Alleged Frank Zappa Quote

“The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”

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  1. Being partly free (and partly unfree) is not an “illusion” of freedom. It was a common tactic of the “New” (at heart there was nothing really “new” about them) Left to pretend that people in Western countries were really enslaved and had a “illusion” of Freedom (Frankfurt School 1920s – then over to the United States to both Columbia New York and Southern California, then…. oh YAWN).

    As for “costly” – the truth is the opposite. The fact that people are still partly free is the only thing that keeps things going – if the totalitarians (unlike Sean Gabb I do not use the word “totalitarian” lightly) get their way (the dream of the “New” Left) then the total power they crave, would (in the end) destroy them. Sadly it would destroy the economy for everyone else as well.

  2. Great quote. It’s a bitter true of our “free” reality.

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  3. Love frank’s political quotes. Here’s my own custom favorite list:

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  4. “Try and reason with them Paul – do not get angry with them”, but they are not interested in reason.

    No more that the “syndicalist” and “mutualist” elected union officials are in Chicago. Highest wages in the country, shortest working hours in the country – a clear victory (even before the current strike) for the alliance between the Red flaggers (the socialists) and the Black flaggers (the anarchists, syndicalists, mutualists and other…… union types that the “libertarian left” support, but…….

    Of course the city of Chicago (like the State of Illinois and the United States generally – indeed most of the West) is going to go bankrupt with all the government spending – and only 15% of the children in the care of these “careing” teachers learn to read to an acceptable standard – but the “libertarian” left do not care about stuff like that (as long as it does not hit their own children().

    Woud Frank Zappa have cared? Perhaps he would have (by all accounts he was a kind and careing man) – but the Carsonites (the, self confessed, union lovers who love quotes like this) do not care.

    Today there is an election in Holland – the land of the grandmother I never knew. And other relatives who I never met – for they were turned into soap. They “exploited” people you see, for social justice to win a whole ethnic group of people had to be exterminated – at least that was what was “argued”. Although code words were used rather than “exterminated” – the National Socialists were very shy of blunt language when it came to the matter, which is why blunt language should always be used (shoved in their faces) in regards to such things.

    The ultra Welfare Statists (the people who actually campaign saying the government is not spending enough money on the Black Hole of “social justice”) are tipped to win the Dutch election today.

    It they do win will the “libertarian left” be upset?

    By all logic and reason they should be upset.

    After all they (as libertarians) want a smaller government – not a bigger government. Indeed some of them (the “anarchists”) want no government at all.

    Yet logic and reason seem to have nothing to do with it – indeed I suspect that the “libertarian” left will actually welcome if if the social justice crowd win the Dutch election.

    Just as they support the Chicago unions – indeed many of the elected officials of the Chicago Teachers Union are part of factions (such as the syndicalists) whom the “libertariian left” claim as their own.

    Karl Popper point…..

    It is easy to refute some of the above. Just show me Kevin Carson, Roderick Long (and so on) attacking the strike – opposing the Black Flaggers (the mutualists, syndicalists, anarchists…… elected union officials) the whole Red Flag – Black Flag alliance that has taken over this and so many other unions. Indeed the whole fallacy (basic economics – the “strike threat system” can not improve general wages in the long term, because it destoys the very productive activity that pays the wages, guild like efforts to get control of the supply of labour depend on “picketing” and other wildly anti libertarian activity). of “collective bargaining”.

    I did not see these people (the “libertarian left”) supporting Governor Walker in Wisconsin – againist the unions who would push government spending and taxation into outer space.

    I did not see them supporting the (sadly failed) effort to pass a Right to Work law in Ohio – a law to prevent people being forced to join unions against their will.

    I did not see the “libertarian left” campaigning to restore the Right to Work law in Indiana (a law removed in 1965 – but now, thankfully, restored).

    As sociologists know Indiana is the site of “Middletown” (really Munsie Indiana) the name of the sociological studies of the interwar period. Studies that showed (much to the astonishment of the sociologists).that the people (of all walks of life) rejected “rich versus poor” attitudes and opposed union thugs. They still do.

    When I see the “libertarian left” rejecting rich versus poor ideology, and the fallacies of “unionism”, then I will change my opinion of them.