Why no Swastika?

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  1. I was waiting for this to be posted.
    At least they admit socialism is a religion.

  2. The religion of atheism, with its hammer poised on top of all the other religions-how very apt. I’ve seen this poster a few times now and still hoping it’s a stunt. If not-what to do?. Before we know it it will be decreed the national flag of Europe and be flying from all our town halls.

  3. I agree with Sean Gabb – if you are going to have the Communist sign (the hammer and sickle) then you might as well have the National Socialist sign (the old Indo-European sun symbol) as well. The National Socialists murdered millions of people – but the Marxists have murdered vastly more people (see “The Black Book of Communism” and many other works) so it makes no sense to have one symbol and not the other.

    Especially as some National Socialists thought in European terms – whereas Marxists think in world terms (there is no special place in Marxist doctrine for Europe).

    On the other relgions….

    Well the Star of David should not be there – under Jewish law there can only be one Jewish state, Israel (and even in Israel Jewish law only applies to Jews – just as Christians and Muslims may not be conscripted, although some volunteer to join the IDF). Even where Jews have had, potentially, great power (such as New York City back in the 1940s) there has been no attempt to turn such places into Jewish places – because Jewish law forbids this. A Jew may be Mayor of New York, or President of the United States – but neither New York or America can be a “Jewish state” (it is forbidden by Jewish law, as well as by the secular Constitutions).

    As for the attitude of most Jews to “Europe” – errr do not judge by the attitude of the leader of the Labour Party (who is as Jewish as Richard Dawkins is Christian – i.e. “ethnically” yes, religously no).

    The attitude of most Jews to the European matters can be seen in the pages of such publications as the Jewish Chronicle.

    It can be summed up as follows….

    “They outnumber us a thousand to one. They are clearly (yet again) plotting to murder us (hence the alliance of the E.U. and the P.C. elite generally with the Islamists…). How do we get out to Israel – or to other coutries where Jews can defend themselves, such as the United States, Australia or New Zealand”.

    The Islamic symbol should also not be on the “Star of Europe” – because Islam (like Marxism and Black Flag “anarchism”) places no special value on Europe (it is Arabia that has the special value – other than that, Islam thinks in world terms). And, more importanty, Islamic law does not allow sharing power between Islam and nonIslam (it insists that power can not be divided – just as Thomas Hobbes did) – somewhere is either within the rule of Islam, or it is part of the “world of war” (waiting for conquest).

  4. See on the Red Swastika society – the Chinese equivalent of the Red Cross in the pre-war period… It was the other way round to the German one…

  5. I’ve not seen this before, but if it purports to be a montage of religious symbols, it should indeed include the Swastika, as this remains an important Hindu symbol. Hindu Swasikas are vertical/horizontal, whereas Hitler rotated it 45 degrees, which I find aesthetically more pleasing (I think Hitler was a rather good artist). Also in response to DJWebb I believe there are male and female Swastikas, defined by the direction of rotation, although this itself appears to be a subjective thing – in fact it seems to be a man / woman thing; show a man a Swastika and he will describe it as, for example, clockwise; – a woman will describe the same Swastika as anti-Clockwise.

  6. What is most noticeable is that it is full of signs relating to ideologies.Nowhere is there a national symbol to signify that Europe is made up of sovereign nation states.-all Hail the new Europa !

  7. Graham Davies

    So the EU differs from the USSR in that it is polytheistic communism rather than atheistic communism. This time we will have utopia!

  8. wargasm world domination enterprises inc

    National Socialist [Nazi] and International Socialist [Communist] are now just deeply perverted symbols on opposing sides of the same bankrupt coin – A common Satanic/Judeo/Marxist strategy is to ‘loose the war in order to win the peace’ and it was evidently decided that National Socialism, with it’s properly administered positive social potential, vastly outweighing that of communism, should loose so that inherently flawed communism could prevail – And in the struggle between the two, only the unscrupulous banksters could possibly really win –

    Swastikas have been found among the relics of the Taklamakan peoples of C. 8,000 BCE

    At the ancient Haitian Ile a Vache site, there is a large stone sphere covered in swastikas

    Swastikas have been found in ancient Sumer and carved on old Jewish sarcophagi in Palestine

    in 1778 Masonic Lodges established in China; included Triads and Order of the Swastika.

    Hitler’s world conception was specifically Gnostic. As a child, Hitler attended the Lambach Abbey School in Lambach-am-Tram in upper Austria. Since at least 20 years before Hitler’s birth, Lambach had been a center of Gnostic practice. Its abbot, Father Theodore Hagen, was adept in astrology and in the fundamentals of the Gnostic heresy, with particular affinity for thirteenth-century Catharism and Islamic Sufism. This Benedictine monk caused a swastika to be engraved over the entrance to the abbey school. “When Hitler went to the abbey in 1899, there was also a young Cistercian monk, Adolf Joseph Lanz, who was later to lead Hitler through the racialist cult networks of Vienna.

