Time to come home, and throw out the trash

David Davis

I just caught this now. Here is what I have just facebooked in my exasperation:-

Everybody knows that a society full of armed police is a police state. And yet, we are “training” the bastards. Here we have the planet’s most professional army, trying to do what is really a policing job, and being murdered sequentially by “police” in “training”, while the Police in the UK behave like an occupying army a lot of the time. Truly, the world is upside down.

This is now getting ridiulous. Every so often, an “Afghan Policeman in training” murders one or more _/specifically/_ British or American soldiers. It’s enough to make one suspect the French or the Russians, as I always do. In common with Sean Gabb, my Libertarian colleague, I have not trusted the governments of either of these sets of mountebanks for decades. Notwithstanding that when I visited Russia (shortly after it could no longer “visit me”) all the Russians I met were charming and nice individuals, including an ex-KGB colonel (with a lovely pretty daughter…) who gifted me one of his slate-blue peaked caps over a very good vodka-soaked dinner, to much applause and rioting…it’s too small for me sadly, or I’d pose in it for you here.)

The thing to do with Afghanistan is to bring back all our poor wretched underpaid and overstressed soldiers now. Then, we can substitute retating contingents of the British Police forces, incliding all their armed goons who do nought but terrorize farmers and innocent bankers and electrician-carriers of screwdrivers who walk into supermarkets. These dreadful, semi-intelligent-automaton-buggers will put the Fear Of God into the Afghans in about three minutes, converting them into an equivalent of the brutalized, docile, uncurious populations of Huyton, Bootle and Norris Green.

4 responses to “Time to come home, and throw out the trash

  1. I can’t make part of the second para go red, for some reason. I do this to indicate full text lifted from somewhere else. You”d all just have to lump it.

  2. The thing I am most ashamed of in recent years is my support for the Afghan intervention in 2001 – I really did think it would not degenerate into another absurd “nation building” exercise.

    I was not young (even then),I had enough experience to know that the Afghan operation would collapse into the bload soaked farce that it is – but I utterly failed to see the obvious.

    I repeat that I am deeply ashamed of my support for this operation in 2001.

  3. Paul, I also feel rather a prat now, for the same reason.

  4. It is so easy to be mislead.

    After all we all wanrted Bin Laden (and his Taliban ally Mullah Omar) to be punished – but the war was never really about that.

    It was Woodrow Wilson style – “let us spread [social] democracy”.

    Pass the sick bag Alice.