Emma West trial adjourned for third time

by Robert Henderson

Emma West trial delayed for the third time
Robert Henderson

The trial of Emma West on racially aggravated public order offences has been delayed for the third time ( http://www.thisiscroydontoday.co.uk/Emma-West-trial-adjourned-time/story-16820636-detail/story.html ). No further date has been set. The trial was originally scheduled for June, then July and finally September 5th. The ostensible reason for the latest delay is the same as it was previously, further psychiatric reports are being sought by the prosecution.

It is true that cases can be delayed several times for reasons which are entirely legitimate. Further evidence directly relating to the immediate facts of the case, that is, what happened rather than why it happened, may be being sought with a reasonable chance of success. Examples would be where witnesses have not been interviewed because they are not in the country, but are believed to be returning in the foreseeable future or documents are being withheld by a body such as a bank and their release or otherwise is the subject of ongoing court action. But there is nothing like that here, for the delay is simply down to further psychiatric reports being wanted. That is something largely within the control of those commissioning them. The fact that it is the prosecution which is asking for more reports is highly significant because it suggests that the ones they have already commissioned are not to their liking, that is, they are detrimental to the prosecution.

The case is not that complex. The prosecution have the recording. They have had ample time to test it to see if it has been tampered with. As the delay in trying the case is ascribed solely to the need for psychiatric reports, presumably the prosecution either have witness statements from the person who filmed the incident and possibly others amongst the people present or have decided that their evidence is not required for a prosecution.

There is a further consideration. Because of the extensive mainstream media publicity given to the case, and the fact that it deals with the most politically toxic subject in modern Britain, namely, race, this is a high-profile prosecution. The case was given further potency in the public’s mind because Ms West was put in a high security prison “for her own safety” .

Compare the time taken in Ms West’s case compared with that of the England footballer John Terry’s case for racially abusing the black QPR player Anton Ferdinand. The two cases are similar. Terry pleaded not guilty and the evidence against him were recordings of the game in which he was alleged to have made the remarks. If Terry’s trial had gone ahead when it was first scheduled rather than being delayed by his defence asking for a delay, the case would probably have been tried in April or May (the delay of the trial was granted on 2 February). That would have been only six or seven months after the alleged offence – the alleged offence took place on 31 October 2011. (Terry was found not guilty when the case was tried).

Ms West first appeared in court was charged on 28th November 2011 (http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2011/nov/29/woman-court-racist-abuse-tram). Thus more than nine months have passed since charges were brought against her. Because no future trial date has been set it is probable that a year or more will have elapsed before she is brought to court, if indeed, she ever is tried.

Why is there this ever more unreasonable delay? It could be that the CPS are simply hoping that if they request enough psychiatric reports , sooner or later one will meet their purposes. But I doubt that is the reason, because psychiatric reports not favourable to the prosecution could become strong defence evidence. More probable reasons for the delay are that the CPS is hoping the stress of the delay will cause Ms West to change her plea to guilty or they are simply paralysed by her intended plea of Not Guilty and simply do not know what to do.

The CPS’ difficulties have been made more difficult with the appearance on YouTube of a black woman engaging in violently anti-white rant (). She was arrested and questioned by the police in late August (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2191075/Racist-rant-London-bus-Police-investigate-outburst-passenger-posted-YouTube.html). This rant is crudely abusive of white people:

‘I’m so glad. I’m born black and I’ll die black. I was born African and I’ll f****** die African.’

‘The only reason I was born in this country is because you f****** people brought my people here.’

‘My parents are f****** African, born in Jamaica. And I’m f****** African, born in England and I can’t stand you white people, I tell you.’

‘I don’t care what none of you lot got to say because at the end of the day if you lot would have had a choice you will f****** go with your people and I’ll go with mine.

‘Free speech. I hate white people. I can’t stand none of you.’

Unlike the Emma West case the mainstream media coverage of this anti-white racism has been minimal. I have been unable to find any details of whether the woman has been charged or who she is. If anyone has such information please let me know.

If this case is not prosecuted or if Ms West is prosecuted first and is given a prison sentence, it would be difficult for the woman in the video quoted from above not to receive similar treatment if not more severe treatment as her comments were vulgarly racist while Ms West is simply complaining about the fact that her country has been invaded through mass immigration.

The problem for the CPS (and the British elite generally) is that while it may suit their politically correct purposes to have the occasional prosecution of a native white Briton for alleged racism for the purposes of intimidation of the native British population as a whole, such prosecutions carry three great dangers for the elite. The first is that the occasional Briton who is charged will fail to play ball and plead guilty accompanied by a Maoist-style confession of abject horror at their behaviour. Even a few trials where the defendant pleads not guilty is potentially very damaging, especially if the defence is based on the grounds of free expression and the right to dissent from the liberal internationalist credo on multiculturalism, mass immigration and the joy of diversity. This could be a fear in the prosecution’s mind in Ms West’s case.

