BBC E-Mail Addresses Wanted

I’m presently reconstructing the Libertarian Alliance mailing list, and notice I have very few BBC e-mail addresses on it. Is there anyone out there with a list of names and addresses for us to add to our spam list?

All help gratefully received.



2 responses to “BBC E-Mail Addresses Wanted

  1. Dont know if this is any help but, BBC emails are the same as the civil service;

    This works for all staff inc. presenters, journalists etc.

  2. Not related to BBC addresses, but whilst you are having a sort out, you might want to update or check a few of the links on the site here.

    For example, the Barrybeezlebub link sends you to a street-dance academy in Bradford, covering “Street Dance, Bokwa, Zumba and Glee Classes”.

    “Broken Britain” seems to be, well, broken. Voice of the Resistance seems to be eerily silent these days, lol.

    I have not gone through them all, and it is always a shame when sites and bloggers vanish, but I am only making you aware of how a couple of them I have just tried are no longer valid.

    Whilst I am not too greatly bothered myself (as I am not that deeply involved with libertarianism at the moment) those people who do seriously live and breathe the libertarian cause (and who might want further food for thought) may require valid links.

    It is certainly not a criticism, as I fully understand the nature of the internet and how things come and go and how things can often sit there unchecked for a long time. I do it myself.