More Socialist Realism

This one supplied by Rob Worsnop. I’m pretty good at explaining what I think about music and literature. I’m less fluent on the visual arts. But note the attention to detail here, the Great Leader’s indifference to his surroundings, his complete devotion to his work for the people. The room looks cold. The other chair is only temporarily empty. The use of the antique table as just a table heralds the beginning of a new and more rational age, etc, etc. It’s propaganda, and propaganda in the service of great evil. It’s also very good – and possibly even great – art.

Our own total state’s preferred “artist” seems to be Tracy Emin.

Isaak Brodsky – Lenin in Smoiny, 1917 [1930]

Isaak Izrailevich Brodsky (Sofiyevka, Ukraine, January 6, 1884 – Leningrad, August 14, 1939) was a Soviet painter whose work provided a blueprint for the art movement of socialist realism. He is known for his iconic portrayals of Lenin and idealised, carefully crafted paintings dedicated to the events of the Russian Civil War and the Bolshevik Revolution.

2 responses to “More Socialist Realism

  1. Incredibly good piece of art, love the detail on the floor

  2. I doubt Tracy Emin could do as well.