The second danger is that the British elite cannot afford to have too many prosecutions of native Britons because that just looks too much like a police state. What the elite prefer, at least for the present, are the police “investigating” alleged racist crimes with absolutely no intention of bringing charges. The idea here is that the police can rely on the media to give such cases wide publicity, which publicity serves the purposes of intimidating the native British population without the need for trials.

The third danger stems from the fact that ethnic and racial minorities in Britain are, as anyone who lives in a racially and ethnically mixed area knows (I have done so for over 40 years) , generally much more likely to engage in outright , vulgar and unambiguous racism, both directed at native Britons and by one minority against another, than native Britons. This is rarely if ever admitted or even raised as a possibility in the mainstream media , but the rise of photophones and websites such as YouTube probably means that quite a few racist rants by those ethnic and racial minorities will reach public attention. That presents the authorities with a dilemma: either they stop prosecuting native white Britons who are recorded being racist (or what passes for racist in the Brave New World of politically correct Britain) or they have to prosecute racial and ethnic minorities for the same thing. An even handed approach would probably lead to an embarrassingly large number of prosecutions of racial and ethnic minorities. This would be anathema to the politically correct British elite because their view of race is that only white people can be racist.

More pressingly for the elite, large numbers of prosecutions of ethnic and racial minorities would undermine the politically correct propaganda that racial and ethnic diversity is an unalloyed joy good for any society. This is of fundamental importance, because any elite which is in the grip of an ideology can sustain that ideology only while they control the media . Let free debate into the public fold and the ideology is done for.

Milton had it correctly: ‘And though all the winds of doctrine were let loose upon the earth, so truth be in the field [and] we do injuriously by licensing and prohibiting to misdoubt her strength. Let her and falsehood grapple; who ever knew truth put to the worse, in a free and open encounter…’ [Milton –  Areogapitica].

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  1. Well said Robert. Perhaps you just might have mentioned the real fears of all those absolutely genuine immigrants who’ve been in the UK for many years – and enjoying life here – who are all too often the most afraid of what continued mass immigration might mean for them and their families in the not too distant future. All sensible people are afraid. Immigration is not the only thing brewing in the poisonous pot of modern politics… and it is all down to politics as you well know. Huge debt continually being allowed to be run up by government, as well as by many workers who seem to believe that salaries will forever arrive in their accounts each month come what may. Then there’s the continuing drive toward recruiting more staff for parasitical organisations and industry. All taking from the pot without making tangible deposits. Obscene pay packets for some whilst other less fortunates struggle by on a pittance. On and on it goes. For instance, one man (Mr. Sumption QC) paid £8 million for a few months easy work, whilst others now nearing retirement, who’ve worked hard their entire lives whilst paying into a public insurance scheme, now finding out that they’ll be in receipt of a miserable £3.400 – per year! Already wealthy bankers now receiving golden hellos in anticipation of golden goodbyes… no matter if they prove successful employees or not. Not quite right, let alone fair.

    Anyway, you’ve done a good job writing this piece and I’ve just printed it off for my own archives. Thank you.

  2. Contrary to what you say, I think a psychiatric report finding Emma West mentally ill or having impaired faculties would be a victory for the prosecution. Their biggest fear is someone who’s perfectly sane, stands their ground and refuses to accept that they did anything wrong in expressing their opinion like this.

  3. Well said Robert.My wife is suffering the same charges for 6 years since Jne 2006 and we live in the same area as dear Emma,not far from the tram.The muticultural neighbours attacked us violentl and numbered about 50using children to pelt us with stones while there parents viciously abused us calling my wife a prostitute,aids carrier,anorexic etc.
    A lot of outsider were brought in and the next door neighbour attacked me with a metal bar while I was removing rotting rubbish she had thrown over the garden.She split my mouth open while her husband emerged with a cam corder to film the retaliation.The husband is white and as I grabbed his camcorder I told him to retreive it where the sun did not shine.
    The neighbours petitioned the Local Authority with a catalogue of blatant lies and the Local Authority London Borough of Merton served an eviction order upon us using their own Community Police.
    I was tried and civil and criminal court for the same offence.A magistarte at Croydon County Court served 4 injunctions for racial aggravated harrassment and I was banned from 200-400 yards of my own home and wife possibly because we had different names.
    My wife had overdosed on prescription tranquilsers and sleeping tablets.Her weight plummeted to 5 stone from 8 stone as she refused to eat.She was unable to attend court to defend herself.I did not qualify for legal aid on my 18000 pounds a year caretaking job but my wife was granted legal aid with another solicitor.I was not allowed legal representation except with a court official who knew nothing about mysel and I was forced to conduct my defence myself very angrily and badly.I asked to be imprisoned because I had been thrown in the street but the Judge even refused me this comfort.My wife pleaded with me to stay and take care of her as her carer appointed by the doctor.
    I was breaking the injunction and in July 2006 the police stormed the house smashing the door in my face.3 officers bundled me into the kitchem and I was mercilesslessy batoned 4 times and kicked and punched as I was prostrate on the floor.The handcuffs were ratcheted so tight my wrists were bleeding.2 WPC were giggling ay my misfortune.The guy doing most of the damage was a big asian copper who did not exist in the report.I was charged with defying the injunctions and assualting a police officer.I sought out a good solicitor in Croydon to challenge the Civil Actions and I employed the duty solicitor at Wimbledon Police Station for their efficiency at the station.I had to raise 6000 pounds to contest the civil action and I was ganted legal aid to defend a very expensive Criminal lawsuit.My criminal solicitor employed a barrister from central london and instructed me to plead not guilty and asked for trial by jury at Crown Court.7 charges were dropped all concerning racial harrasmment and I was put back to magistrates court charged with assaulting a police officer and found not guilty by 3 magistrates.

