I’ve always wanted to ask…what does our header-graphic say about us?

David Davis

While Sean Gabb is otherwise occupied (and he has stuff to do) I thought I’d do a bit of housekeeping. Could any commenter who would like to, tell us what our longtime header-illustration says to you about the Libertarain Alliance?….If anything at all?

No biasing to the question: just that.

18 responses to “I’ve always wanted to ask…what does our header-graphic say about us?

  1. Peter W Watson

    Old men. If you would like, ask my daughter to make one for you! You have my email address.

  2. Johannes Kantelberg

    When are you going to remove those pictures of the MPs who fiddled the books?

  3. Don’t have much to see about the header graphic, BUT the “LA” logo does not remind me of Los Angeles. More, far more, of a swastika. But if you’re happy with it…. who am I to complain? It’s mind-numbingly obvious. Some might say – appropriate.

  4. Graham Smith designed the LA logo using the same typeface as “Socialist Worker”


  5. Hey guys.

    I didn’t ask about the LA logo.

    I asked about the header picture, OK?

    Oh, and as to the MPs who fiddled the books, we might add some more. the point is to have (a) less MPs, and (b) the ability to prevent socialist ones from standing for election.

    Yes, I know we are all supposed to be lovey-dovey-about-our-enemies’-viewpoints, but there comes a limit, when they want you and your philosophy dead, and you do not. Perhaps libertarians are what Stalin said to the IRA (meaning properly socialist, because he found they had “not shot any priests”), “not serious at all”.

  6. Peter, would your girl like to suggest something? You have my email address too. However, as you will probably suspect, branding suffers from being changed too often by itinerant and ephemeral marketing staff of the “Apprentice” model.

    I used to get into trouble in the 70s and 80s in advertising, for suggesting that the (a) advertising, and (b) the packaging, especially, be NOT CHANGED for no good reason except that someone felt like it.

    The joke at the time was that the incoming brand manager changed the pack, the incoming marketing manager changes the advertising, and the incoming marketing director changes the ad-agency…it was a career-thing, you see, for your CV.

    I guess the incoming managing director would change the bank…

  7. I just wanted to know, sort of like a focus-group of readers, what the header pic suggests to people.

  8. It suggests 20th century neoliberal economics with some light-hearted softcore mixed in. Not a bad combination in all, but perhaps it could be improved by outdoor photographs of the officers of the LA standing with cigarettes in their mouths, wearing sunglasses and weilding submachine guns. To show they mean business.

  9. I like that approach, Bill. We however have no sub-machine guns. A longbow or two might be purchased form Hungary though, for a laugh. Although I was going to make some, but I haven’tt harvested the trees yet.

  10. That works for me. A DIY, low-tech approach to self-defence may become more pertinent as we sink deeper into the Abyss. And the longbows could serve as a reminder of England’s happier days. Even the plain old bow and arrow might be useful, and would evoke folk memories of Robin Hood, who I think needs to be reclaimed from the lefties.

  11. I must ressurect my drawings and concept of a “machine-longbow”. The original was to be trailer-borne, so it would not be classed as a “concealed weapon” such as what the government persists in calling “knives”. This could make it Honda-diesel-generator-powered, using chip-shop-oil (very GreeN…) and also give useful boosts to its range and payload per shaft. Multiple-robot-drawn/loaded bows per wagon would then become a possibility, with an iPhone-app allowing computerised warhead-type-selection.

  12. Will Wolverhampton

    It says, unequivocally, unmistakably, indubitably: E… V… I… L…

    I.e., white heterosexual able-bodied male. And mostly elderly. The sort of person who polluted the earth, ran the slave trade and operated the gas-chambers.

    I demand Dizzee Rascal, Doreen Lawrence, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, President Obama, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Herbert Marcuse, David Blunkett, Helen Keller, Rosa Luxemburg, Che Guevara, Gandhi, Rabbi Julia Neuberger, Cherie Blair, and, as a bit of eye-candy, David Aaronovitch. G3t w1v 1t 0r g3t sh4nkt, 1nn1t.

  13. As long as Karl Popper and Chris Tame are there, I don’t mind.


  14. A fu***ng embarrassment! A Pygmy groping a girls breasts??? This is hardly going to excite the ladies is it? Completely backward for a very forward looking movement.

    I’m an Art Director so I should know!

  15. Whilst I have no particular problem with the banner here, and see no real reason to change it, I suppose it is “esoteric” (with people who are already well versed on who or what is being depicted).

    Being a product of a ‘bog standard comprehensive’ in the 1990’s and not all that deeply engrained or educated in the history and key players of the Libertarian cause, I will have to admit that I don’t know who they are aside from Winston Churchill, what looks to be Jennifer Anniston (or whatever her name is), and Gordon “not flash” Brown.

    Yes, my own ignorance is an embarrassment to me – but that is my honest position on the matter. That is why I see it as esoteric, if they are supposed to be obvious or explanatory to the general public.

    It is quite quirky and mildly amusing though, all the same.

    Regarding the ‘housekeeping’ – I remarked the other week that somebody needs to check many of the “links” down the right hand side.

    I found at least four or five sites that were either dead ends or redirecting to ‘street dancing’ lessons in Yorkshire or something. I did not go through all the rest.

    I would not say I was a staunch libertarian, I am more of a British Nationalist with a lean towards libertarianism within that confine, but the lean is there and as such I do pop around here for a look now again.

    The reason I mention it is that if new people are to come along to see what it is all about (and have time to idle away by browsing around a link network of sites), it would be beneficial, I would have thought, to make sure they were kept in that loop rather than be taken to dead ends.


  16. @Concerned Briton
    Yes, we have suspected for some time that not a few of the links on the right may now be dead. Sadly the trouble with being libertarian bloggers is that we have to work so hard, not getting “funding” from people like BusHalliburtonItler and “the tobacco firms” and stuff like that. No, not even “Big Oil”. All there buggers are in bed with the GramscoFabiaNazi Political-Class, and don’t care if we live or die. So….we tend to “de-prioritize”, or perhaps “differently-able” the priotity of the testing of bloglinks. Meaning we have never done it.

    When you see a nice link, you tend to stick it on the right bar, then forget about it, er, sort of for a longish time, like for ever. It’s for others, not us, you see: we are the ultimate altruists.

    @Will Wolverhampton…I know that you are just winding us up, old fellow!

  17. Horny Old Codgers. Seriously. All in good fun =D

  18. From this American’s perspective It looks pretty lame to me. I came to the site and wondered what I had stumbled upon, most definitely NOT a site that is dedicated to Liberty, freedom, and natural human rights. Perhaps we have a different perspective across the ocean but I think that perhaps a picture of the Magna Carta, John Locke, John Stuart Mill or some such other representations of nobler times when natural human rights were much more widely accepted would be appropriate.