Would you buy a used car from this man?

Thanks to our democratic system of government, he doesn’t have to sell us the car. He gets our money all the same!

4 responses to “Would you buy a used car from this man?

  1. Is that not Francis Maude? He’s what my old dad would have called “a social climber”.

  2. He is an hereditary MP having inherited the job off his dear old dad. He also thinks that small-fry employees should be dismissed at the drop of a hat for being “inefficient”. The minimum requirement for holding this belief might be a high level of personal competence. Dear Frankie’s arrogant and overbearing gob recently brought about the results of a tanker drivers strike without the drivers actually having to go on strike. This would be a demonstration of supreme competence were he retained and paid by the drivers. Since he is supposedly on the other side it serves as a demonststration of thetrue level of ability he brings to the table. It seems odd then, that his boss, Mr Giant-forehead has not seen fit to dismiss Frankie on the spot. That would be justice but then, Frankie is “their kind of person”.

  3. Hugo Miller

    I have the dubious pleasure of being one of Mr Maude’s constituents. I’m in the US right now & I was trying to work out what the initial comment was all about – does it relate to a specific piece of news or is it just a general statement?
    It might be worth remembering that Mr Maude was sacked by his Warwickshire constituents in 1992 after he signed the Maastricht Treaty. He was soon rewarded by the Party for doing their dirty work by being parachuted into what is probably the safest Conservative seat in the country in 1997, where he has a comfortable job for life.
    It is my firm belief that the betrayal of this country began with the infiltration and subsequent takeover of the Conservative party. People such as Clarke, Heseltine etc can do no wrong – they can fly in the face of party policy with impunity while good MPs such as Howard Flight are summarily dismissed for daring to suggest that the conservatives might actually reduce taxes.
    Successive Party leaders have had to maintain an unswerving allegiance to the EU or they know they’ll be out on their ear.
    Look what happened to Margaret Thatcher……..!@!

  4. I used to know Mr Maude’s sister and also therefore Maude himself slightly socially. His sister was the wife of a former employee of mine, Peter B Spurrier, who also used to be York Herald of Arms. I base my statement upon personal knowledge.