Who Says There’s a Recession?

Stood behind a rather proley woman today at the self-service queue in Sainsbury. All the vouchers the machine gave her she threw uninspected into the receipt bin. I, of course, had them straight back out. One of them gave £4.20 off. By the time I’d finished going through the bin, I managed to save £7.40 off the shopping, and got an extra 300 Nectar points.

Some people deserve to live in poverty!

7 responses to “Who Says There’s a Recession?

  1. From whre does is offer these vouchers, on the machine rather?

  2. I would also like to add that if you are passing fruit through self checkout, rather than using the sticker code, choose it from the item list and weigh it, I got 3 bananas for 17p, a nifty little saving.

  3. Use vouchers and e-coupons all the time, including getting and using Nectar points – every little helps as they say. Seriously though, where I live there is a strange attitude by the kids on the block. They throw away pennies and five penny pieces. Yep, throw away. We go around picking them up. Odd behaviour [and I don’t think they throw the pennies away out of benevolence for the poor and the elderly :)]. What have their parents taught them? Certainly not look after the pennies and the ponds will look after themselves.

  4. Your use of the word ‘proley’ is baffling. If it is saying what I think it is saying; then shame on you, If not then I apologise. It’s taken me a long time to realise (and I’m younger that you Dr. Gabb) that I am better than no man (or woman) and true intelligence is the realisation of just how little we all know. I certainly don’t expect someone of your insight and intelligence to make crass and base comments about people based on their appearance. I suspect the woman was ignorant to the purpose of the receipts or/and that maybe she was just in a hurry.

  5. The beauty of liberty, is that we can all be a dick sometimes.

  6. My boy said that, in his high school, if he picked up coppers and 5p pieces, and even bigger value coins from the playground, he would be bullied as a “saddo”, and he would be killed. It’s something to do with modern “kids”. Me, a man of nearly 100, I scan the street in front of me all the time, and I find about £10 a year. It’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

    A few years ago we found a very wet $5 bill on the beach at Birkdale. And there has been the odd £10 and £20 note on the street too, but not often.

  7. As this is a Libertarian website, I suppose someone needs to make the obvious comment that the monetary savings derived from Clubcards, Nectar, etc., come at a price. Using these devices, the supermarkets (in particular) are able to precisely track our buying habits, including what we buy, where and when. Probably more or less benign in their hands, but yet another handy track and trace method for the “authorities” to use if they wish.