    .I was aloowed back into my family home as a breach of human rights but could not afford to challenge any more of the injunctions carrying a prison sentence for 12 months.As they were false charges I was unlikely to reoffend for something I was innocent of in the first place.
    I instructed my wife’s solicitors on her behalf and she was represented by the Official Solicitor as she lacked capacity to defend herselfThe Local Authority did not believe her and suspended her benefits and ordered her to be interviewd by an expert Pychiatrist Professor Salkovskis to determine if she was fit to stand trial despite being bedridden.
    The professor refused to compromise his professional integrity and reported she was physically unable to attend court although ahe understood the charges.The Local Authority refused to accept his finding and asked him to attend again but he refused.
    Menwhile on to sept 2008 and a member of the immigrant smuggling gang broke in the house on the other side smashed their way into my hallway and threatened to kill me before fleeing as I emerged from the living room.The police said he did not live there.I asked them who they were talking to, which was a woman with glasses who happened to be his wife.He was cautioned at a business in Thornton and the police instructed me to put up security cameras.
    I november 2008 I was served a comittal to prison for failing to obtain planning permission for a securitycamer by the same officer suspended for perjury who served our original order in Jne 2006 the Community Police Officer.
    The case was dismissed and I was arrested the next night when I returned home from work by the community police officer Tony Weston again and 2 more officers.I was made to stand in my cycling attire in the freezing cold awaiting a police van that never came and then bundled into a police car and detained at Wimbledon Cells charged with racially abusing the same woman next door.You could not make it up.I stumped up another 6000 pounds and the Judge warned the next door neighbour, a Guyananwoman Mrs Ninnis that if she was found to be lying she would go to prison instead.More lies were embellished and har case collapsed under cross examination by our counsel who wrung the truth out of her.I was awarded costs against London Borough of Mertonamounting to 12000 pounds
    The Guyanan neighbour is we think a former employee of London Borough as midwife or district nurse and,was using the local legal department free of charge to force our evictionThe housing stock transfered to Merton Priory Homes employing the same cronies and my wife’s case was reported as frozen owing to her continual health.
    .What a surprise the Housing Society does not believe she is unfit for trial and has ordered to attend an examination with another expert psychiatrist last week.They have backdated some computer generated rent arrears for 10000
    ..pounds from 2008 when her housing benfit was adjusted.
    Good Luck Emma

  4. My Boss like a tipple locally and recons the woman ranting is a regular on the buses and trains in Hounslow.

  5. I didn’t say that it wouldn’t be a victory for the prosecution. As you and several others have pointed out already, the renewed publicity surrounding the entire unfortunate saga is a continuing victory for them. Emma West should apologise to her son first of all (he’s the only victim here), then to all those who’ve refused to support mass immigration for appearing to be drunk, or on some other substance, before venting her true feelings in public. Appearing out of control did little to help her understandable frustration. The ‘elite’, as you call them, hold all the good cards in this potentially lethal game. Those who suffer most from the effects of immigration would like to see changes made by the government, not jokers unexpectedly popping up out of the pack.

  6. @ L.Flint – “You couldn’t make it up” – From my own experience at the hands of satanist-state-sponsored insanity, I recognise that what you related is the Kafkaesque truth of tyranny by treachery at work

    These practitioners of anti-White eugenics would do well to remember that; proclaiming certain individuals as less desirable socially than others, is an offence punishable by hanging under the Nurnburg protocols

    Thanks for your concern and summary Robert.
    Thanks for your story L Flint,
    Thanks for trying to warn us Enoch
    Last but not least –
    Thanks for speaking out Emma

    Multi Culture is Ethnic Cleansing of Whites
    Multi Culture is Pol Pot Political ‘Liberation by Bigots’
    Year Zero is Now

  7. Is their a law about putting security camera’s up in the privacy of your home?

  8. I think the point about this for Libertarians is that it is a witch-hunt for being a “racist”, i.e. a thoughtcrime. What concerns me is that the prosecution are delaying for psychiatric reports. However, it appears to me, and IANAL, that the defence may have opened the door to this, since they seem to have claimed that her outburst may have been due to an overdosage of medication.

