Moving Toward War in Syria by Ron Paul


Moving Toward War in Syria

by Ron Paul

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Last week the House passed yet another bill placing sanctions on Iran and Syria, bringing us closer to another war in the Middle East. We are told that ever harsher sanctions finally will force the targeted nations to bend to our will. Yet the ineffectiveness of previous sanctions teaches us nothing; in truth sanctions lead to war more than they prevent war.

Until last year, Libyan sanctions were touted as a great success story. The regime would change its behavior. Yet NATO bombed the country anyway.

Last week we learned that President Obama signed an intelligence "finding" directing the CIA to covertly assist rebels in Syria. The administration seems determined to fight yet another war in Syria that has nothing to do with American national interests.

We already know that a similar "finding" was signed under the latest Bush administration directing US intelligence to undermine the Iranian government and promote regime change there. Neoconservatives have long demanded that we overthrow the Syrian government before moving on to war against Iran. This bellicosity continues regardless of which party is in the White House.

In Syria we see once again how our interventionist policies backfire and make us less secure. Recent news reports point to ties between the Syrian opposition and al-Qaeda (and other extremist groups). A recent article in the Guardian, a British newspaper, exclaimed that, "Al-Qaida turns tide for rebels in battle for eastern Syria." The article quotes an al-Qaeda leader in Syria saying that he meets with the main US-backed Syrian rebel organization, the Free Syrian Army, "almost every day." So by promoting civil war in Syria we end up fueling al-Qaeda.

According to another recent press report, German intelligence services estimate that nearly 100 terrorist attacks have been committed by al-Qaeda or related organizations in Syria over the past six months. Last month a suicide bomber in Syria killed a defense minister and several top government officials. The US government, which has been fighting a "War on Terror" for more than a decade now, refused to condemn that act of terrorism.

This raises the question of whether the US administration is supporting the same people in Syria that we have been fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressed these same concerns earlier this year when asked whether the US has been reluctant to arm the Syrian rebels. She answered, "To whom are you delivering them? We know al-Qaida. Zawahiri is supporting the opposition in Syria. Are we supporting al-Qaida in Syria?"

That is a very good question. It clearly demonstrates that the United States has no business at all being involved in the Syrian civil war. In the 1980s we supported a resistance movement in Afghanistan that later gave birth to elements of al-Qaeda and the Taliban. When will we learn our lesson and stop intervening in conflicts we don’t truly understand, conflicts that have nothing to do with American national interests?

Moving Toward War in Syria by Ron Paul

24 responses to “Moving Toward War in Syria by Ron Paul

  1. The Syrian nuclear weapons program was destroyed by the IDF some time ago (a very successful air attack – as successful as the one the IDF launched against Saddam’s Iraqi program 30 years ago, Saddam made all sorts of efforts to restore his program but he never really recovered, one reason I thought the later war against him was unneeded).

    So there is no real danger of Assad getting nukes.

    Assad does have chemical weapons – but if he used them it would be the end for him (unlike Saddam who got away with using them – but he was in a much stronger position than Assad is).

    As for the Civil War in Syria – neither side are friends of the West.

    Assad is an odd position – in that his sect is considered Shia by the majority of the Syrian population (who are Sunni).

    However, the Iranian regime (one of his chief allies) regards his sect as heretical (because it is), so his people can not really flee to Iran (they would might well be murdered by their “friends”).

    His best bet would be to take as many of his people as he can and flee to Russia (or a state in the former Soviet Union closely allied to Russia).

    I have no love for the socialist regime in Syria (although, like the Clause Four Labour Party in Britain, the Syrian regime never fully put socialism into practice).

    However, it is likely that the new Sunni regime will be worse (although one can not know for certain) – and not just for Assad’s sect, but also for the Christians (the Jews in Syria were mostly dealt with long ago).

    Western policy?

    As long as Assad does not pose a clear threat to the allied nations (and he does not) then the Civil War, terrible though it is, is not our business.

  2. One thing the Israelis must do is improve border defences – defences against civilians (not just military attack).

    In Islamist circles an often discussed tactic is the human wave – getting vast numbers of civilians (women with babes in arms – that sort of thing) and just marching them over the fences.

    The idea would be to force the IDF to shoot – so that the “international community” would be invited to invoke the “responsibilty to protect” (the piece of “legal” trickery that Western governments may use against the Syrian regime). Samantha Powers (the wife of Cass Sustein – the regulations commissar – and it is commissar, not czar) is very keen on invoking the responsbility to protect doctrine against Isreal – all the “international community” (including Comrade Barack – if he is relected) need is an excuse.

    They must not be given such an excuse. The Syrian border (and the Egyption and all other borders) must be made physically impossible to walk over (even if fences have been covered with human bodies) – there are systems of defence that can do this. Thus the danger of a human wave of civilians can be countered.

    When I was last on the Syrian border (back in March) little progress was obvious (although that does not mean that no progress was being made – I am hardly privy to such things) – I hope more progress is made before I return in a couple of months.

