Something about sex, drugs and rock-‘n-roll

David Davis

And if you’d like to read about why libertarian societies would not deprive people of their cultural roots, go here:-


2 responses to “Something about sex, drugs and rock-‘n-roll

  1. Agreed.

    Culture (worth the name) is the web of interactions and customs developed by people and social institutions (such as families, churches, clubs, societies….) over time (over HISTORY).

    The nonaggression principle (libertarianism) is no threat to that.

    As for sex, drugs and rock and roll.

    All these things can have negative effects (for example rock and roll, if played too lound, can harm hearing – lead to deafness.

    However as Gladstone was fond of pointing out….

    Of one thing I am certain – to seek moral improvement from THE STATE is folly.

    Of course people screwing everything that moves (rather than following love and committment), and people dying in the gutter from drugs, is not good.

    But state regulations do not help – quite the contrary.

    In fact state regulations are life blood of drug dealers and pimps.

    By forceing certain things into the hands of criminal gangs the state makes a terrible situation even worse.

  2. Yes, but think of all the jobs created from crime; counsellors;psychologists;drug cessation workshops; specialist support workers;key workers;link workers. As the man said-the possibilities are endless-or should that be opportunities!