A Meeting of the Deal-Southport Axis

The Director and Blog Master of the LA, together with their women and children, spent a most enjoyable and productive weekend in Southport. What we agreed will be revealed in due course through our actions. Otherwise, we went about our business in most of the charity shops in the town, and discussed the total failure in this country of every libertarian project, not excepting our own. We agreed that Google Books was the best thing for civilisation since the Internet itself, and exchanged pdf libraries. At the same time, bearing in mind the impending collapse of civilisation, and the probable failure of electricity supply, we agreed not to get rid of any of our books.

The only fly in this most delightful ointment was the extreme congestion of the English motorway network. Going up, it took six hours to get along the M25/M1/M6. Coming down, we spent three hours on the M6 alone. In the olden days, the whole journey could have been covered in a first class railway carriage, with one change of engine at York, and smart waitresses in the dining carriage. The journey could have taken place in black and white, with Joyce Grenfell, Herbert Lom and Alastair Sim to assist or oppose in a plot to deliver England to an unspecified foreign power. Charles Hawtree could have had a cameo as the ticket inspector. Instead, I had to recover myself with burnt coffee in the Clackett Lane Services, while Baby Bear ran about, taking photographs with my mobile telephone.

11 responses to “A Meeting of the Deal-Southport Axis

  1. What a satisfactory post. I can vouch for the truth of it all. All the picture needed was the likes of Como in the background singing ‘A Garden in the Rain’ for it to have been the perfect window back to a time so much more satisfactory than now. ‘Maybe this was charm beyond compare to view – or maybe it was just that I was there with you.’ Can anyone imagine a line so tender in its devotion being written and sung by those wretched hordes of talent-less vocalists singing ‘at’ us these days? What a truly miserable country this has become.

    Good news however. There’s a discussion going on in the House of Lords about the possibility of obliging pensioners to work during retirement or lose their pension rights. So, for all those who’ve paid well over the odds for the pittance now being received, their contributions aren’t a factor worth considering. Simply to be thinking about such a move is monstrous.

    Anyway, well done Dr Gabb. It shouldn’t have done I know but it did lift my spirits in the reading. I’d have bought coffees all round with the greatest of pleasure had I been there. Lower reaches of the M6 was it? Poor you. Nice knowing you survived though.

    • Then, can I recommend a purchase of my novel The Churchill Memorandum? It contains a set of incidents on a railway train to gladden the heart of any fan of Bulldog Drummond.

    • Oh, and I forget which scumbag it was who suggested we should work for our “pensions” – but his retirement package, care of the British taxpayers, is in the region of £120,000 a year.

      When I come to power as front man for a military coup, my public sector payroll tax will take that straight down to £20,000. I’m sure our Blog Master will insist that his military coup will take it down to zero. DJW might trump us all by reducing it to a minus number, or hanging the wretch, or both.

  2. Not content with reducing these thieving, deliberately-tyrannical bastards to utter penury, my War-Secretariat will have them “resettled”. This will mean transportation to one or more rather excitingly cold and perennially-windy islands hundreds of miles from anywhere.

    As no landing facillities will be available for either boats or aircraft, the fellas (and sadly in many cases ladies also) will be shoved, wholesale (with parachutes on automatic static-lines in case they are too terrified to pull their own: this is so that they have a survival chance) James-Bond-style, out of the backs of large transport aircraft, from about 1,000-2,000 feet (also to give them a chance of hitting “their” island.)

    Their chutes will be the only non-clothing materials they bring in with them.

    On these places there will be rather little in the way of easily-accessible food-sources, fishing being uncommonly dangerous and risky owning to the coastlines to be chosen. That they will be left no tools is taken as read. They will not be allowed to “carry tools down” on a parachute jump, since, they being “insufficiently trained for the required tasks”, this will contravene the very same “health and safety” legislation that they have foisted upon all and sundry. Let them face the consequences of having no tools at all, a situation dear to their hearts, being of course as they are and were, also precapitalist-neo-pastoralists.

    There will be no trees whatsoever, and not much catchable wildlife. They will then, simply, be left. It will be instructive to find out how soon the buggers try to kill and eat each other, and which ones come out on top.

    I am not certain yet of the numbers, but there may well be many, many thousands of these persons: the various departments of State, “hosital trusts”, “councils”, “teacher training colleges”, QUangos, SEFras and “agencies” are bursting at the seams with bureaucrats who do what they do entirely on purpose, and did have the free choice whether to do such work or not. They “chose poorly”, as the old sad knight at the end of “Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade” comments, upon seeing the death of a couple of scumbags that thought they’d hit the jackpot.

    We also might need to expel, also, the upper reaches of most of Britain’s police forces, plus an unspecified number of armed goons in hemispherical checked caps and stab-proofs, to “keep order”. After all, these people were always “calling for more bobbies on the beat”, so they shall have them. I don’t expect the goons to be eaten very early on: probably later.

    On one thing also were we agreed, I think. That is that while the EU is “A” problem, it is not “The Main” problem that faces libertarians – or indeed other people – at this time. We think that the British Political EnemyClass is using the EU as an excuse to extend tyranny and general oppression in the UK, for its own ends. Upon the success of our counter-revolution, the British Political EnemyClass will need to have its powerbases and sources of finance destroyed first, after which an orderly exit from the EU will become a safe propsition. Without EU oversight as is presently the case, our EnemyClass will become even more ferociously and parochially-oppressive than it already wants to be, casting shades upon us of the existences of people in Cuba or North Korea. The Director will correct me if I have got the events the wrong way about.

  3. I’m feeling brighter by the minute… are there signs at last of something stirring in the air? Does it mean I wont be storming St Stephen’s Tower alone after all? Storming alone often cuts a forlorn figure I always think. Once in control of Westminster time, the tea room invasion I’ve planned might be a tad easier. For instance, I could always miss the odd even hour which would cause all sorts of mischief at the smarmy bugger’s lunch time. Might get them fighting each other… to the death hopefully. Yes, I tell you… brighter by the minute.

  4. Errrrrr……..

    “The Plane Boss, the Plane!!!!!!……..”

  5. Yes John…there will be two of us (like the Welsh longbowman joke. I will tell it sometime.)

  6. Er, just typed a reply and it’s vanished! Is it in the spam trap???

  7. Dang. I wrote a few paragraphs about Southport and my aunt. Gripping stuff!

    But I also asked whether you’are aware of the revelations regarding the Savilocalypse currently occurring at Anna Racoon’s blog, and if you’re not I’d advise going over there and reading them pronto, and giving them whatever publicity you can, because they are extremely significant.