    On Christmas day, 1907, many years before it would become the symbol of the Third Reich, Lanz and other members of the ONT raised the swastika flag over the castle which Lanz had purchased to house the order (Goodrick-Clarke:109). Lanz chose the swastika, he said, because it was the ancient pagan symbol of Wotan, the god of storms (Cavendish:1983). (Wotan, the inspiration for “Storm Troopers,” was the Teutonic equivalent of Baal in the Old Testament and Zeus in Greek culture).

    Lord Kitchener, and the Russian occultist G.I.Gurdjieff, also an expert on Tibetan mysticism, initiated Haushofer into the secret cult of the Tibetan lamas (who claimed to possess the secret of the “superman”) and introduced Haushofer to the meaning of the swastika. Then in 1910 Kitchener went to Vienna where a series of secret assignations occurred in connection with the “Hitler Project.”

    1917 – “The primary bolshevist symbol was the swastika, which…. the authorities wished to use as a main element on the national coat of arms.” Dark powers of freemasonry, which had infiltrated the Russian government preparing the overthrow of the tsardom, had began to use a slightly camouflaged masonic swastika on the 250-ruble notes and it was also used on the uniforms of its soldiers until 1922. Under this symbol, the Red Army killed nearly 20 million people.

    In the 1920s, part of the American food industry, which sympathised with the totalitarian tendencies in Europe, began using the swastika on their products (breakfast cereals, Coca Cola, Uncle Sam soda).

    In 1935, the Swastika with the original German colours (red, black and white) became the official German flag, which had been removed by the freemasons in 1848.

    On 23rd December 1935, an interview with the German Zionist leader Georg Kareski was published in Der Angriff. He was satisfied with the new Nuremberg laws that strongly prohibited all sexual contacts between Jews and Aryans. In words of gratitude he hailed these laws as a fulfilment of the wishes of Zionism. In connection with this, it became permissible to raise the Zionist blue-and-white flag together with the swastika.

    • The old “Zionists backed the Nazis” claim.

      Interesting to see this old KGB line is still in business. Even if it is being used by “Brown” socialists as opposed to “Red” ones.

      For the truth (about the “Zionists backed the Nazis” nonsense and the true story of the blue and white flag) see Paul Johnson’s (by the way a Roman Catholic) “A History of the Jews”.

      • wargasm world domination enterprises inc

        “For the truth (about the “Zionists backed the Nazis” nonsense and the true story of the blue and white flag) see Paul Johnson’s (by the way a Roman Catholic) “A History of the Jews”.”

        lol you’re funny “Ooh a ‘Roman Catholic’ said so” – thats like flashing Satan’s own trump-card – Are you are suggesting that a certain tribe of klepto parasitic genocidal psychopaths, for once, didn’t actively prepare, fund and profit from both sides in major conflict?

        Personally, I still find Juri Lina’s research on the subject much more compelling than your opinion that the suggestion that Zionists backed the Nazis” is nonsense –

        “May 1933 – the signing of the Ha-Avara Agreement (the Transfer Agreement). This agreement subsequently became an important factor in the birth of the state of Israel. The Zionists gave Germany more than 20 million dollars between 1933 and 1939, according to the agreement. The Ha-Avara agreement allowed every German Jew to emigrate, taking with him all his property and all assets, provided he would settle in Palestine. The agreement was effective until the end of 1941, when the United States joined the war. Any Jews refusing to emigrate were sent to concentration camps. The Nazis wanted to do everything to accommodate the Zionists demand for as many Jews as possible to settle in Palestine. The Hitler administration and the Zionist Central Organization signed an agreement for the Jewish emigration to Palestine. There were so many new settlers that many Arabs suspected Hitler of being Jewish and a crypto-Zionist”

        Hmmm I note that Juri Lina also say’s “Hermann Goring, admitted that it was Jewish money that kept the Nazis going, while others claim that George Bush’s father Prescott Bush funded the Nazi’s, yet others have documented the fact that Montagu Norman [Bank of England dynasty] secretly arranged loans for Hitler and the Nazis –

        So could it be in some strange way that they are all correct and “The Actual Truth” is in fact more subtle, complex and terrible than most people would like to believe?

  9. Hugo Miller – you make an interesting point (indeed several interesting points).

  10. It is useful to be reminded that there are people in the world who are far more ecentric than either Sean Gabb (in his way) or me (in my way).

    So Jews are “parasites” and “genocidal”.

    It is amusing (in a sick sort of way) for the victims of so many attempted genocides to be called “genocidal”. Blame-the-victim – the crimimal accuses the victim of his own crimes.

    As for “parasites” – even secuar Jews are less likely to be welfare parasites (oh sorry “victims of corporarte big business”) than other folk.

    By the way – I take it that you work?

    You would not be an “Occupy” type would you? Who would really like to work but who is “unable” to find a job? Because of the “corporations” and so on.

    As for your specific claims.

