This claim is so absurd that it is hard to believe that even you would make it.

  17. By the way – if you are really an admirer of Enoch Powell and the gentleman that the INLA murdered.

    Stop saying “England” when you mean “the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”.

  18. Well done Todd. You have a way with words. Many people here are doing little more than demonstrating – in words – their own fears for the future of their own nation. Many have children who might one day be placed in serious physical danger by inept US and UK politicians. No threats of violence are being expressed – it’s just words. Please do write again, minus the low-blows, and try telling everyone here what you’re frightened of. It should prove an interesting read.

    • John, you have to understand their pain. Their country is ruled by another corrupt centrist, who is slightly worse on some issues and slightly better on others than his opponent would have been. Their real anger is that the man has a dark face – they can see it grinning at them in every public building. They can’t say this, so they go into sham paroxysms over allegations that he’s a Marxist or a Moslem, or that he has a dodgy birth certificate, or that he’s planning anything worse for America than was decided long ago by men with very pale faces.

  19. The best Democratic candidate (and apparently obvious choice) at the last election was Hilary Clinton. And yet, an unknown man whose apparently sole qualification was a brown face got the nomination, and then the presidency, in an atmosphere of progressivist messianic fervour unseen in the USA since the last Bull Moose convention, while anyone disagreeing with this choice was accused of not voting for him because of his brown face. He was a man with negligible track record or achievements who made Jimmy Carter look over-qualified by comparison. He has shadowy friends like Bill Ayers and a background in corrupt machine politics and marxist ideology.

    Personally I think there’s quite a lot of valid reasons for non-leftist Americans to not like their current president, regardless of their particular opinion regarding his albedo.

  20. What I find depressing is that 93 per cent of black Americans voted for Obama. The inference has to be that they were voting not on the issues but merely because of his skin colour, or at least predominantly so. Sometimes I’m not sure that ‘one man one vote’ is as good an idea as it sounds.

    • Competitive elections under universal suffrage are a very bad idea. I’m surprised they haven’t turned out even worse than they have at driving the collapse of our civilisation.

  21. Leaving aside his last comment, the trouble with Sean Gabb is that he says things he know not to be true. In short – Sean keeps lying.

    George Bush the “Anglophobe” – when George Bush was (as Sean knows) a lifelong Anglophile (a great admirer of Churchill and so on).

    The “default position” of Americans hostility to Britain – when Sean knows perfectly well that most Americans have rose tinted view of Britain.

    Barack Obama a “centerist” – when Sean is quite aware of Barack’s background and lifelong beliefs and associations.

    And on and on.

    Endless lying (which is what Sean does) is quite irritating.

  22. Hugo Miller – as I have said before I am unsure about these stats about exactly what percentage of what ethnic group voted for who.

    However, for the sake of argument, let us assume the opinion polls are true – did Barack Obama really do much better among black voters than John Kerry or Al Gore or Bill Clinton? He did better – but did he do dramatically better?

    As for the Romney campaign – it was terrible, he got fewer votes (although admittedly a higher share of the vote – there being a lower turn out this time round) than McCain got in 2008.

    Even in management (one thing Romney was supposed to be an expert on) the campaign was a mess – with the hopeless “ORCA” computer system being a sign of it. An old fashioned “I like Ike” style campaign with marching bands and young ladies waving batons about, would have been better than 40 thousand campaign workers wasting election day trying to use ORCA.

    So would a real set of ideas for dealing with the trillion Dollar deficit (yes Paul is getting on his Hobby Horse again).

    If you are going to be burned for plans to cut benefits (even though you have no such plans) you might as well accept the attacks as a bange of honour – and say “it is this or bankruptcy and breakdown – is-that-what-you-want?”. This worked for Harris in Ontario – many of the welfare people voted to cut their own benefits.

    But fail-to-make-the-case (and allow your opponent’s campaign to frame the campaign) and you lose automatically.

    On the racist explination of defeat.

    I think racism is lazy – it does not explain why (for example) Romney lost in lily white States such as Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Iowa…. (and on and on).

  23. I think Romney lost because he was just kind of meh.

  24. It also didn’t help that he’d already been labelled an evil capitalist robber baron by other Republican candidates, notably the sectionable psychopath Newt Gingrich.

  25. However, racism is certainly a two way street.

    If the opinion polls are accurate back in the 1950s black people voted much like white people – some voted for one candidate and some voted for another candidate (the ethnic groups split about the same).

    Something happened in the 1960s – and it certainly was not Republican resistance to Civil Rights (after all a higher percentage of Republican Senators and Congessmen voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting RIghts Act of 1965 than Democrat Congressmen and Senators did).

    A political-cultural movement spread in the black community – a radicalising movement that fundementally changed black communities in the cities. The extreme edge of this movement was the terrorist “Black Panthers” (who hated black businessmen as much as white ones – a point that is often forgotten, but who mixed exterme racism with their socialism), but the general radical movement was also a racist movement in the black communities – and it identified “white America” with Republicans.