    That is, rather than defending her right to speak, they are trying to say she wasn’t in her right mind at the time, so it’s a “migitation defence”. It seems to me that that is waht would open the door to the prosecution then being able to probe into her psychiatric state.

    • Hi Ian,The defence may have a good point and is probably just one of the issues they will draw upon concerning an overdose of medication.Similarly my wife overdosed on hundreds of diazepam and chloral hydrate when the London Borough of Merton served a complete fabrication of lies based on hearsay charging us with racial aggravated harrassmnet of 50 neighbours against 2.I would suggest it is physically impossible too.The wife even bought internet diazepam to take as well,very near a lethal dose which left her in an incomprehensible condition and stopped the bowel functioning.The drugs were used for interogation purposes by the security services and military and they do obviously change the pattern of the brain by blocking anxiety at the blood brain barrier,while the sleeping tablets are hypnotics.
      So the likelihood is that the prosecution will call an expert witness who will be challenged by the defence barrister.In the wife’s case the prosecution used the leading authority in the United Kingdom Professor Salkovskis,the counrty’s leading expert on psychiatry and in particular eating disorders.I t was an attempt to force her into court to face charges,but if your mind is proven to be unsound on any basis I think it unlikely a prosecution will be successful on this isssue alone.
      My wife would like to defend herself in court and is not bucking the system as suggested.
      I t is not a pleasant place to be however and she is best represented by the Official Solicitor on her behalf.
      So yes I do think this will be one avenue of attack by the defence,and they will weigh up the situation in her best interests.
      I would also the challenge the video as from experience a provocation will be missing from the video and this will be deliberately deleted as evidence.

  9. um, “migitation” should read “mitigation”.

  10. Hi Ian. I understood waht you said perfectly well. Funny how everyone seems to miss the occasional glaring mistake but the time to really worry is when the entire sentence ends up saying almost the oposite to that intended. Sadly, I’ve been there for a few years now. I rather like the sound of the word migitation. It’s not in the Shorter Oxford so maybe a shrinking process of some kind?

  11. Simon Lote : You may use a surveillance camera anywhere on your property provided it does not cover also any public space, for example, if you have a camera outside your front door and it took in the street you could not do it.

  12. Will Wolverhampton

    A thought occurs to me. Dr Gabb thinks we are heading into a slave-state:

    “Those convictions last week were not the outcome of any quest for justice as the word may reasonably be defined. They were the latest evidence of a ruling-class project that is intended — for whatever reason — to make slaves of everyone in England.”

    “Britain Must Weep for Stephen Lawrence—or Else! But Not For Richard Everitt (Who?)”, Sean Gabb


    The ruling class is illegally harassing the B.N.P. and the E.D.L., which are not criminal organizations and not advocating terrorism or violence. It is treating Emma West as much like IngSoc treated Winston Smith as it can, at the present stage of our societal transitionizing to the glorious all-singing, all-dancing poly-vibrant future.

    But… the ruling class is NOT harassing the Libertarian Alliance.

    Could there be any clearer evidence that the B.N.P., the E.D.L. and Emma West threaten the “ruling-class project” and the L.A. don’t? If the L.A. were retarding the March to Marx — because the project is certainly Marxist, and in more ways than one — I suggest that the ruling class WOULD be harassing it. So:

    1. What do the B.N.P., the E.D.L. and Emma West have in common that they don’t share with the L.A.?

    2. To put it another way: What is the L.A. not doing or not saying that makes it of no concern to the ruling class and its project “to make slaves of everyone in England”?

    • We don’t try to be a mass movement. We don’t want to put candidates up for election. Indeed, we have no street presence of any kind.

      Also, we are not white nationalists, but bourgeois liberals. Since liberalism is still, in the formal sense, the official ideology of our constitution, that makes us hard to persecute. This may change, but probably won’t

      We regard ourselves as an important part of the movement in this country against the established order of things. You, of course, are welcome to disagree.

  13. Will Wolverhampton

    We don’t try to be a mass movement. We don’t want to put candidates up for election. Indeed, we have no street presence of any kind.

    The same is true of Emma West. Unless she’s like the Tardis.

    Also, we are not white nationalists, but bourgeois liberals. Since liberalism is still, in the formal sense, the official ideology of our constitution, that makes us hard to persecute. This may change, but probably won’t.

    Emma West isn’t a white nationalist either, in any proper sense. Her views are shared by millions. Unlike the views of the ruling class.

    We regard ourselves as an important part of the movement in this country against the established order of things. You, of course, are welcome to disagree.

    The ruling class disagrees too, to judge by their behaviour. If they are indeed out “to make slaves of everyone in England”, as you say and I agree, can we not know who threatens their project by whom they persecute? One thing you can’t accuse people like Blair of is inefficient totalitarianism. They know what they’re doing and they know what ideas and people they have to crush first. And the L.A. is not on the list in 2012.