    Jewish money did not keep the Nazis going. And, by they way, another myth needs dealing with also – most “big business” was actually hostile to the Nazis before they came to power (see Turner “German Big Business And The Rise of Hitler” Yale University Press). And those few “Big Business” types who did fund the Nazis when they desperatly needed money, soon wished they had not. The classic example being Fritz T. (see his “I Paid Hitler”) – by the way Fritz was not Jewish. Indeed none of the big doners to the Nazi party were Jewish.

    And, rather importantly, most Nazi money did not come from big doners anyway (although there were two women in Bavaria, neither Jewish, who had wealthy husbands who helped Hitler at a critical time).

    Most Nazi money came from “anti big business” types who were not willing to go down the Marxist road (or had gone down the Marxist road and then decided they did not like it).

    “Middle Way” or “Third Way” types of whom I have been warning Sean Gabb about for many years.

    Sadly he has misunderstood my warnings as claims that he himself is a Nazi (which he is not).

    Oh by the way…..

    P. Bush was indeed a Progressive (I would argue that his son and grandson were also), but he was a not a Nazi.

    However, in Prescott’s time the vast majority of the “educated” was Progressive – including having a belief in eugenics (Planned Parenthood and so on).

    The main forces in opposition to the eugenics movement in the United States were religious.

    Not “mainline” or “enlightened” Protestant Churches (where “if they mention the name James they mean William James not Saint James”) but “Bible Bashing Fundementalist” Protestants, hardline Roman Catholics, and (yes) Orthodox Jews.

    The difference between Germany and the United States is that (at that time) “reactionary”, “unenlightened” religious forces were far stronger in the United States than in Germany (although they did exist in Germany – the real, as opposed to the modern myth, Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a fundementalist and had attended a fundementalist church during his time in the United States).

    Even during World War II itself the most common book among American troops was the Bible (not something one sees in most modern films) – a rare (but not unknown) work among German troops, and (of course) de facto banned among the SS.

    The efforts to undermine traditional religious faith (as oposed to the “Social Gospel” – whose “God” is government or “the people” and whose “Devil” is “big business” or “the corporations”) in the United States since World War II (efforts that are now greater than ever) have been a terrible mistake.

    • ” As for your specific claims. Jewish money did not keep the Nazis going…..”. Well it did, but it was stolen, usually posthumously. Murdering and robbing Jews was evidently a very profitable business. There are still large deposits of gold ‘resting’ as Father Ted would say in Swiss bank accounts. The Swiss bankers seem to have great difficulty tracing where much of this gold came from. There is a clue in that it contains unusually high levels of mercury.

      • Good point Mr Miller.

        Wargasm – I believe the technical term for someone like yourself is “idiot”.

  11. wargasm world domination enterprises inc

    “So Jews are “parasites” and “genocidal”.” – The are your words, not mine, though I myself do subscribe to the view that the ‘tribe’ I referred to is comprised of a wide spectrum multi-kultural gang comprising of principally anti-White, generally immoral, cut-throat bandits, that can include Catholics, Jesuits, Muslims and Jews amongst others

    So anyway, in essence, while equating the pittance that welfare recipients receive with the vast scale of plunder, for example, the conservatively estimated 220 trillion Rothschild fortune, derived from pursuing a conspicuous trail of Injustice, Lies, Plunder and Corpses, your broad argument, thinly veiled throughout with ad hominem’s and citing opinion, dubious Catholic-centric and Yale-propaganda appears to be that; “Zionists are off the hook, it was two old ladies from Bavaria wot done it”

    Lol – I hope you continue posting

    Ps – On behalf of the millions trapped in artificial poverty and slavery inducing debt I would just like to reiterate this sentiment;

    “Fuck the politically minded, here’s something I want to say,
    About the state of nation, the way it treats us today.
    At school they give you shit, drop you in the pit,
    You try, you try, you try to get out, but you can’t because they’ve fucked you about.
    Then you’re a prime example of how they must not be,
    This is just a sample of what they’ve done to you and me.

    Do they owe us a living?
    Of course they do, of course they do.
    Owe us a living?
    Of course they do, of course they do.
    Owe us a living?

    The living that is owed to me I’m never going to get,
    They’ve buggered this old world up, up to their necks in debt.
    They’d give you a lobotomy for something you ain’t done,
    They’ll make you an epitome of everything that’s wrong.

    Do they owe us a living?
    Of course they do, of course they do.
    Owe us a living?
    Of course they do, of course they do.
    Owe us a living?

  12. wargasm world domination enterprises inc

    With an IQ of 174, the technical term for someone like myself is perhaps idiot-savant – “An idiot savant is a person with autism that has extraordinary skills in certain domains in spite of cognitive deficiencies in most others.”

    You youself, Mr Marks seem to me to be just like an idiot-savant, only minus the savant

    Dr Gabb – my tag is only intended to reflect the current WW III genocidal levels of population replacement of Whites through the firing of hostile alien sperm instead of bullets – no offence is intended