Windows 8

Any opinions yet about W8? I’m still happy with W7, and am only minded to upgrade if it’s worth the money and the effort.

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  1. Depends what you use your PC for, I myself am hesitant until the first update or two as I use PC’s mainly for video games and watching media.

  2. Microsoft has a long history of launching new software without proper testing. Windows 95 was great, XP not too bad but they spent more money on W7 than any other platform. I like W7 but I have heard conflicting reports – it seems either it works great or it doesn’t work. If your W7 works I would advise you stick with it on the basis that “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. Give 8 a few months and see if they are constantly releasing patches and if the feedback is good then go for it. On first glance it appears good but significantly *different* – vide

  3. Thanks, Peter. I’m very ahppy indeed with W7. I just feel a little bored with its perfection for my own purposes, and itchy to try something new.

    Not, perhaps, the best reason to change!

  4. I can’t see myself “up” grading until I have to. In my opinion, the interfaces of OS’s, at least for the desktop, are getting worse as manufacturers try to find something “new” to sell a technology which is largely mature- the days of genuinely needed radical innovation as people tried new paradigms are largely over. I cannot see any merit in W8’s tiled interface for serious computer work at all, even though it may make sense for a 15 year old with a smartphone who needs to “update” their “social network” every 3 minutes and like ZOMG did you hear Charlene screwed Brad at the keg party last night, like SQUEEEEEE! and never does any serious computing.

    For me, the best Windows interface was Win 98- the final evolution of the “classic” shell which I continued to use on Windows XP. I’m now on Win 7 because I need the stuff under the hood, particularly 64 bit support, but I’d dearly love the old proper Start menu back, not to mention some way to disable the boneheaded “helpful” networking in Windows 7 which is a total pain the rectum; it’s effetively impossible to set up a simple intranet without an internet gateway, because Win 7 assigns networks by the gateway MAC codes (and there isn’t one in that situation of course) AND YOU CAN’T SWITCH THAT OFF. And, I have to run a special little third party app called Taskbar Tweaker just to stop those friggin’ useless thumbnails leaping up from the taskbar every time my Wacom stylus happens to pass over it. Because, again, you can’t (in Windows) switch that off either. In fact, if anything my main niggle is that Microsoft are trying to emulate Apple by telling users what they should want, rather than providing options, as they used to. Dear Microsoft, if I wanted to be treated like a retard, I’d buy an iProduct. Stop it!

    I just wish they’d stop dicking around with it, frankly. I just want somebody to sell Win XP, with modern hardware support, and the classic shell. But they won’t.

  5. W7 is so far the best, and my boy made it look like XP which confises people no end. Great as it is though.

  6. Chris Morriss

    Ian B: Are you sure?
    Have you looked at:

  7. Windows is the work of Satan – get yourself a Mac.

  8. Eddie Willers

    Well, I’m running XP ‘black’ – a fantastic version of one of the best iterations of the Windows OS that is now sadly, no longer supported – on my desktop PC to control various Icom shortwave receivers, but it’s the only Microshaft product I use.

    General web-browsing and other daily functions are handled by a laptop running whatever flavor-of-the-month of Linux I am playing with.