I Hate My Kindle!

Mrs Gabb bought me one for Christmas. Within a month, I was whining to my optician about eye strain. The problem is that most of the things I want to read are pdf scans of books from before 1900 – see this, for example: http://books.google.co.uk/books/reader?id=gKwPAAAAQAAJ&printsec=frontcover&output=reader

So, I’m now looking for an e-reader that will show pdf text readable as full pages. My 28″ monitor does this very well. But is there anything smaller and more portable?

Grateful for any advice.

11 responses to “I Hate My Kindle!

  1. Try the Duokan OS. It’s an alternative operating system for the kindle which is pretty easy to install on your Kindle (while still being able to boot into your normal OS).
    The interface is not the best and the translation (from Chinese) of the menus are sometimes difficult to understand, but it has an improved pdf reader which makes it easier to stay zoomed in while reading.

  2. But I don’t want to zoom in. I want to read pdf files a page at a time without going blind. 7″ will never do. I want 10″

  3. Sounds like you need to save your pennies and get an iPad – sorry!
    They’re even quite expensive, used on e-bay.

  4. I agree that reading PDF is a major problem on the Kindle. Have you looked through gutenberg.org to see if there are non-pdf versions of what you are reading? You can also try manybooks.net and archive.org We use these sites to access the pre-1923 books in my childrens curriculum book list.

  5. I think what I really need is a new notebook computer with plenty of battery life.

  6. Or, perhaps a reasonably-sized Android tablet. You can download Kindle for free and have a better image..

  7. “I think what I really need is a new notebook computer with plenty of battery life.”

    The problem there is that most of them claim to have 4 hrs plus battery life, but a couple of hours seems to be the maximum. I still reckon either an iPad, or an Android tablet.

  8. Dr S Gabb:
    7″ will never do. I want 10″
    A fine ambition to be sure, but is this blog the right place to expose it to the light of day?

  9. Get a copy of Calibre, the E-book management software package. It will allow you to convert the pdf to native Kindle format and do any text resizing and reformatting that you require.

    • Conversion only works, I understand, where the pdf has been created from an underlying text. Pdf files of old books are generally containers for graphic files that cannot be converted.

  10. I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Note as mobile phone. There you can read kindle books and pdfs. The screen is big and sharp enough to read a pdf without zooming. The battery last for a full day and it still fits in your pocket. Brilliant!