Proud Of Yourselves, Tobacco Control Industry?

by Dick Puddlecote

I bring you incredible news, so brace yourself!

A report from The Wirral appears to suggest that anti-smoking lunatics might not have the best interests of the public at heart after all!

A PENSIONER went back to smoking after his fake cigarette saw him kicked out of pubs and slung off buses.

Bert Wright from Irby managed to kick his 56-year-habit by using an ‘electronic cigarette’.

But after being asked to leave public transport and public houses because of the vapour emitted from the gadget, he reached breaking point and bought a packet of cigarettes.

Yes, I was ragging you with the intro. anti-smoking lunatics have never had the best interests of the public anywhere remotely near their miserable minds.

Of course, we all know where this hysteria came from and who encouraged it, don’t we (in fact, the Ashtray blog carries a very good item on the subject today)? Because e-cigs don’t fit in with the pre-planned – pharmaceutical – solution the tobacco control industry has laid out, there’s no appetite to educate the public in harm reduction alternatives. There’s no money in it for the biggest loudmouths, you see.

And this is the deeply dangerous aspect of tobacco control. Their ethos of advocating ‘quit or die’ over more realistic methods of shifting away from smoking – mostly due to the debt they owe to pharmaceutical funders – is causing damage which they don’t seem to be in any rush to fix.

It’s written throughout all their policies too. Their modus operandi relies on demonising smokers and tobacco companies however destructive such a pathetic approach turns out to be, as ruthlessly highlighted by the wicked EU ban on snus.

Stubborn intransigence on snus has been estimated to be costing 200,000 European lives every year so tobacco control can keep their snouts in the trough – up to 49,000 per year in the UK according to another study – yet the global tobacco control juggernaut still refuses to change course.

I was going to express a view of how appalling this is, but Snowdon has done it already.

History will not look favourably on the dangerous idiots who banned snus in the EU – especially those who still support the prohibition now that the facts are clear. There were rational voices thirty years ago which went unheeded.

One of Russell’s co-authors for the Lancet letter was Martin Jarvis. Today, Jarvis is a trustee of ASH. ASH is truculent, devious and unreliable on almost every matter on which they claim to have expertise. None of their pronouncements of the last fifteen years has not involved at least a half-lie, but their failure to speak out against the EU ban adds cowardice, hypocrisy and gross negligence to the charge sheet.

Quite. On this evidence, we may have to wait another thirty years before ASH and their equally disgraceful chums pull their heads out of their state-paid arses and start getting e-cigs – a viable alternative to smoking – accepted by government and the public they claim to be ‘protecting’.

In the meantime, Bert Wright of Irby is just another statistic to add to the long list of people disgustingly let down by the self-serving tobacco control industry.

5 responses to “Proud Of Yourselves, Tobacco Control Industry?

  1. As a man who smoked up to 50 per day more than 20 years and successfully quit I point out that there is simply only one way to stop smoking & that is the throw the cigarettes you have in the bin after breaking them & set your goal very firmly in your thoughts. That goal is, never pick another cigarette or packet of cigarettes up ever again! End of story! If someone asks “can you pass my cigarettes?” the answer is no, you can never touch them. Tell them to stick their patches, gum, tablets, e-cigs & most importantly their cigarettes up their arse. After that, when you smell smoke it’s lovely to you for about 2 months then suddenly one day it’s as if someone flicks a switch & you smell how toxically horrible the things really are. During that period you also see “no smoking” signs are actually something that makes people think of smoking then people light up a ciggy. Also during the first couple of months you shall see how people that hold on to cigarettes dearly suddenly start leaving packets & single cigarettes where you go. You will then also see how absolutely crazy it is to see a man or woman light & suck a cigarette & that it was never addictive. There is nothing good to say about e-cigs!

  2. So you stopped smoking–good for you–if you are a real person rather than a health-nazi troll. Either way you can take your “advice” and follow your own instruction as to where to stick it.

  3. There’s a lot to say about e-cigs, and most of it is good.

  4. & the point now is you guys have exibited exactly what you claim to be against.

  5. @mr ecks, i’m unsure what a “health nazi troll” is? I am sure that life with smoking is far worse than life with no smoking. It’s never a case of “it’s only some people” it’s all people that have a better quality of life with no smoking. They are the facts. Having a cigarette replacement is the same as giving a dummy to a toddler who sucks their thumb. The other fact is unfortunately daddy needs to be nasty sometimes & take the thumb out of the mouth & cut the teet off the dummy! My concern is purely a health one & I would like to see more success stories of people that quit & never use excuses such as “I started smoking again cause I couldn’t use my e-cig” or “I had a bad day”. There’s no smoking allowed on the bus etc anyway & someone has always had a worse day than you. I would also like to see a day where there is no possibility of my children being able to purchase cigarettes. All of this is with no consideration to “I want, I want, I want” or that the very clear ONLY longterm solutions would result in a heap of money being lost by the tobacco & health industries. The tobacco & health industries are very opportunistic industries so I’m sure they can find other more healthy ways to siphon money from the general public.
    A more real person than you can fathom.