Passive Vaping And Third Hand E-Cig Vapour, The New Fantasy Fetish ‘Science’

by Dick Puddlecote

Such has been the success of the tobacco control industry in bastardising science by pandering to the fears and prejudices of the most intolerant in society, it’s fascinating to watch health-obsessed fruitcakes of all stripes attempt to copy their methods.

Following the Godber Blueprint to the letter, we’ve seen them all busily “fostering the perception” that their particular bête noir is harming everyone around the user. Hence daft efforts at scaring the public into believing the threat of passive drinking and passive obesity, amongst others.

In a hilarious new twist, though, this study from the University of Braunschweig in Germany attempts to go through anti-tobacco’s joke list in fast forward to demonise electronic cigarettes.

Far from beginning from a neutral standpoint, the abstract decides that – as e-cigs contain particles and chemicals – ““passive vaping” must be expected from the consumption of e-cigarettes”.

Now, I’ve regularly charted here the potential of these marvellous little devices to intensely irritate psycho antis, but I think I must have under-estimated the sentiment. It seems the hunt is on – and the grants waiting for liars researchers to suck up – to find a silver bullet with which to get e-cigs banned, especially now the tobacco industry is enthusiastically eyeing them.

The Braunschweig study is behind a paywall, but my delightful medical pdf-getting fellow jewel robber has come up trumps again and furnished Dick with a copy. After waxing lyrical about passive tobacco smoke, they move seamlessly on to vapour in the very next paragraph.

Beyond indoor climate, air flow conditions, room size and number of e-cigarette users many other parameters have the potential to affect “passive vaping”. The concentrations of the exhaled compounds during e-cigarette consumption can be expected to differ with the composition of the applied liquids, the type of e-cigarette in use, the age of the e-cigarette (e.g. due to remains of previous liquids), length of the puff and interval between the puffs. Moreover, the composition of the exhaled air will be affected by age, sex, activity, health status, and diet of the user.

As you can see, it’s no longer a question of whether passive vaping is a real thing, more the level of threat it poses dependant on who is vaping.

To be worried about something so very unthreatening as water vapour with an infinitesimally negligible volume of unused (and harmless) nicotine, you have to wonder if the study authors have ever seen a car.

But it gets more neurotic still in the following paragraph.

Another important aspect in the future discussion about e-cigarettes will be the effect of “thirdhand-smoke” (THS) that mainly describes human exposure against residues of smoking on clothes, furniture and other indoor surfaces (Matt et al., 2011)(that’s the über-loopy Georg E Matt, folks – DP). In case of e-cigarettes the solvent of the “liquids” may remain on available surfaces and be a source for the contamination of residents.

This is taking a thing that isn’t even real when dealing with tobacco cigarettes, applying it wholesale to e-cigs … and struggling desperately to keep a straight face while doing so.

When reading such hysterical and blatantly policy-based research as this, I wonder if someone must have thrown me through a magic wardrobe sometime when I was asleep.

3 responses to “Passive Vaping And Third Hand E-Cig Vapour, The New Fantasy Fetish ‘Science’

  1. C H Ingoldby

    I can imagine the panic of the professional anti smoking activists.

    Where will they get their sense of moral superiority and purpose? Where will they get their money from if people find a way to smoke that isn’t harmful to health?

  2. I find it immensly enjoyable to look at the faces of the Nicotine-Nazis when I vape in public you can see the sheer hatred in their eyes that we are allowed to “get away with ‘smoking ” e-cigarettes especially in places where smoking is banned. It pains them to see ex-smokers & part-time vapers enjoy themselves by engaging in a clean and enjoyable habit which will not give us lung cancer or harm anyone.

    I would not vape in places where I volutarily did not smoke before the ban eg in the grounds of a church out of respect, in the grounds of a school, inside a shop, as a visitor in a hospital,sitting close to someone in a restaurant etc in fact when I think about it the only inside places I vape where smoking is not permitted is in the pub or hotel room and I do not ask permission why should I? It annoys me when some UK vaping forums say you should ask the landlords permission WHY? Sometimes I still enjoy going outside for a vape as it has become part of the smoking culture and anyone will tell you the best craic is where the smokers are!

    If vaping is medicalised, banned or taxed into oblivion it will be our own fault we should be lobbying and protesting for our rights NOW.

    “First they came for the smokers…………..”

    Happy Vaping everyone!
    (Eileen – Belfast / Northern Ireland)