Sean Gabb Fails to See the Big Picture

Sean Gabb fails to see the Big Picture
14 February 2011

It is the contention of the writers of this website that we are living through a revolution instigated by the rise to power in the US and UK (and many other ‘advanced’ countries) of the Media Class. We maintain that technological developments in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s created a new Class out of several already-existing and overlapping groups. The catalyst for the creation of the new Class was a TV in every home and the demand for continual programming (entertainment). From this sprang the marriage of television and Hollywood (and through Hollywood came its relatives – the Theater World, the Arts and Celebrity) and the contamination of News with entertainment. Not far behind, but inevitably, came the coalescence with Newsprint, Popular music, other Popular Entertainment, Pro-Sport, Advertizing and Fashion. Thus a Class was created and blessed with enormous power, for it possessed the means to control and make the News on which a Democratic people depend in order to make political and moral choices, and the power to use Entertainment as a subtle propaganda tool. It also acquired the power to create in the people an addiction to its own corrupting and corrupted products.

This new Class soon discovered that it could make and break politicians through the manipulation of News, and in due course make and break virtually all those who were, or might, become public figures. This is a tremendous power and all the more so since it goes largely un-noticed (even by its victims) as neutral news. This power to ‘make and break’ also conferred the power to purge its own ranks. But a new Class that wishes to become a Ruling Class in a Democracy has to make alliances, for it is rarely numerically strong enough to win elections and it has too few ground-troops on the streets. It needs to ‘own’ one or more of the existing mass political Parties in order to pass legislation. Finally it is compelled by dynamic internal forces to create a society that reflects its own interests and values and it is this compulsion that drives it to impose a revolutionary agenda. We maintain that in all instances a Media Class seeking to rule is driven into alliances with Leftist organizations for it is Leftists that also want to radically change society and grow Government; that reject Christianity and the traditional (conservative) family and seek to abandon National borders. Thus in the USA the Media Class set about acquiring the Democrat Party and in the UK it set about acquiring the Labour Party. Union power and Union officials have increasingly been treated sympathetically in the Media. Once the leaderships of the Parties and Unions realized their dependency on the Media Class they eagerly shifted their focus away from the traditional working Classes in order to promote the Media Class agenda of social/moral change. Not surprisingly the ever-growing army of unionized Public Service workers have been purged of traditionalists and mobilized behind the ‘progressive’ social/moral issues that are a priority for Media Class people.

The Media Class has an economic interest of course and who could deny that its component parts have greatly prospered as befits an emerging Ruling Class. The new American rich today can largely be found in the industries of TV, Hollywood, POP Entertainment, Advertizing, Fashion and Pro-sports. With the exception of Hi-tech and Wall Street, it is in those places that people become rich overnight in a society where taxation prevents all others from accumulating wealth. However, the peculiar feature of our new Ruling Class is its preoccupation with social/moral issues, for its wealthiest components – Entertainers, Film makers and Actors – are overwhelmingly composed of neurotics and dysfunctional people. Whilst the News Media has stamped a certain kind of Leftism on the identity of the Media Class, Hollywood, the Arts World, Fashion, Advertizing and Entertainment have permeated it with those who cannot control their appetites for sex, perversion, drugs and alcohol. Most dangerously of all for us is that we have a Ruling Class composed mainly of people who cannot discern the real world from the world of fantasy, who are self-obsessed, who believe that realities can be dismissed, that history can be endlessly rewritten and that the Movie lot and the stage are where history is made.

The new Ruling Media Class, like most ruling classes throughout modern history, has preferred so far not to rule openly, but through its puppets and allies. This may be changing as ‘Stars of the stage and screen’ increasingly become impatient with the pace of transition from Christian-based laws and mores, and also become bolder with power. Until now, however, this ability to mask its agenda through the control of News has enabled our revolutionary masters to maintain the fiction that politics is much the same as always. This is highly advantageous when carrying out a social revolution that requires the destruction of the old morality and its defenders and which is not yet widely popular. What some discerning conservative commentators call our ‘Culture War’ is really the undercover and partially masked but relentless attack on the Christian-based culture of the Western World by a new Ruling Class that seeks to recreate society in its own image. This is the revolutionary context in which all modern political and social conflict must be placed.

This brings me to a very impressive article recently posted on and written by Sean Gabb. It is titled “John Stuart Mill, The BNP, And the UK’s Dying Democracy”. Extremely well written, it gives a concise and accurate account of the official and arbitrary but legal persecution of the small and underfunded British National Party. Along the way, the author quotes to good effect from the writing of John Stuart Mill and pinpoints the official assault on free speech and free association in the UK to the Labour Government’s Equality Act of 2006. This Act of Parliament set up the EHRC (Equality and Human Rights Commission), a Government (tax-payer) funded semi-independent body (Quango) charged with monitoring society-at-large for progress towards a multi-racial, multi-cultural and new-morality society. The basis of the Commission’s work is to seek out, intimidate and suppress all opposition to the social/moral revolution that is being imposed by stealth. (This description of the EHRC is mine and not Gabb’s.) It is Gabb’s opinion that the BNP cannot succeed due to “a wall of Media bias and legal and administrative persecution”. “Mud sticks” as Gabb says and the Media – across the whole political spectrum – never stops throwing mud at the BNP and its members. Gabb calls them “Media smears”. He points out that the BNP and its leaders have been mired in legal prosecutions inspired by the Ruling Class and when these have failed, despite biased Courts “It was as if some spell of silence had been cast on the gentlemen of the press”.