  14. Ah… Wolverhampton, Enoch territory. I’ll tell you what they’re not doing Will – they’re not baring their teeth in the way the ruling class (I hate that term but it gets the message across) and their several million cohorts do. The LA is simply a talk shop for those who are more interested in worrying than acting. You’ll never hear a call to arms on this site. The language used needs to be ratcheted up a few notches but they seem much too afraid that they’ll be taken off the internet if the opposition’s boat starts rocking. Their cause is a just one of course – maybe the only one – but their messages will never be listened to in the wider world. Nevertheless, the views often expressed here, are the only glimmer of hope (for me at any rate) for the long-term future of the average Englishman and his family. He tried, yet even Enoch couldn’t stop what began in 1948… and his intellect was way beyond that of just about every other politician of the period. He made the grave mistake of thinking his ideas were sound enough to persuade people like Heath to change theirs. He just couldn’t understand why his profound logic was being ignored when he’d proved himself over and over. He didn’t appreciate that some people are too proud (or stupid) to admit change was required. He, like every other serviceman (my dad too – who knew Enoch), thought that WW2 had changed everything when in fact it had changed nothing. We’ll see proof of that when we’re pushing and shoving whilst waiting in line for bread. When it came right down to it though, he never had any real chance of leading this country. And, if he hadn’t a meaningful chance to influence events, then what chance do those of us who grieve over England’s future have? He was twice the man than any man I’ve ever known but far too trusting of the good side of human nature. He was too clever in fact and if you’re too clever you loses friends and it is often the cause of people disliking you. Too much competition can be scary. Sometimes, all it needs to succeed is a brave heart, endurance, and a strong vision coupled with a strong will.

  15. There you have it Will. Dr Sean, probably the person in England best equipped to defend himself in a court of law and he refuses to even ‘risk’ being prosecuted. It’s a pity Will, because he’s the type so badly needed today. Not that he doesn’t put himself at risk already – I’ve listened to many of his interviews. (The trouble is Sean, England expects more from people like you.)

    • John – Bear in mind that I’ve never claimed to be other than I am. I’m not a leader. I’m not a martyr. I’m an intellectual of less than average timidity. No one has the right to be disappointed in me for that. If I’ve done /anything /you think is useful, be glad of it.

  16. Justice must not be denined or delayed – as endless delays are a de facto denial of justice.

    However, if government refuses to put a hard number (of days) on what an “unreasonable delay” of a trial is, then the above is meaningless.

    My own view is as follows…

    Within one day of arrest a person should be charged or let go – as even one night in the cells can be a terrible experience.

    And with 30 days of being charged the trial must have started – or that must be an end to it (people should not have to live for months or even years with the threat of a trial hanging over them – get on with it, or drop the case).

    Remember one can (or should be able to) invesitage a possible crime without bringing charges.

    And the trial itself must not last more than one month (a jury has trouble even managing with a full week’s worth of information) – if it does, then one must be released. Any qualified judge can prevent a defence trying to spin things out to get their person released.

    And no double jeopardy – if the prosecution messes up, that is the end of it. Although a victim (or voluntary representatives of the victim) should face far less difficuty in bringing a prosecution than they do now. The idea that the state should have a monopoly on prosecutions is wrong – but so is the idea that “the jury got it wrong by voting to find you innocent so we weil have another go” (such as the vile American practice of a person being found innocent and then being put on trial again, with a jury put together by the Feds, for the same offense under a new name, as a “civil rights violation”).

    “But Paul the state can not live up to these standards – it is too hard to get everything done within these time limits…..”

    Well then, if that is so, – the state is clearly not a fit and proper insitution to deal with matters of criminal justice.

  17. Will Wolverhampton

    Well, since none of us will risk going to prison, you’ll just have to write us off as serious dissidents.

    I don’t believe they would succeed in getting you into prison in 2012. And later, after they’ve crushed the vile B.N.P., E.D.L., and Emma Wests of the U.K., you may regret not trying harder now to defeat the slave-state project.

    • They might not send me to prison. But the process would be the punishment. As said, you are at liberty to wish that I was other than I am. But I am what I’ve always been.

  18. I doubt whether Sean would ever be in danger of being prosecuted, because what the British elite want as examples of what happens when you are not pc are people who fit their idea of what a racist is, namely, an old-style BNP-style skinhead nutter preferably with a few visible swastika tattoos. What they are afraid of is anyone with education who can put a reasoned argument calmly.

    My own experience during the furore following publication of my article Is it in the blood? and the fallout from the Blairs’ attempt to have me prosecuted was amusing in one respect. When the media and the powers that be discovered that (1) I could not be intimidated and (2) did not meet their idea of what a show-trial racist should be, they simply faded away. You could see the dismay in their faces when they met me in person.

