Probably Pointless Cartoon

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  1. who’s the sacrificial lamb I wonder?

  2. What a joke!! Maybe it should have, “best one they have allowed” Runaway trains are difficult to jump onto & difficult to stop though with the correct aparatus it is possible!!!

  3. I also notice
    It may not a system but its the best one there is

  4. How about “don’t be such a baby, you know diversity training is good for you”

  5. Edwina Dutt-Pauker (Mrs)

    This reminds me of the greatest neglected political writer of the twentieth (and early twenty-first) century: Peter Simple of the Daily Telegraph. One of his characters:

    Royston Vibes — 18th-year sociology student at Nerdley University. Claims to be head of an Aztec community that conquered Nerdley in the Dark Ages and demands ever-increasing concessions and benefits from local government, including the inalienable right to commit human sacrifice on subsidized step pyramids.'s_characters

    Simple saw what was coming many decades ago and I wished I’d come across him much earlier than I did.