Gabb correctly notes how the Labour Party “abandoned its traditional working class base for the minority vote” but fails to mention that the US Democrat Party did the same thing at more or less the same time. I have no doubt that Gabb when referring to ‘minority’ means racial minorities but surely both the UK’s Labour Party and the US Democrat Party have been and are as much preoccupied with a small sexual minority as with race. In dealing with the brazen bias of the Media, Gabb quotes Andrew Marr formerly political editor of BBC News who boldly proclaimed the BBC’s intention to use the BBC in pursuit of an agenda that was in conflict with native British taxpayers. It is worth noting here our view that the post of Political Editor of BBC News is tantamount to being the de facto leader of the British Media Class political wing. It is also worth noting that leading BBC employees have boasted that the organization is infested (our word) with homosexuals.

Gabb although referring (like Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Nick Griffin et al) to the “Ruling Class” and “Ruling elite” fails to adequately define this Class and how it came by power. He writes that the UK’s rulers have been “taken from within by a clique of neo-Marxists” that the Class is “homogenous” and that it is a “management Ruling Class’. He notes in referring to the Ruling Class that “without visible co-ordination, groups of people often act as if directed”. In a vague explanation for the disappearance of the old Ruling Class, Gabb blames the high death rate of the officer class in World Wars. This, he argues, robbed the Nation of many patriots. But this has been true throughout Britain’s history and does not explain the eminence now of a Ruling Class that is uniquely eager to betray the Nation, its singular history and its native people. Something much more fundamental is at work and that is the rise to power of a new Class and one which is obsessed with rejecting everything that the Nation once held dear – free speech, free association, the sanctity of marriage, a justice that is blindfold, racial homogeneity and the integrity of its borders. The explanation has also to cover the same revolutionary impulses at work simultaneously in the USA, Canada and most of Western Europe. Mr. Gabb is a Libertarian and like all Libertarians is eager to embrace non-judgmental policies and to detach politics and economics from morality. He is for same-sex marriage and I assume considers abortion to be a personal matter. He is an ideological soul mate of America’s Ron Paul. On this website we utterly reject Libertarianism. To be fair to Mr. Gabb however we have to applaud his willingness to defend the BNP’s right to exist and free speech. Not many intellectuals in the UK or the US are prepared to mention the BNP except negatively.

Mr. Radical has brought to my attention BBC reports of historically low temperatures in South Korea. The BBC’s reporters, staunch warriors for the concept of Global Warming, are calling this ‘freak cold weather’. When it is unusually hot the BBC proclaims ‘Global Warming’ and when it is unusually cold it is freakish or yet another ‘cold snap’.

My musical choice tonight is “Sunday in New York” sung by Waldon Cassotto (aka Bobby Darin). Darin, born into a poor Bronx family in 1936 was plagued by heart problems and allegedly was always aware that he would have a short life (he died in 1973). He was said to be a good musician but concentrated on a singing career. Wanting success at any price, Darin took up every musical fashion and thus recorded some pretty awful stuff. His best recordings however found him in good voice and with good timing and great drive. This latter quality enabled him to take full advantage of the backing of a good big band. His recordings of ‘Mack the Knife’ and ‘Beyond the Sea’ amongst many others find him swinging hard and taking full advantage of key changes but the less well known recording of ‘Sunday in New York’ backed by a big band stuffed with excellent jazz musicians brings together the right man for the job, an excellent tune (composed by jazz pianist Peter Nero with excellent lyrics by Carroll Coates) a great arrangement and an outstanding big band. I can think of no other recording that better captures the special atmosphere of a big city on a Sunday afternoon. Listen and enjoy for there is nothing like this being recorded today for this is strictly music for adults.

7 responses to “Sean Gabb Fails to See the Big Picture

  1. “The stars of stage and screen become increasingly impatient with the pace of transition from christian based laws and mores”–I know Sean hates Americanisms but “Say what?”. Most stars have an IQ barely adequate to read Variety (or whatever its called nowadays) and would be unable to say the sentence quoted above unless it was in the script, let alone live it. Is this article a wind-up?–the political editor of the BBC as leader of the whole conspiracy?. Yeah–they are part of it and can’t want to peddle pc bullshit at any chance–but leader?.

    As for Bobby Darin–some biopic with another leftist,Kevin Spacey showed Darin as having tired of his “Big Band” sound (or whatever the hell it was–I know and care nothing about musical genres–“The Riddle of Steel” is my idea of good music) and trying to peddle pretentious hippie/Yippie crap instead. If the movie is to be believed he was laughed off stage and went through a dark night of the soul before deciding to combine his original style–the one audiences liked–with a pc message. That is where the movie ended but we are still waiting for a Big Band version of the “Internationale” so I guess ol’ Bobby failed in his quest. Wait tho’–he is not the only lounge type singer to produce a message–what about our owm Matt Monro’ and “We are gonna change our world”?–perhaps the lounge lizards and thesps are on the march. The article could be prophetic rather than a mere stream of consciousness moderated by incipient insanity.,

  2. On this website we utterly reject Libertarianism.

    I think most people had already guessed that.

