BBC = ‘Bad Boys Club’ – a lamentation

by the Reverend Dr Alan C. Clifford

The BBC is now exposed as a decadent institution. As both a victim and promoter of anarchic, sex-perverted secularism, it is the official media face of a corrupt culture.

Now our euphoric Diamond Jubilee celebration and Olympic summer are becoming rapidly-fading memories, ugly realities are loudly rebuking us.

Not long before the Jimmy Savile scandal broke, the fiasco of the ‘topless duchess’ was disturbing enough. Indeed, these incidents are but symptoms of our European and UK-wide immoral, immodest culture, where promiscuity, pornography and perversion flow unchecked. Indeed, our entire entertainment industry thrives on adulterous sex in particular and a mocking disregard for the Ten Commandments in general.

There was a time when ‘BBC’ could stand for ‘Bible-Based Culture’. Really? Yes. Instead of scoffing at the idea, stay with me.

While UK culture was showing signs of decay from the deleterious influence of Darwin (1859), the poisonous effects of German higher biblical criticism (1870s and 80s), liberal humanism in the churches (1890s onwards) and the impact of atheistic communism following the Russian Revolution (1917), the BBC started well.

The inscription (alas in Latin, so Jimmy Savile and most people couldn’t read it!) in the entrance hall of the original BBC Broadcasting House in London makes this clear:


This shrine of the arts, music and literature is dedicated by the first Governors in the year of our Lord 1931, John Reith being Director General. It is their prayer that good seed sewn will produce a good harvest, that everything offensive to decency and hostile to peace will be expelled, and that the nation will incline its ear to those things which are lovely, pure and of good report and thus pursue the path of wisdom and virtue.

This noble dedication reveals the Christian values expressed by the Apostle Paul:

Whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy – meditate on these things (Philippians 4: 8).

Of course, in the post-war period, the sixties sexual revolution saw an end to what had been largely national lip-service to our Christian culture. This was the era in which Jimmy Savile began unchecked to exploit the growing promiscuity. Of course, he was not alone. And who had the guts to challenge it apart from Mary Whitehouse and the Festival of Light?

At the same time, the undisciplined theological and moral apostasy within the Church of England and other denominations aided and abetted the tragic decline. Universities and schools promoted ideological corruption as marriage and family values came under increasing attack. The wreckage of our disintegrating culture is now everywhere evident.

Celebrities like Richard Dawkins and broadcasters at the BBC and elsewhere are now the public face of the UK’s tragedy.The likes of Andrew Marr, John Humphrys, Jeremy Bowen, Polly Toynbee, Jeremy Paxman and others are the voices of what the BBC has become. What with a Muslim being head of Religious broadcasting and multi-faith thinking in the ascendancy, what do we have? A politically-correct stranglehold on freedom of speech and Christian teaching in particular. So…

BBC = ‘Ban Bible Conspiracy’.

Hence we pay a license fee for:

BBC = ‘Bad British Culture’

With the growing embarrassment of the sickening Savile saga, apart from seemingly-sincere veteran John Simpson (and surely there must be others), it is time to reverse the ruin of the randy

BBC = Bad Boys Club.

Return Lord Reith! The BBC’s original values were never more desperately needed. Our economic crisis is but a symptom of the spiritual and moral crisis. We need a national repentance. May God have mercy upon us!

4 responses to “BBC = ‘Bad Boys Club’ – a lamentation

  1. Damn straight. Things were so much better when we burned girls as witches and hanged sodomites.

    Bring back the 10 Commandments into law and let’s put people in prison who blaspheme, lock up your kids because if they’re disrespectful the state will do it for you, and don’t dare look at the Jones’ new car with envy or off to clink you go.

    Come on Rev. Put up a fight for religious sensibilities rather than go for the idiotic 10 Commandments, only 2 of which are illegal.