    My advice to anyone who finds themselves in a tangle with the police or media with charges of racist being thrust at them is simply face them down. Don’t apologies; don’t compromise you views. Just put your case in a calm and reasonable manner and they won’t know what to do.

  19. Not quite true, and it certainly help the former BNP councillor at Stoke recently. He was as articulate and staunch as he needed to be, but he is now awaiting sentence.

  20. If you have an obvious English working class background and/or accent then the chances of you being prosecuted are higher. Judging from what evidence we have following the few prosecutions so far, there does seem to be little doubt about that. The man in Stoke on Trent opened his mouth and his defence flew out the window.

    The contempt shown for Dennis Skinner (MP) by most other honourable members, is more often to do with his accent than it is his opinions. Most English graduates are obliged to adjust their accent if they aspire to rise through the ranks of whichever profession it is they choose to follow. It is a fact. For some reason, the Welsh, Scots and Irish are not so encumbered with this kind of out and out 20th century English snobbery. This undeniable truth, is the precise reason I feel that Dr Sean Gabb would probably not be prosecuted – when he enunciates he sounds too much like one of their own.

    I once asked an American Army General if he could identify an American army officer purely by his accent. He laughed and said that he could’t but that he sure could tell an English officer just by hearing him talk. Funny old country this is isn’t it?

    I’ll tell you something even funnier: An Englishman is not allowed by Indian law to buy property in India (so my friends tell me – I haven’t bothered to check it out myself because it doesn’t surprise me one bit. I’m confident it will be true. An India police commissioner told me). So why are the British so keen to sell off their own homeland then? Our children’s children will have nowhere to go when they need to – and they’ll need to go one day, or return to a life of serfdom.

    Taking on the ‘elite’ in either parliament, the town halls or in courts of law, doesn’t matter too much in any event. I’ve no doubt that Sean would see the buggers off – but without nationwide publicity his victory would remain his alone. The press and totally disgraceful BBC now see themselves as part of the elite – so nothing remotely anti-pc will be carried by those who rule the roost there.

    My advice to Sean is: Keep your head down kiddo and look after your family; buy a plot of land (right now) somewhere in one of the remoter regions of the EU; put into secure storage at least 1 ton (I have 2 plots and 2 lots of 2 tons) of non-perishable food stuffs and other essentials… purpose-made aluminium boxes and packets are available here in the UK. If you and your family can survive the great famine you might just be ok to start rebuilding something somewhere. Am I a nutter? No, I’m a man of conscience. Nothing more. I never said I was.

    .An man opening his mouth in England and it’s absolutely true that another Englishman somewhere will

  21. “Not quite true, and it certainly help the former BNP councillor at Stoke recently. He was as articulate and staunch as he needed to be, but he is now awaiting sentence.”

    Of course I meant ‘didn’t help’.

  22. Will Wolverhampton

    They might not send me to prison. But the process would be the punishment. As said, you are at liberty to wish that I was other than I am. But I am what I’ve always been.

    Yes. You are as you always have been: someone capable on acting on a reasoned assessment of his and his nation’s situation. You believe that a slave-state is in preparation. You can see who the ruling class is going for first and why it is going for them. They’re being punished now. You will be punished later.

    What they are afraid of is anyone with education who can put a reasoned argument calmly.

    Yes. And if Dr Gabb did “provoke” a response from the slave-staters, it would open eyes in a way their persecution of Emma West does not and has not. First they came for the inarticulate whites and the vile BNP…

  23. Sean, from my point of view, you are doing well enough. I’m truly not attempting to criticise you in any way. You, and several other regular contributors, write lots more stuff that I agree with than disagree. Your voices should be heard more. I do like to stir things up a bit however and this particular thread I do feel very strongly about. A few days ago, I mentioned that no other person suffered more than Emma’s child. Certainly not anyone else travelling on the train his mother had taken. The little chap was sitting on his mother’s lap looking a little frightened to begin with, then totally bewildered. We’ve no idea what happened after the cameraman or woman decided to halt shooting. We do know however, that the boy was later wrenched from his mother by a gestapo officer and placed under house arrest. Child cruelty both physically and mentally spring to my mind, yet no one in the press or on BBC television asked why Emma was being prosecuted for so-called immigrant abuse and not the neglect of her child by allowing herself to become engaged in a rowdy argument with a large group of people – people who could have turned violent whilst in a closed carriage. I could write for hours on this stuff – for instance, one could ask the question, was she set up by the person with the camera? In recent cases many hardened criminals have been set free when set-ups by hidden cameras had taken place; so why was the court so happy to accept the CPS filmed evidence? It’s clearly a political case – something the KBG would have got up to not so many years ago. But who really cares now anyway? England has had it Dr Gabb. In all the ways that I know and love my country for the days that remain for her are numbered. Sooner or later it will be transformed into a new yet even worse kind of USA. We English people will be no more. A happy brotherhood of mixed races and cultures all swinging along down the road together. You might rejoice at that in the same way that many people obviously do – just don’t think that it of itself will bring about world peace that’s all. Quite the contrary. Don’t think it will stop this country from being attacked militarily at some point in the future. Being a mixed bag will make no difference other than having more potential spies and saboteurs around to contend with. Apart from that Dr Sean… you seem to be very well aware of the political road to nowhere that we are all on. I sincerely wish you well on the journey and hope you find a happier place than this when you finally arrive.

