Is This the Quickest Ever Quisling Right Operation?

Michael Gove hints at dropping CSE plans

There was a time when these people used to wait until we’d forgotten their promises before walking away from them.

4 responses to “Is This the Quickest Ever Quisling Right Operation?

  1. Richard Jenner

    I’m not actually fussed if he doesn’t go ahead with CSEs, as long as he sticks with the O Levels.

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  4. This doesn’t make any sense. The whole point of CSEs was a useless exam for people too useless to take O Levels, so they could have a prize anyway. You can’t have O Levels be hard, and have everybody take them, because stupid people won’t get any. The statement that “maybe they could take them later in life” is bizarre, it implies that people get more cleverer as they get older, which so far as I know is in defiance of actual reality. This being government, reality isn’t going to be much relevant anyway, so maybe that doesn’t matter.

    They just have this basic problem that society is run by people with useless qualifications, so they have created a society in their own image in which doing any job of any merit, or even most without any merit, require usless qualifications. THis means there aren’t any jobs any more for people without qualifications, even though many jobs can be done fine by people too dim to get O Levels.

    I think they’re all mad.

    Talking of which, I see today that OFCOM is to be an official “star chamber”. THe law is to be passed that if they think you’ve violated somebody’s copyright, they will arbitrarily pass some sanction on you, and you’ll have to pay twenty quid to appeal, to a board appointed by OFCOM.

    You couldn’t make it up.

    I really do find it all so mad now, that it looks very close to the collapse of a civilisation stage; that point of governmental decadence that signifies twilight.

    But you know me, bit of a pessimist.