  2. No doubt this opinion will be shot down by some on this site. Some writing against the argument without offering the writer any real explanation of the reasons for doing so. What is being said here however does carry a very tangible ring of truth for me. Over the past few years I’ve complained in writing often enough to the BBC. Mostly complaining about their daily involvement in UK politics which is in direct contravention of their charter. Their left-wing bias has now become sickening to the extent that I seldom watch or listen to BBC broadcasts. For me, it came to a head when the Director General himself admitted that the BBC had become ‘massively’ left-wing. This was said shortly after I’d written a ten thousand word complaint to him about their subversive activities. I can take no shred of credit for his statement however because he failed to have the courtesy to confirm its receipt let alone offer a response. When the statement was made, I was happily expecting an immediate (even if low-key) out-cry from both the press and politicians in condemnation – but the only thing I heard was the usual ominous silence. Foul water might have rocked the BBC boat a little but that was all it did. Anyone who’s emailed the BBC with complaints know well enough that they’ll be asked if they’ve complained previously – the idea being, I imagine, that one is allowed to complain only once. Why would they need to know if a licence fee payer had previously complained? I’ve no idea in truth, but perhaps this was the perverted reason the DG felt there was no need to respond. Make no mistake, that one organisation has more direct influence on the thinking of the British people than all the pooled resources of the press. The problems we see and hear about on a almost daily basis, is surely testimony enough to their lack of loyalty to members of the great and trusting British public… living or dead.

    I place the BBC right at the very top of my list of corrupt corporations. Goldman Sachs are rogues and thieves, of that there’s little doubt… but we’ve all become used to living with such like. We seldom trust rogues or thieves by instinct but we were born to trust both the motives and social objectives of the BBC. The English in particular have good reason to be very disappointed in them. I have a list of the names of the most treacherous BBC staff which I’d put on trial for treason – if we had such a law that is.

  3. I’m not, as Principal Secretary of State for War, very concerned at all about whether the BBC uses the Gospels and the Mosaic Decalogue to inform its decisions, programming strategy, staffing policies or whatever.

    However, any incoming government wholly or partly controlled by officers of this Libertarian Alliance will have it shut down immediately.

    Our reasons stem from the intolerable situation that there is a “State Broadcaster”. there are no conditions under which in 2012, or any later time, there needs to be one of these things.

    Its archives will be eityher auctioned off or placed, for perpetuity and for nothing, in the British Library. Come to think of it, why ever does there even need to be a “State Library”? We might break that up too on the same trip.

  4. I oppose taxpayer funded broadcasting on principle – and I consider the “television license” a tax.

    I also oppose the basic attitude of Lord Reith – who actively demanded the nationalisation of his company (people forget that the BBC was once private) out of a sort of Hegalian worship of the state. He reminds me of the people who ran the London Metropolitian Railway (and the rest of the so called “tube” – although most of metroland was served by an above groudn railway) who also supported the nationalisation of their company – as long as they remained in charge.

    Please do not mistake me – I am not claiming that Lord Reith (or the people at the railway) were corrupt – far from it. But I am saying that I do not share their principles.

    However, I do accept that Lord Reith had principles – and that after he went these principles were thrown in the rubbish bin.

    The first major television programme to be created after Lord Reith’s time was “That Was The Week That Was”.

    This is remembered as a great BBC programme (series) – and it started the life in entertainment and journalism of various later “household names”.

    But let us remember this show for what it really was – a blatently partisan programme, that argued (under the mask of entertainment) for a particular political and cultural point of view and used the most extreme dishonesty (any leftist lying is allowed by the BBC if you pretend “it is just a joke”) to attack opponents of this point of view.

    Various people went to the Conservative party Prime Minister (Harold M.) of the time to complain – pointing out that the BBC was funded by force (the license fee) and it was unjust for it to use this money to further a political and cultural agenda – especially in a wildly dishonest way (depending on endless lies – disguised as “jokes”).

    However, “SuperMac” dismissed the concerns of those who complained to him, much to their bafflement.

    It does not baffle some of us – but then many people (including myself) do not regard the late “SuperMac” as a conservative at all (any more than I regard him as a libertarian).

    He was actor putting on a show – at his core the man was a Progressive (who hated both tradition and freedom – even whilst he pretended to love them both).