  24. wargasm world domination enterprises inc

    Well, I don’t choose to be a martyr – or to risk being one. That’s a job for someone much braver than I am.

    No problem, you can always blame it on being emotionally manipulated with layers of lies, incongruities and hypocrisies, by fear of ridicule, and the attendant stupefied territorial paralysis that cause most to acquiesce to the super critical closed-loop eugenics of suffocating consensus trance

    To paraphrase Yeats’s The Second Coming:

    Turning and turning in the widening gyre the crow cannot hear the eagle
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; mere anarchy is loosed upon the world
    The dhimmi blood-tide is loosed, and everywhere the rite of innocence is drowned

    The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.

    Surely some revelation is at hand; surely the Second Coming is at hand.
    The Second Coming!
    Hardly are those words out when a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi Troubles my sight:
    The West a waste of desert sand;
    A shape with lion body and the head of a cutthroat pirate, polygamist, paedophile…
    A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun, is thrusting its slow thighs,
    While all about it wind shadows of the indignant desert vultures.
    The darkness drops again but now I know those twenty centuries of stony sleep
    Were vexed to nightmare by immigrations rocking cradle,
    And what rough beast, its hour comes round at last,
    Slouches towards England’s green and pleasant land to be born

    • Well, since everyone else is so keen on a kamikaze attack on the ruling class, I really shouldn’t be pushing myself to the front of the queue.

      • wargasm world domination enterprises inc

        A frightfully sensible and astoundingly polite approach Carruthers old bean, after all, If one gets too close, one can find the bloody heads of common folks whizzing past ones ear somewhat disconcerting

  25. Will Wolverhampton

    Well, I don’t choose to be a martyr – or to risk being one. That’s a job for someone much braver than I am.

    Fight on your feet now or submit on your knees later.

  26. Robert, a great post. I am just wonder if any American readers of this post of yours watch that Youtube video and have trouble understanding the woman, as you didn’t give a full transcript. Parts of it are hard to understand. Her constant repetition of the word bloodclot ( derived from blood cloth with the th pronounced as a t) would not be understood by people not familiar with Caribbean culture. This word apparently refers to a tampon, or an early version of a piece of cloth used as a tampon, and is an expletive in Caribbean English! See http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/blood_klaat for more explanation. Another similar one is raas claat (derived from arse cloth – where the r and the a became inverted). Anyone who has ever lived in London has been subjected to a more detailed knowledge of Jamaican slang and expletives than he ever wished for.

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  28. re the evil people who persecuted Emma West all their direct contact details can be found via google. Give them publicity – they like to fabricate a case will hiding themselves. EG Frances Lockhart prosecuting -it would be nice to have pictures of them on the web.

    • Hi Peter,
      My wifean I were charged with racial aggravated harrassment in 2006 and London Borough of Merton served an eviction notice via their local community police office based on hearsay by a number of black neighbours.My wife absolutely deny the charges.
      My wife ovedosed and collapsed and and tried to starve herself to death with anorexia.I was then banished from 200-400 metres of my matrimonial home and wife by a district judge and served 4 injunctions.My sticken wife begged me to stay and reluctantly I agreed.The neighbours knew I was breaking the injunctions and summoned the police on another fabricated story.10 police arrived and battered the door down and split my head open concussing me.I was bundled into the kitchen and batoned 4 times and kicked and punched repeatedly as I was prostrate on the floor.I was hancuffed behind my back so tightly the wrists were bleeding.I was imprisoned for 4 days.I was exonerated by 3 magistrates and allowed to return home to my wife as breach in human rights.2 days after I was arrested the whitecoats arrived to take my wife but she was at her father’s.In september 2008 the house was broken into by the other next door neighbour who threatened to kill me in a strange dialect and then fled.The police cautioned him and advised me to put up security cameras.I was then serevd a comittal to prison by London Borough of Merton for failing to apply for planning permission.The judge threw out the case because the commital had never been served personally.The Police officer was the same one as in 2006 sespended for perjury twice and falsifying evidence.
      A day later he was back to arrest me as I arrived home from work accused of racially abusing the same next door neighbour as in 2006.The judge warned her she would go to prison if she was found to be lying and she never turned up for court in the afternoon.The judge awarded me 12000 poinds costs against London Borough of Merton.
      My wife has remained painfully il and her weight has declined to 5 ston 4ils and she has been unable to defend herself in court.She is represented by the official solicitor as she lacks capacity.They have sent psycholgists to examine her, and then charged her with failure to comply with the legal process.The case has been frozen for a long time as it transfered to the new landlord Merton Priory Homes.On Saturday a letter was received that the process has started up again and a Doctor of Psychologe is coming to examine her again and a housing officer.They have aslo bacdated her into rent arrears of 10000 pounds.Fortunately a nice housing officer at London Borough of Merton conclude ahe had remained on full benefits and doubted the legality to backdate arrears ,but suggested that over a maximum of 12 months it equated to 5200 pounds but as her housing benefit had been halved on appeal this would most cartainly equate to 2600 pounds,so reluctantly the housing association has accepted this figure and I am paying so much a moth to her arrears.I am certain this is absolute garbage and could ultimately lead to harrasing my wife to death.Please can anyone advise and help.My sympathies and support for Emma West and her children,

