The Joy of Forbidden Light!

It seems we can still buy incandescant light bulbs. The ban doesn’t cover industrial users. Mrs Gabb is getting ready to order our first trial batch. The joy of real 100w light again!

5 responses to “The Joy of Forbidden Light!

  1. If you have a Robert Dyas branch near you they sell packs of 10 100w for a fiver.

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  2. I call those funky little “enviro-friendly” light bulbs Dairy Queen bulbs. They look like vanilla soft-serve. But they shed a very unsatisfactory light.

    They also, I believe, contain mercury. Which makes me wonder how environmentally-friendly they actually are to dispose of.

  3. I am used to being a minority of one, as evinced by my endless propagandising my crackpot theories. I’m afraid I am again on this issue; coming from an industrial/commercial electrics background, I love fluorescents and use CFLs everywhere, though I am readying myself psychologically for the joyous upgrade to the rapidly evolving LED technology. To me, a traditional light bulb is an annoying dim thing you have to change all the time, good riddance to them. It thus annoys me immensely that the State has used its anti-Midas touch to make CFLs so hated, by imposing them on the unwilling, when in fact civil society persons like myself were doing just fine by creeping around our friends houses when the naively invited us in, changing the bulbs behind their backs and then convincing them they were suffering from false memory syndrome and they’d always been CFLs.

    Part of the problem is that the manufacturers’ “equivalent” ratings are generally too optimistic (boo, marketing!) and to get an equivalent light output you need to go a size or two larger. Also, most people don’t know anything about color temperatures and are thus using cool white phosphor lamps that seem rather harsh compared to the orangey glow of the incandescent filament.

    • In my view, you can’t beat the glow of a 150w incandescent lamp. The real preference, however, is based on the shape of our light fittings, which were rather expensive.