And if it’s true…

I wouldn’t be surprised.

David Davis

£150 billion a year for what the EUSSR costs the UK is probably accurate. I can’t seem to post the link: it just deletes my draft, but here it is:-

On leaving, I think something like a PPI-claim will be instituted. We’ll get back the entirety of the monies, plus interest, in a way that would “place us in a financial position like that as if we had not signed up in the first place.”

The really will have to offer Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy on eBay as a “buy it now” for £4.99. It’s the only way we’ll ever earn the money back.

3 responses to “And if it’s true…

  1. Well, much as I dislike the EU, this looks dubious to me. Talk of a “10% output shortfall” looks like a comparison to a suspicously Keynesian hypohethical aggregate. I can’t find the actual pamphlet (is it online somewhere) but figures like this are easy to “estimate” i.e. make up. Much harder to prove.

  2. Whatever the details – the European Union is an extra layer of government (on top of all the other layers). No free market person (let alone full libertarian) should support the E.U.

  3. The Democratic-People’s-English Revolutionary-Liberalist-Party will simply text Brussels that we have left, and that we are sending an invoice for back-pay. We may not actually enforce payment of these reparations for a few days, to see what the response to our bill will be first.

    The bill, of course, will be enormous. We’ll start with £150 billion per year for 41 years, with compound interest, as an ingoing position.