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The London Olympics Opening Ceremony: A Grotesque and Sinister Pantomime (2012), by Sean Gabb | Sean Gabb


The London Olympics Opening Ceremony:
A Grotesque and Sinister Pantomime
By Sean Gabb
(First Published in VDare, 29th August 2012)

Kill Them All, Philip I am glad I made the effort to watch the opening of the London Olympics. It was a most interesting summary of what England has become.

The general purpose of the opening was to legitimise the current ruling class. English history was portrayed as a shameful nightmare. We had Victorian capitalists polluting the countryside and oppressing the working class. We had sexism and racism and war. From this, we were shown the gradual emergence of our caring, sharing, soft and loving new order of things. There was a long celebration of the National Health Service, with eight hundred dancing doctors and nurses, and dancing invalid children. There were joyous messages read out by the great and good. There was more dancing and music and comedy. At the culmination of all this, we saw a corner of the Olympic Flag carried by Doreen Lawrence – the mother of a black youth whose alleged murder in 1993 was made the opportunity to sweep away outmoded institutions like equality before the law and the protection against double jeopardy. Long before the Olympic Flame was lit, the world was supposed to believe that England was a country blessed with genius in every calling and essentially at peace with itself.

The London Olympics Opening Ceremony: A Grotesque and Sinister Pantomime (2012), by Sean Gabb | Sean Gabb

Comment on the Opening Ceremony

by Pierre Tanner

Is it just me or did the Olympic opening ceremony seem a little leftist and one sided? Whilst the commentary was totally lacking and some of the scenes made no sense at all it would seem we went from Britain went from tending fields with a few geese and horses to an industrial revolution with nothing in between. What’s worse we went from the industrial revolution to the internet to pop music and nothing else. Oh and we are good at war! Continue reading

These Olympics are very boring

Too much sport, in my opinion. The Greeks varied the activities at their Olympic Games. There was, for example, the contribution made by Peregrinus:

I nominate David Cameron for the honour of following this notable example, and promise to donate one bottle of lighter fuel if only he will accept.

Luton Airport in The New World Robotic Dictatorship

Luton Airport in The New World Robotic Disordered Dictatorship
By Joe Scanlan – Sovereign Independent UK –

If you were ever in doubt about the custom-built scientific tyranny in store for us all read on.

It was my job to simply pick up a colleague from Luton Airport. Unexpectedly, I found that there was now a £1.00 “drop-off pick-up airport charge” which allowed me 15 minutes to collect my passenger. My 15 minute time-ration allowed me to spend 10 minutes looking for a space on a gravel-patch that was chock-a-block with cars parked like sardines in a can. Continue reading

A Grotesque and Sinister Pantomime

I have been bullied by my women into sitting through the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

Since it would pain me too greatly to make detailed observations on this grotesque and sinister pantomime, I will confine myself to announcing that, for permitting it to go ahead, I have placed David Cameron ahead of Tony Blair in my Great Bill of Attainder.

Rothbard: As Ever, the Voice of Reason

A Miracle Caught on Film

Apparently, this man has just been signing on for his disability benefit, but is then cured of his ailment by a car. If true, this is a most edifying film clip.