  3. I do not know what Sean Gabb’s view of same sex marriage and abortion is.

    But I do know what Ron Paul’s opinion is – he is a against both.

    Ron Paul is a social conservative – he believes that a “marriage” is between one man and one woman.

    He does NOT believe that the government should step in to forceably prevent private ceremonies which the people involved in such ceremonies call “Gay Marrigages”, but he does not believe that government should force people to “recognise” such unions (under the “antidiscrimination” doctrine) either.

    As for abortion – Ron Paul has the opinion of the matter one would expect from someone who made the choice to go in live in Texas, i.e. he regards abortion as killing a baby.

    However, he holds (as did all the Founders) that the “police power” (as lawyers call it) belongs to the State govenrment, not to the Federal government.

    I am not saying that Ron Paul is correct (or incorrect) about any of the above.

    However, whoever wrote the article clearly does not know much about Ron Paul.

    As for lumping Rush, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin in with Nick Griffin…….

    Errrr – that is mistaken, indeed in economic policy Mr Griffin is much nearer the left than he is American conservatives like Rush or Sean Hanity or Mark Levin. Also (a rather obvious point) Mr Griffin is a RACIST – whereas (contrary to the propaganda of the left) Rush is not a racist and Mark Levin is not a racist, and Sean Hannity is not a racist.

    “But Rush said…..” (or “Hannity said ….” or “Mark Levin said….”) – errr no he did not. Getting one’s “facts” from far left smear sites such as “Media Matters” is a mistake.

    On the “media class” idea.

    It appears off base to me.

    After all the media just reflect what they were taught – both at school and at university.

    Someone does not normally enter the msm and then become a leftist – they were a leftist to start with.

    It is the stranglehold of the left in education that is the key factor.

    Although there are special media factors.

    For example the United States tends to have a system where one newspaper dominates each city (New York is an exception – there are a lot of newspapers there), that makes it easy for the left to take over.

    Also there is the false “scientific, objective journalism” that is taught by the “Schools of Journalism” – this is basically just leftism.

    The Wall Street Journal challenges the left press in most American cities now (but tends to have a rather high brow, and high income, readership). Of the popular press only the New York Post (also a Murdoch newspaper) is clearly “on the right”.

    And Fox News challenges ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and PBS.

    Of course if the smear campaign against Rupert Murdoch managed to drive him (or rather Roger Ayles – as Murdoch himself is NOT a conservative, he just allows a conservative to run his American media operations) out of newspapers and television, a leftist monopoly of these things things (although not of radio) would be establised – there would still be a few conservative newspapers (such as the Manchester Union Leader in New Hampshire), but the back of nonleft journalism would be broken.

    There is also a problem with the entertainment side.

    It is very hard for a conservative script to make its way past the Hollywood system.

    “What about the latest Batman film?”

    Stop ruining my wonderful theories with your irritating facts – or I will have one of my famous temper tantrums at you.

    But, seriously, the exception does not prove the rule – and look how that film had to be done. For example, the “Occupy” movement are clearly the baddies – but the words “Occupy Movement” are never spoken in the entire film.

    Also, since the FCC regulations passed in the early 1960s under the Kennedy Administration, the production of entertainment shows is under the control of a handful of network executives.

    A company (no matter how large) can not diversfy into making shows and PAY to have them put on the air (as they could in the 1950s).

    This is not the case in other industries – where a big company can diversfy into another industry (thus getting past cost problems with entry) and thus prevent the creation of de facto cartels.

    Three stations dominate entertainment broadcasting (ABC, CBS and NBC) and their shows are mostly on-the-left.

    Fox News is a real challenge to the news departments of these organisations (although one has to pay for FNC shows), but entertainment shows on Fox Television are much the same as those of ABC, CBS and NBC.

    Largely because the same sort of person is in charge of entertainment programs (Roger Ayles seems to have no interest in cartoons and so on)..

    The one real effort an an entertainment show that challenged the left”The Half Hour Newshour” did well commercially – but attracted such a firestorm of attacks, that it was pulled.

    So back to a diet of Seth MacFarlaine cartoons about how Republicans eat babies and so on.

    A bit odd really as, according to American “liberals” killing babies is O.K. so why not eat them as well?

  4. MacFarlaine is another Big Band fan so perhaps the whole nutty thesis does have a little truth in it. It is a good thing Francis Albert is not here to see what’s being done under cover of his legacy.

    • Old Seth likes the Big Band sound?

      I did not know that. He is clearly not all bad then.

  5. Yes–he has an album of Sinartra etc standards coming out shortly–saw it on Amazon. Also he sang some Christmas classics on a Christmas show some years ago–Swing at Christmas–with Parkinson doing the intros–MacFarlaine can swing quite well.