by Thomas Knapp

That’s my tentative estimate (based on Google election result and population statistics) of the percentage of Americans who voted for nobody for President of the United States on Tuesday.

US President Barack Obama knocked down about 60.7 million votes.

GOP challenger Mitt Romney polled about 57.8 million.

Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson, 1.14 million.

Green candidate Jill Stein, about 400,000.

A few others, a few thousands or tens of thousands.

About 38.8% of the population supported one of the candidates; about 19.5% of the population supported the alleged “winner.”

61.2% of the population did not consent to be ruled at all, and fewer than one in five Americans consented to be ruled by Barack Obama. The figures are likely similar for most or all of the 435 US Representatives and 33 US Senators “elected” on Tuesday.

If these politicians support the system of government they claim to support — one in which governments “deriv[e] their just powers from the consent of the governed” — then the only order of business they have to discuss is who will turn the lights off as they depart Washington.

Don’t bet the ranch on it.

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  1. Same here. What’s pariticulary disgusting is that after an election, they always crow about having a “mandate” to do any fucking thing they like, “the people have spoken” etc, having polled the slightly larger minority than the other guy. It’s stomach churning.

  2. he Chinese state has created a milleau of corruption

    They need to do something more than just not giving consent.
    No need for violence–as Nancy put it–just say NO.
    Orwell said it: they could throw off the federal tyranny like a horse shaking off flies.

    Mind_forg’d manacles indeed.

  3. he Chinese state has created a milleau of corruption

    Your moronic comments system now appears to be regurgitating bits of comments it has earlier “disappeared”.

    I have not lost my marbles-yet.

  4. They didn’t “vote for nobody.” They just didn’t vote.


  5. Couldn’t agree more Ian B. Me being in agreement should not be good news for you however; especially given that you were kind enough recently to take the trouble to describe me both boneheaded… and naive. So, Ian B, pull up a pew; sit for a while; what’s your poison?

    Anyway, I truly didn’t want to read another thing about that wretched disc jockey chap because I just felt it, in my very water, that giving so much publicity to his antics was little more than a diversion being pushed by the press and BBC in order to shove Muslim grooming off the editorial tables. Just like my boneheaded brain suggested at the time, it does now, after all, seem to be all going a little pear shaped for both the police and press. However, I’ve been away for a few days and lost touch with the story but I’m sure you’ll correct me if I’m wrong.

    Anyway, I’m all for debating our so-called democracy. So how do you suppose we begin Ian? Would you agree that, henceforth, elections be re-run and re-run again and again should they fall below a given percentage of the electorate actually getting involved? Should voting in elections now, in these desperate times for the UK, be made mandatory for all of voting age? Should polling stations be kept open for several days in order to allow more working people be given a better chance at casting a vote? If nothing at all is done by the UK Parliament to address voter apathy, what do you intend personally to do about changing things? You’re a man that uses tough sounding words without a care for the consequences, so when will you begin aiming them directly at politicians instead of at people like me? Take your gloves off Ian – take a few chances. When do you think the cry should go up, ‘Enough is enough’. Or is there more of the US in you than you actually know?

    A couple of weeks ago, I apologised for suggesting to someone writing on this site that he should get out more. There was absolutely no need for me to go that far, given that I knew nothing at all about him; other than of course that he’d become upset over something he felt deeply about. But it’s not just libertarians who are suddenly finding themselves impotent in what is fast becoming a life and death struggle to hang on to a way of life. Most thinking people believe themselves to be impotent too, or they certainly should be. Words are the weapons of choice for all politicians both good and bad and rightly so. However, for the man in the street, brain-washed and abused to a level of sophistication never before recorded, sometimes muscle and a little blood are needed more.

  6. Less than a 40% turnout? I suspect that “population” includes children in this post.

    By the way – children are mostly pro Obama, the schools (government and some of the private ones) push them that way. And school children (like college students) have little practical experience of the world – with which to counter the conditioning efforts.

    I am surprised that Gary Johnson got a million votes – I thought he would get less.

    However, in a State that was not close (and most States were not close) a vote for him would have been sensible – as he was the only candidate who actually bothered to suggest specific cuts in government spending to deal with the trillion Dollar deficit.

    “Paul you are being boring again”. I know.

  7. Paul,

    Yes, the figure includes children. They weren’t given the option of consenting; just as with sex, they were deemed incompetent to consent; so they plainly didn’t consent.

  8. Fair enough Thomas.

  9. Which dovetails somewhat into the sex hysteria currently engulfing Britain. What is overlooked is that when you take away a person’s right to consent, you take away their right to refuse as well; they have no self determination at all. There is much talk of preying on “vulnerable” children, but the State had made these people- young adults really below a certain State-specified age- “vulnerable” by locking them into institutions with no rights, only the power of their guards to appeal to.