One down…only a few million to go

David Davis

The foul Marxist pig Hobsbawm is dead, I am advised. As the nominal “blogmaster” of this chimp-typist-filled nissen hut, it falls to me to write an obituary for the bugger. This thus brings a little cheer to an otherwise drizzly day.

What a seriously foul, repellent and wicked man this Hobsbawm bastard truly was. Basking in the uncritical, almost sexually-driven, adulation of his almost equally-repellent Marxist peers and (worse) his students, he sat on his butt in the West, looking and acting the superior intellectial “thinker: all the while pontificating languidly to all, about the essential rightness and morality of the gigantic Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist open-prisons of the Communist bloc.

It is such a tragedy, an abiding one yet, that his tracts are staple material for vulnerable British students at our universities, not to mention our (too many) “universities”. Worse still, he features prominently on the A-level Philosophy and Politics courses, a matter which I regard as promoting child-abuse.

I really am so pleased the bastard is dead. His departure gains me nought, but the planet is a cleaner place.
Actually, thinking about the disgusting old fellow, I just want to shout….”KNICKERS!”

8 responses to “One down…only a few million to go

  1. There is a difference between an historian (or anyone else) with whom one fundementally disagrees – and a liar.

    However, David Davis is correct – Hobsbawn was not just a person with whom a libertarian would fundemetnally disagree, he was also a foul man.

    “Do not speak ill of the dead Paul” – I speak (or try to speak) the truth, whether a man is living or dead.

    E.P. Thompson was a Marxist historian – someone with whom a libertarian would profoundly disagree. Indeed if a “libertarian” starts agreeing with the conclusions of E.P. Thompson is it a sign that they are not really a libertarian at all.

    However, E.P. Thompson tried to tell the truth (as he understood it) – Eric Hobsbawn was different. He lied in the same way he breathed – all the time, and with a total dependence upon lies.

    I first noticed this back in my “A” level days (the economic history one in my case David). I noticed some of the lies in the texts of his work (many lies slipped past me – as I lacked knowledge and experience), but I thought I could at least trust the pages of tables. Later I found out that even these “facts” were lies.

    That such a vile man could be a pillar of the intellectual elite (praised to the skies by the academics and media) shows us a lot about this intellectual elite.

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  3. Concerned Briton

    Having never been to university, or otherwise sailing in those circles, I cannot say I know anything about the man – other than his associations and leanings.

    What did strike me though was the sense of solemn sorrow on the BBC radio network (particularly Radio 2 and Radio 4) which I caught at various times in the day, whilst they announced his death.

    I can only guess that most of them sobbed uncontrollably at the news, and after putting down their tear smudged copy of the communal breakfast edition Guardian newspaper, decided that it is worthy of making the national news at every hour.

    Outside of left-leaning circles, was he really that notable? Perhaps he was, but probably not to the more common man like myself.

    I could only wonder if a “right wing” intellectual of some sort would receive the same treatment……but then again, to the BBC (and no doubt the conjoined twin of theirs, the Guardian), I suppose a right-wing intellectual is a bit of an oxymoron-like concept that wouldn’t even compute as being possible.

    Going off the contents and positions described in David Davis’s obituary, I don’t think I would have been a fan either.

  4. Anthony Woodwark.

    Tony of Ipplepen,A major disadvantage of sometimes of being a Christian is you must forgive your enemies. However you also have the certainty of knowing that snivilling grubby proles like our Eric will give you years of pleasure with the knowledge they will spend eternity in Hell upside down in pig shit. Ahh don’t you just love it.

  5. Will Wolverhampton

    On hearing the news, the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation changed its schedule to repeat an interview with the eminent freedom-fighter conducted by Simon Schama.

    I don’t know Hobsbawm’s work, but am prepared to believe that he’s as over-rated as Schama.

    • Schama made his name writing about the Dutch Republic – but, I must confess, I have never read Schama’s work on the this subject (so I can not judge him as a historian).

  6. From Michael Burleigh’s obit …… “Hobsbawm’s implacable refusal to recant his views when faced with their grotesque consequences tells us something about the belligerent mindset of the wider British Left. But the eminence that he and his fellow travellers have enjoyed also speaks to the bovine complacency with which, since Mrs. Thatcher, the Conservatives have allowed such dubious figures licence to dominate the soft culture of the BBC and our universities”. Perhaps it is the bit, from all of this, that gets your goat, which has allowed these nut jobs tenure to infect the body politic (mostly the academy bit) with eugenic dreams and mass murder as perfectly Pol Potty……..OK.

    David you would have the perfect right recommend the opening of the dustbin of history for refuse such as this to be consigned to something worse than hell if it is at all possible to find such discommodious accommodation.

    The trouble with bovine complacency is the tolerance of bovine fertilizer that still abounds in the Republican and Conservative parties who are seemingly unable to understand the evils of leftist memes that float through the media and the education establishments invariably unchallenged. We out here the readers are grateful when the pan and brush of history are wielded to verbally clear the decks of the trash of history particularly of unreconstructed Stalinists along with the Nazis and eugenicists. It has to be said that there are many more that could be given a dishonorable mention when dispatched by providence, though one would prefer providence to be a little more industrious in the removal of such offal.

    Thank you for opining on the passing of a beast.

  7. Even the ultra moderate Mitt Romney has been savagely attacked for suggesing that PBS has its taxpayer subsidy no longer paid (and rely on the voluntary donations of its supporters instead).

    “He wants to murder Big Bird” scream the adverts (even though Mr Romney said how much he “loved” Big Bird [oh cringe] and just wanted the show to be privately funded….).

    The real thing behind this is, of course, a desire by leftists to keep their subsidies (which they get for their work in trying to brainwash the public). And a desire, by those they endlessly attack, to defund those who slander them every day.

    For years I have attacked Mr Romney (and he certainly deserves to be attacked – even his supporter, and fellow Mormon, Glenn Beck calls him “Progressive Lite”), yet even he can see that the “enemy class” needs to be defunded.

    Try and explain that to Mr Cameron……