Persecution of the Churches: The Canary in the Mineshaft

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  1. Well, the churches are adapting and trying to be part of the new establishment. I remember one priest, a Queen’s Chaplain, saying from the pulpit that Muslims should be allowed to conduct their services in Anglican churches, and we could go and hold Holy Communion in mosques from time to time – so some of these guys are doing all they can to bend over to the new elite. More likely is that the CoE will be the ones calling for those whose views no longer dovetail with the elite’s to be burned at the stake…

  2. Some church people (and churches) are “adapting” djwebb2010 – but not all.

    I am not a Roman Catholic – but as a regular viewer of the EWTN (vastly better than the Protestant television stations) i can tell you that American Roman Catholics (on whose voluntary donations EWTN depends) are certainoly NOT “adapting” (i,e. selling out).

    Back in the 1960s (and later) it looked like they were doing so – with Vatican II and Liberation Theology and so on (by the way that Vatican II, also helped make the child abuse nightmare worse and more widespread – because it undermined the tradtionial oversight and controls that kept priests and others under observation and control).

    But most American Catholics (not all) have repented – and with to make amends.

    They see now that there can be no compromise (no deal) with the “Progressives”,

    People like the Catholic Defence League know how ruthless the Progressives are.

    Chicago itself shows this.

    Once the Romanb Catholic Church and the Democatic Party Machine of Chicago were joined at the hip (and yes – that did mean the Church did not denounce corruption it should have denounced).

    But no more.

    Just as the “Liberartion Theology” (i.e, Marxist) people in the Roman Catholic Church have weakened over the years (whenever they take over a Religious Order it starts to die – they are like a parasite that kills its host, they destoy themselves).

    At just this time so the “Progressives” became more and more powerful within the Democratic Machine – leanding to the nightmare regime in Chicago that exists today.

    Chicago is an extreme example – but not an isolated one.

    The growth in power of the “Progressive” elite (both Marxist and nonMarxist) is all over the United States (indeed all over the Western world)- using the money of the Federal governmnent (i.e. the taxpayers) to infest even the most conservative States.

    And this includes culture – education, television entertainment shows (thanks to FCC regulations) and so on.

    There are strongholds (fortress places) of dissent (secular ones such as the Fox News H.Q. in New York City itself, or religious ones such as the EWTN HQ down in Alabama) “but outside is getting dark”.

    Glenn Beck refers to his fellow Mormon Mitt Romney as “Progressive Lite” – i.e. someone (like so many Republicans) who does not share the full collectivist ideology, but is influenced (influenced more than he himself understands) by collectivist ideological assumptions.

    However, if the true Progressives are reelected then the effort to crush all dissent may come much quicker than Cardinal Francis George expects (or at least expected in 2010).

    Sadly he may not get to die in his bed.

    As for Britain….

    The words “you are sitting in a fortress – outside is getting dark” do not apply here.

    Not because it is not getting dark – but because there are no such fortress places here.

  3. Hey, I’m not sure what is going on re the Churches in Chicago…I’d better find out…..

    • Recently the Mayor of Chicago stated (in relation to a chicken sandwich seller of all things) that people who opposed “Gay Marriage” were against “Chicago values” (as corruption and murder are “Chicago values”, indeed the “Chicago way”, that is a compliment) and were not welcome in the city.

      This is one example of many (on many different issues – abortion and so on) – and as the both Catholics and Protestants (and Orthodox Jews) have pointed out, this means they are not welcome in Chicago.

      Remember that the Mayor of Chicago is a MODERATE by the standards of he modern Machine (indeed he was alienated from his old job as President Obama’s Chief of Staff for being “too moderate”).

      Today Chicago – tomorrow the United States as a whole (and the rest of the Western World).

      That is the plan of the “Progressives”.

  4. I wonder why the Mayor of Chicago does not target the Chicago MUSLIM population.

    After all they want to do far more to the Gay population than “pray for them” (which is all the elderly owner of “Chick Fil A” wants to do). If it was up to the forces of Islam – the homosexuals would be stoned to death (or flung from towers).

    Of course if the Mayor did go after the Muslims someone might remember that (in his youth) he briefly served in the Israeli army.

    So much safer to bash Christians – and to bash Orthodox Jews.