These Olympics are very boring

Too much sport, in my opinion. The Greeks varied the activities at their Olympic Games. There was, for example, the contribution made by Peregrinus:

I nominate David Cameron for the honour of following this notable example, and promise to donate one bottle of lighter fuel if only he will accept.

3 responses to “These Olympics are very boring

  1. That looks like a naked dude trying to kick another naked dude in the bollocks…and missing. Perhaps we ought to have, as a new OlympoNazi sport, the polticos being forced to strip down to the buff and then try to kick each other’s bollocks off “with no hands” (like “foot ball”.) But I expect they’d corrupt it again, and make the proles do it for mass-TV-entertainment. It wouldn’t be nearly so funny then, as we’d have “nobodies”, such as the LA’s Officers, all trying to “get on the show”, trying to kick similarly unimportant people in the balls, such as “local councillors”.

    But if the “councillors” were nude, I’d then pay not to be on the show.

  2. It is from the ancient event “Pankration”–meaning “all powers”–a system of almost all-in fighting that , along with boxing and wrestling, were part of the ancient games.

  3. he is performing a singe dumbfucks