Good interview here with our greatest living Austro-libertarian. SIG

The God That Failed

I recently posted my own very loose translation of an interview in German conducted with Professor Hoppe, by the German web site, MisesInfo. Fortunately, on behalf of the Professor, Robert Groezinger has produced a much more polished and accurate version of the same interview, which is hot off the press, below, from his word processor. Share and enjoy:

First of all, Mr. Hoppe, thank you for taking the time to give us this interview. You have written in your new book, Der Wettbewerb der Gauner (“The Competition of Crooks”), that “We don’t need a European super state, which the European Union is seeking to establish … but rather a Europe and world consisting of hundreds or even thousands of tiny Liechtensteins and Singapores.” Such a trend is not apparent at the moment, rather the opposite. Do things first have to get even worse – politically…

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