Elizabeth the Useless Shakes Hands with Blood Beast Fenian Scum!

I don’t think that was in her Coronation Oath either.

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  1. I just wonder who made her do that….or perhaps she really is working actively to destroy us, which I can’t really yet quite believe. All the benign smiling and pleasantry-making over the decades, in harmless ways to millions of harmless people all over the world and here and everywhere, just cannot be a mask of evil and wickedness: even Lucifer himself couldn’t keep the pretence up that long.

    I mean to say: the bastard in the picture wants to break off a piece of the UK and attach it to another country, and this is a piece that currently does not want to be broken off. True, Ulster costs us money like Scotland and Wales and Cornwall, and there are sound libertarian reasons for telling it “we have decided we are going to let you go”, but the tide of ungratefulness emanating from Ulster in not as pungent, in its stridency, as that from the Welsh and the Scotch. As to Cornwall, I don’t think the Kernow nationalists really mean what they say. And the money’s nugatory.

  2. Several thousand men died in formal defence of her and their country at the hands of that man. I suppose it’s something that she’s wearing gloves.

  3. I felt disgusted when I heard it was going to happen. However,seeing that warm smile on her face made me re-think; actually he’s been captured. This is the man, who in acts and words declared he would not stop till there was a united Ireland and all ‘Brits’ were out. And here he is shaking hands with Her Majesty, the symbol of British rule, descendant of all those monarchs who captured, subdued his Ireland and turned it into a piece of Britain.
    The images reminded me of an Al Murray joke on Ireland “we’re playing the long game on that one”. Game over-we won again!
    Of course, It could be I’m suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. Time will tell.

  4. Partly thanks to her, Britain is now only a geographical expression.

  5. Sean, with you as Lord Protector, and myself as your War Secretary concentrating on our indigenously-preformed enemies, we shall fix that problem. We’ll only have a few seconds at best, though, in which to act: and the first action is to switch off all the BBC’s transmitters, almost at the moment of the result-declaration..

  6. C H Ingoldby

    The Queen has a purely symbolic position. Find out who organised that handshake, what person decided it was a good idea.

    That is where the real culpability lies.

  7. I agree with CHI. This was a set-up. Let’s see what’s “planned and proposed” for Ulster in the next couple of months.

  8. But wasn’t McGuinness supposed to have been an MI5 informer during all of his time on the IRA Army Council?

  9. Rob, I think that was just BBC-lefty-propaganda. It was of course designed (a) to minimize McGuinness’s importance (at the time) since he was actually very important as has now been shown, and (b) also to have a “handle” against him, for “insurance purposes|”, should the bastards actually win and he should backslide a little tiny bit because he knew what the achievable objectives might be, and then might have argued against further ones.

    A lot of people do not understand the full psychology of war. I don’t really, either, but I am grasping vainly at parts of it.

  10. Small point gents, while no-one has the right not to be offended, a good number of Catholics (misguided fools that they are) are somewhat offended by the term ‘Fenian’.

    • Well, I’ve no objection to Catholics. My own dear wife is supposed to be one. My objection is to Fenian scum like MM and his American backers, and to our own Trotskyite filth who used to worship these thugs as heroes of their revolution.

  11. To keddaw:-
    I think that in even the whole of Ireland, the historical connection between fascist Nazi Moscowpuppet terrorists, moneylaundery-bankrolled through Prague and Copenhagen during the height of the Cold War, and with a global-Marxist agenda, and between actual Catholics, has been purely incidental. It’s just that a lot of the Marxist terrorists just happened to be nominal Catholics, rather like that pig Ernesto Guevara who probably shot 7,000 people with his own pistol.

    I do hope there won’t be any Gerry-Adams or Martin McGuiness Teeshirts. That really will be not cool. But things can always be worse than one can imagine, so I expect they will be printed soon.

  12. It’s the ‘victim of British Imperialism’ ideology which pervades the world of the leftist chattering classes. It’s a commodity, a way for them to show their rejection of Britain as a strong power.Any anti-British group will do,home or abroad;regardless of what that group wants,or how it pursues its goals.They must be as disappointed at his handshake with the Queen as many republicans were. Both groups obviously under the delusion that McGuiness was a principled man trying to right past wrongs, whereas in reality, he was an angry conceited man who wanted power. Now he has some he’s quite happy to suffer the trappings of being part of the state, including meeting its symbolic head.Will he have tea at the palace? It wouldn’t surprise me.

  13. Rhodesians who fought as volunteers in the Second World War and British war veterans who emigrated to Rhodesia after the war were branded as traitors upon the Unilateral Declaration of Independence despite pledging loyalty to the Queen and making it clear that their objection was to a duplicitous British Government and not to the Monarchy. The Queen herself gave a speech declaring that men who had borne arms in the name of her realm and under it’s flag were traitors. A mere puppet of the politicians I fear. A little worrying given the frequently trotted out fiction that the monarchy is our ultimate protection against the depredations and abuses of parliament and the political class, yet we have a Queen who apparently does whatever she is told and grants royal assent to anything that is placed before her.