Newcastle in the Olden Days

2 responses to “Newcastle in the Olden Days

  1. The olden days!!!!!!! Obviously you have never been to the ‘Old Fold’ in Gateshead!

  2. john warren

    If it’s a reference to the bare-footed poor, let us not jump to conclusions quite yet. For starters, the legs of the barefooted are too dirty to be true – skin self-cleans far better than this. Also, one young chap looks well-off in his black bow-tie, white shirt and cap… and they all appear to be happy enough. As a matter of fact, all appear well clothed too. Therefore, because they’re looking at something happening out of shot, is it just possible that a contest of some kind that requires young, bare footed competitors?

    Or maybe I’ve missed something with this entire blog? If so, enlighten me somebody please!