  3. We as a country need a serious break from Zionism. If we are against the subversion of the EU we have to be against Zionism. It does not benefit this country or the vast majority of its citizens in the least bit. They pushed us into war with Iraq and now its happening again with Syria. Yet our Nationalist blogs stay silent whenever Zionist subversion of our nation is brought to the forefront i.e. Werrity/Fox affair.
    Sean, don’t beat round the bush concerning Zionist. Have the balls to deal with it.

    • Rwt – do not forget the Zionist plot that led to Jefferson’s intervention into North Africa and General Gordon’s cultural colonialism against the noble tradition of slavery in the Sudan. The good people of the “Libertarian” Alliance (and the other “natonalist blogs”) must not let the evil Jews off the hook for the crimes of history!

  4. Well Paul, you had to take the discussion to the dumps didn’t you. Do you believe belittling me is gonna give you plus points.

  5. Zionism is incompatible with British nationalism. pure and simple. If you can prove otherwise please go forward and put your case.

  6. This blog was quite when the fox/werrity affair broke and still is. This was just one instance wherein their subversion of our democratic process was revealed.

  7. Nice try with the kooky stuff but its not gonna work and i’m not gonna let you divert the subject.

    • The “subject” being that Jews are evil and are responsbile for everything you do not like.

  8. Rwt by the way – the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a poltical order under the Crown, has got nothing to do with “nationalism” indeed “nationalism” is the political ideology that is OPPOSED to the idea of the United Kingdom. Not just in Ulster, but in Scotland and Wales also.

    This blood and soil nationalism stuff does not float my boat.

    Next you will be telling me how Adam means “one who blushes” and how only pale people can be Christian.

  9. As for American nationalism – I would associate American patriotism (not the same thing as nationalism) with someone like Colonel West.

    Why do you not go and explain your ideas to Colonel West?

  10. On the other hand I do not regard Adolf Hitler as a good representive of American patriotism. Or Mr Black of “StormFront” – I think Ron Paul wishes he had known more about Mr Black when he had first met him.

    As for Iraq and co – George Walker Bush, Dick C., Condi Rice, Donald Rumsfeld (and so on) are not Jews (“secret” or otherwise).

    Neither is Mitt Romney – unless you actually believe some of the old stories about Mormons.

    I am waiting for the transformation of Paul Ryan (a good Catholic boy from Wisconsin – he lives down the road from a close friend of mine) into a “secret Jew”.

  11. George Walker Bush, Dick C., Condi Rice, Donald Rumsfeld are all Zionist.
    I didn’t equate Zionism with Jews, you did. the most ardent supporters or Zionism in America maybe the Christian evangelicals.

    • Ah you are defining as a Zionist anyone who supports the idea (not just Jews). Fair enough then – most likely you share Sean Gabb’s hatred of Winston Churchill (a life long ZIonist – by this definition of the word). And the Republican Party in the United States – which has supported the idea since the Convention of 1940. As I often tell people this has been the most unselfish political stand in history – the Republican party has supported the existance of a Jewish state for more than 70 years and in all this time has never once got a majority of the Jewish American vote (which is not very nice). Especially as the modern Democratic party is more and more dominated by the university crowd – who basically want all Jews (sorry all “Zionists”) dead. “But many of the university crowd are Jewish” – like all antisemitic Jews (going back to the Spanish Inquisition days) they manage to blank that out of their minds.

  12. You still haven’t answered my question. How does Zionism benefit this country or the majority of its inhabitants?

    • How does Zionism benefit the United States? It has got nothing to do with the United States. You do not think I support government aid to Israel do you? Israel must pay for its own armed forces 100% – it can do so (if it cuts the funding off from the university crowd and so on).

  13. The werrity/fox affair exposed a Zionist conspiracy to try to buy support for a war that will benefit a foreign entity against our National (UK) interests.
    Its not gonna work sonny.

  14. the most objective investigation i’ve seen into 9/11 is
    non of the kooky stuff you accuse me of.
    evidence and facts
    If you can take an objective look then go ahead.

  15. We need leaders, citizens and people of influence who put this country
    first, second and third. not to a paganistic mis mash of crap.
    R North, S Gabb, people who stand up for this country against the tyrant of the EU but they turn a blind eye to Zionism and its detrimental effects on this country.
    All I’m saying is have the balls to be consistent.

  16. You are so predictable. for Zionist defenders
    Criticism of Zionism = Anti Semitism / Blasphemy ( stop the discussion in its tracks.
    Objective look at the major players advocating wars = Kooky / accusation that I believe Jews are behind everything.

  17. Zionism doesn’t equate to what’s best for Jews

  18. My point:
    Zionist influence over politicians, media, civic discussion and the conspiracy of silence which is against the interest of this country and a majority of its inhabitance.
    Intellectual dishonesty of SEAN GABB and a large part of the Libertarian movement with a conspiracy of silence, the outcome of which is the continual flourishing of political Zionism without criticism.

    • Rwt – the United States (and Western civilisation in general) have many problems, but “Zionism” is not one of them. You should get out more – go for a walk, you are unlikely to meet any Jews. As for the media and so – do not worry, even the Jews in the media are increasingly anti semitic (sorry “anti Zionist”).