    For example, it is often pointed out that J. Wright’s (Rev Wright is actually the son of a normal Christian minister and served in the United States Navy – but then he went to university and discovered Marxism, and a nasty mutant type of it at that) “Holy Trinity Church” (where Barack Obama was a leading member for 20 years) taught Marxism – and so it did. However, it did not just teach “Liberation Theology”, it taught “Black Liberation Theology” (developed by Mr Cone and others) – a weird mixture of Marxism and racism.

    All communities have their lunatic fringe – for example white people in Britain should not be judged by skinhead BNP thugs.

    However, people like J. Wright are not the “lunatic fringe” of black America – since the 1960s such people (and the ideology they represent) have grown and grown. It was as if white people in Britain sent lots of BNP types to Parliament.

    What has happened in the black community in the United States is indeed the grouth of racism – and it should be called what it is.

    Of course not all blacks have joined this type of radical movement – far from it (that would be like saying all Germans were Nazis), but it is very imporant, and even blacks who are not part of it are often influenced by its racist attitudes.

  26. Ian – the South Carolina Primary campaign.

    I remember Gingrich being asked by Neil Cavuto “do you not think these Bain Capital attacks could be used by the Democrats?”

    But Gingrich did not seem to care – he just wanted revenge for the Romney attacks on him in Iowa and New Hampshire, and he seems to have thought “if I am the candidate it does not matter what I say about Romney now – as he will not be about for the Democrats to use this sort of false attack” (and the attacks on Romney over Bain Capital were a tissue of lies – they might have been written by Kevin Carson such was there down-with-the-capitalists down-with-corporate-big-business nature).

    Gingrich is a very intelligent man and a very good debater and is very good in interviews (and on and on) – but there is something wrong about him.

    Glenn Beck noticed it in a conversation they had on history (keep with me this is important – and the converstion was broadcast so Beck was not making anything up).

    Newt Gingrich, as I said above, is a very intelligent man – he is also a professional historian.

    And he lied and lied and lied.

    There is no other explination – Gingrich said a whole series of things about early 20th century politicians (such as T. Roosevelt) that were blatently untrue – and he must (being the highly intelligent and knowledgeable man he is) have known they were not true.

    In short he was lying. He spoke very well, he was very intelligent and well read – and he was lying his head off (it was like dealing with Sean Gabb).


    Because former Speaker Gingrich judged it to be his (and the nation’s) advantage to get various admired figures of the past (such as T. Roosevelt) and pretend they were not the rabid Progressives that they in fact were.

    His motives were, no doubt (and in his own mind), noble – to associate admired figures from the past (such as T. Roosevelt) with conservatism, and so make people think more positively of conservatism (I have even heard Gingrich praise Franklin Roosevelt and at length – he is very convincing, if one does not actually know what “FDR” really did in the 1930s). But someone who will lie so much and so blatently – is not really to be trusted (no matter how noble his motives are).

    Still in fighting Obama, Gingrich would have had a big advantage.

    Barack Obama is not some pure Ivory Tower intellectual Marxist (like the old “Socialist Party of Great Britain” types) – he is from the Chicago Machine. Back in the 1960s the Chicago Democrat Machine and the Marxists faught hand to hand in the streets (guess which side the media favoured in 1968) – but by the mid 1980s (when Barack joined the Chicago Machine) many Marxists were allying with the Machine (become part of it) and Barack Obama is very much one of these pragmatic (or “dirty”) Marxists. As such works as “The Case Against Barack Obama” and “The Culture of Corruption” show – Barack (and Michelle) had the “sticky fingers” one associates with Chicago Machine Ward Captains and so on. An expert at smearing opponents, getting the dead out to vote (and so on and so on). And profiting from his actions – financially as well as politically.

    Under his outer charm – Barack is a corrupt gutter figher (trained to be one).

    A Country Club Mormon like Mitt Romney is not the sort to roll in the mud with joy (to be good at it) – but Newt Gingrich is.

  27. @John Warren….I have a considerable degree of concern for our future, and for the future of white children here for whom this country was originally founded, but it is politically incorrect to say so….A British equivalent to myself I suppose, would be the BNP..However, without incriminating or impuning anyone elses intentions, I have been in difficult situations before with certain persons speaking of how “all Americans must die,” or “I laughed hysterically when 9-11 happened.”
    Some speak of an anti British or Anglophobe sentiment coming from America, but I have encountered a great deal of the reverse….In America, I am a white nationalist, that is to say, I am NOT a national socialist as white nationalism encompasses a broad spectrum of political beliefs..
    I am simply of the belief that the future of my race on this continent remains highly dubious, and events which are long in the making thanks to many a traitor in chief before obama, have me feeling enormously angry. I fear for the safety of my children as a result of what I see, and for me this is especially personal given that I am from the American south, and I haven’t yet forgiven the regime for it’s crimes against us.
    I see a repeat of the not so good ol’ days coming, only much worse.

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