Kindle Problems Sorted

I have bought an Arnova 9 G8. Its 10″ backlit screen shows pdf files shows pages about as well as if I had the original book in front of me. Battery life is less than wonderful at about 6 hours. But the advantage of viewing pdf versions of the sort of books I read is that the text suffers none of the corruption that is always potential in even the best scanning and OCR conversion. Also, old books generally look better than machine text, and often carry interesting comments from past owners.

I shan’t give my Kindle away. Even so, I see little use for it at present, now this wonder of technology has come into my hands.

Here are some pictures;

This last is from a book printed in 1647. Praise be to Google!

One response to “Kindle Problems Sorted

  1. But when the Endarkenment comes, brought on by the GramscoFabiaNazis and their GreeNazi running-dogs and lackeys, and there’s neither electricity to charge your Arngizmo, nor are you allowed to buy a Honda 2Kw petrol generator from the dwinding stock of New-old-stock machines (all the machines still left in warehouses are all “reserved and choice-edited” for the GreeNazi aristocrazy and are held under gunpoint along with the fuel for same) what then will you do?

    But you will of course still have your hard-copy-library. Furthermore, I’d keep paper books well-hidden if I was you, in the Endarkenment.