Question for the Dalai Lama

I have been invited by the BBC to submit a question to the Dalai Lama.

Mine is this: “Is it true that you wash in rancid butter that you scape off afterwards and put back in its jar?”

It strikes me as more interesting than the usual hot air about bringing peace to a troubled world.

4 responses to “Question for the Dalai Lama

  1. Mark Roussell suggests: “Has Chinese occupation increased or decreased religious and other liberties in Tibet?”

  2. What has the Dalai Lama got to do with the LA?.

    Also, your question is a tad ill-mannered. I never heard of such a method of washing but the high plateau of Tibet is bloody cold. The oil from butter might provide an extra protection from the cold. The Greeks used olive oil and stigils (in the abscence of soap–another great benefit of capitalism) did they not?.

    You might ask if the belief (in Buddhism as I have heard it defined at least) that we are only aggregates of karmic cause/effect experience and possess no indwelling abiding essence means that we are not actually reborn ourselves but only serve to be a guttering candle that, as it dies itself, lights up another collection of karmic tendancies which creates the next person in the next life. Ask him, if this is correct, then is Buddhism not exactly the same as materialist oblivionism (as pedaled by Dawkins etc) dress up with –as Evans Wentz put it–“absurd posturings and mummery”.
    Now that might well make him choke on his buttered tea.

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