Well, I don’t know

David Davis

Some newspaper or other is saying that “New Labour” (in whatever way that differs from “Labour”) “fears” Boris Johnson more than Dave.

I don’t know. If that means that Dave is no longer electable and Boris Johnson is, then I guess I understand. The LA has no cause necessarily to love Boris Johnson, since, many years ago, he was equivocal to Sean gabb over something called the Candidlist, which I am sure Sean will explain to newer readers.

But this is what I said about the recent Louise Mensch business, over on facebook:-

Because the Democraic-People’s English Revolutionary-Liberalist-Party is not yet in a position to field candidates, this is an opportunity

for UKIP. Want to know more…? Here’s why. Cprby is an ex-Labour Steel Town. (How many of you know under 50 know that it used to make steel?) Labour deserted its visceral-old-white-working-class supporters in Corby when the bottom fell out of British Steel, and when it therefore decided on richer farming-pickings elsewhere, owing to the facility of stealing the postal votes of non-English-speaking wives of immigrants in places like Blackburn, Bradford, Leicester and so on. It couldn’t do that in Corby for almost all voters were ethnic working-class-English, (and even their wives speak English….) So, rightly, it didn’t reinforce failure, and left Corby to be picked up by the Tories.

Since the Tories shan’t win here right now, and since the LimpDems won’t either (do pigs fly?) they should do a deal with UKIP (which _could_ win, possibly, in the absence of a Tory candidate) and stand down. They can campaign for UKIP if they want, which will:-
(1) do wonders for their public standing and respect and ability to listen to their own rank and file on the EUSSR,
(2) get seriously up the noses of the LimpDemNazis, open the future way for a UKIP-Tory deal (and on the EUSSR and when we leave and how)
(3) wrongfoot the GramscoLabourNazis totally, whose candidate is sunning himself in France right now,
(4) save them a load of money into the bargain,
(5) if the UKIP guy wins (improbable but not impossible //provided that// the Tories manage their publicity about his fight properly) and gets into the Commons, the Tories have an alternative classical-liberal-nonsocialist party to deal with in future (a great boon as they will one day find, I hope not too late), and the British People will be One Step Nearer To The Door Out Of Hell.

The point about this is that whereas the LabourNazis will lead us at gunpoint, fast, to the cattle trucks of hell, the ToryNazis in conjunction with their fascist running-dogs and lackeys of the intellectual-boss-classes the LibDemNazis, will do it almost as fast and by stealth.

It is time to offer the visceral guts of liberal conservatism in Britain some alternative getout strategy. Even if UKIP went the same way as the other big parties, at least it buys time.

One response to “Well, I don’t know

  1. Neither Mr Cameron or Mr Johnson have shown much interest in rolling back the state (to put things mildly). Wild government spending projects (such as the London Games, “Cross Rail” and so on) have the support of both men.

    As for Corby – I live only a few miles away. If I was a betting man (and I am not) I would bet that Labour will win (the Conservative party has won the seat only twice in my lifetime). Certainly the I doubt that the Scottish inhabitants of the town would have much interest in UKIP – I do not undersand “independence in Europe” indeed, to me, it seems a blatent contradiction (how can one be “independent” if one is under the rule of the E.U.), but that does seem to be the fashionable opinion among Scots.

    There are many things I simply do not understand (such as consubstantiation – how does it differ from transubstantiation? and “the Commonwealth” the Empire I understood but I have not got a clue what “the Commonwealth” is supposed to be). However, just because I do not understand something does not mean that I can just discount the idea of other people sincerly believeing in it – and “independence in the E.U.” does seem to be the fashionable Scottish opinion.

    By the way – the recent byelection defeat for Labour should not be “read into” Corby, that was the loss of the Muslim vote (largely because the present leader of the Labour party is from a nominally Jewish family) – the Muslim vote is not imporant in Corby, so the “ethnic origin” of the leader of the Labout party is not relevant.