  29. It’s not too bad in prison but there is no bog paper, and nowhere to wash your hands in the police cells.Some of the police are actually not as bad as others and you do not have to cook your own meals as they are obligated to feed you and exercise you every so often.There is no natural daylight underground so it is impossible to know if it is day or night.All designed to break your spirit if you are inexperienced in these matters as I am at close on 60 years of age.When it happens Sean it is important to maintain that calm Bullingdon accent, but don’t be shocked if you are coerced to phoning someone irrelevant with your one phone call, and end up dragged screaming in a lift with no legal defence which is the general idea.Luckily my wife had contacted the solicitor.

  30. Wonderful blog! I found it while searching on Yahoo News.

    Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News?
    I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Many thanks

  31. So does anyone know what has happened to emma west’s case to date. 03/12/12

    • I have no idea. I hope someone else does.

      • The Housing Association is visiting my wife tomorrow to evict her.A housing officer is visting together with a specialist psychiatrist.She is charged with faining to comply with the legal process despite suffering from anorexia and weighing only 5 stone 3ibs yesterday.She overdosed and collapsed when we were both served evictions in 2006 for racial aggravated harrassment by London borogh of merton,before it transfered to a housing association.in 2010.She is sometimes under the misapprehension that these people are going to help her but I hope I have briefed fer well.It really is unacceptable to be interrogated by specialists without legal representation.Perhaps it stems from the decision in the 1960’s to remove Habeus Corpus from civil law cases.I will let you know in due course.

  32. From sources in Croyden Emma West was supposed to get her hearing in mid January 2013 but this is now likely to be April

  33. My opinion is that her lawyers will claim a breach of process, which will collapse the trial allowing all sides to be happy.

  34. I have to say in all honesty emma is being used as a scapegoat, there are
    racists attacks on both sides of the colour bar, both are guilty as each
    other, I fair for emma, she is being used like some modern day Joan of
    Ark, the government wants to burn her at the stake, there has been numerous incidents of similar out bursts where the police have issued no
    more than a warning, she is being used to promote political correctness,
    when people walk free from racists common assault from the backdoor of
    the police station, it is disgusting to see her being subject to this vile and
    over zelous tratment by the hypocritical justice system. Do not use here
    as an example of PC this is morally wrong!

  35. One point I would mention, I lived in London for several years. I witnessed some trrible attacts on white people, by black people, mugings, beatings, verbal assualts such as white honkey, bloodclot, where any of these people turned into a high profile case, No……. the parasites within our justice system just see, pounds, shilings, and pence in this case, as for the half baked shrinks, they should try and get a real job, instead of writing report after report, and fleecing the tax payer for all they can get.

  36. I might just say in law, you have a right to legal representaion and access
    to statute law, this is being denied by the state, personally I would lodge
    formal complaint with the European Court, it sounds if you are being
    “Hoodwinked” from what you say, your rights have already been violated
    by the authorities!

  37. I note the democratic critisims about my country, which I accept under democracy, but anyone who hates the british culture can leave, there
    are perfectly good taxi services to heathow airport. i hold the veiw when in
    Rome you do as the Romans!

  38. Note how quickly family courts moved on this high profile case, having Ms. West declared an unfit parent. For further insight into this matter, search the web or You Tube for keywords along the lines of “Family Court Reform + Abuses of the Family Court System” or discover the activist group “Bill Windsor + Lawless America.”

  39. As I already said poor emma has been portrayed as some modern Joan Of Ark, democracy should not tolerate and individuals rights being put to the purpose of political propaganda, Public Outcry I say, give emma the same justice as everybody else, like the muggers who get away it, for the sake of PC.

  40. Where in gods name were her lawyers, don’t we have any in the U.K. anymore, If only I had been a lawyer she would have walked, like many
    black people who committ the same crime and get way it!

  41. So to date 8th January 2013 the Emma west trial adjourned for the forth time. The amount of harassment,alarm and distress placed upon Emma by various authorities must be immense and I hope she is able to stand their withering onslaught to be able to speak freely in her court case; if it ever proceeds. If she is kowtowed into pleading guilty then it will be a black day for justice, freedom of speach and expression in the UK.