More on Whether the State Should Control What Clothes Children Wear

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Sean Gabb on BBC Radio Three Counties, on Wednesday the 6th June 2012, to discuss whether it would be a good idea for the authorities to tell people what clothes their children can wear.

This is an unedited recording of an interview for later editing and broadcast. Therefore, it allows for a reasonably full discussion of the issues.

Sean says no for these reasons:

  1. It is reasonable to assume that anyone who uses the “protecting the kiddies” argument is really interested in controlling adults;
  2. Ratings will have no effect, as many of these things are now downloaded from the Internet;
  3. Conservative authoritarians deceive themselves when they think the authorities are fundamentally on their side. The moment you ask for a control to be imposed, you put your trust in people you have never seen, who are not accountable to you, who probably do not share your own values, and who will, sooner or later, use the control you have demanded in ways that you find surprising or shocking.

3 responses to “More on Whether the State Should Control What Clothes Children Wear

  1. As ever, both the presenter and the other guests either did not hear your arguments, or, more likely, deliberately chose to ignore them. Given the current hysteria generated by any discussion of “child protection” issues, a logical argument doesn’t stand a chance. (That doesn’t mean the argument shouldn’t be made!)

  2. I tried to listen to the wireless clips but had to give up. I don’t know how you keep your temper with these people Sean, I really don’t.