The Truth about Victim Disarmament in Nine Words

3 responses to “The Truth about Victim Disarmament in Nine Words

  1. Richard Jenner

    Didn’t Saddam Hussein allow gun ownership in Iraq? The problem with these sorts of “share on Facebook” slogans is that they’re rather simplistic. Even ones I agree with can come across as embarrassingly easy to counter.

  2. b-b-b-b-but if we don’t ban guns, everyone will shoot everyone else! Think of the children!

  3. I think the Iraqi fact simply shows that Saddam Hussein was less despotic in some respects than our own rulers. Before 2003, my Iraqi students – often refugees from SH – told me you could live as you pleased in Iraq, so long as you didn’t get mixed up in politics. You could drink. You could gamble. You could fornicate. You could go to church. You could dress as a woman. You could collect guns.