Let us use our power and be thankful

David Davis

I just passed by my facebook page a minute ago, to see how the flowers are growing.

Here’s a picture I used a little time ago. Even though the GreeNazis are beaten and gasping in their horror and ire, they will always come back. LIke weeds. They will never say sorry and they will never give up. This is the last serious chance that leftoNazis have to destroy liberal civilisation, and they strive and strive hard. If they bugger it up this time, they are f***ed, for good. Because once everybody’s cottoned on to the fact that they were “avvin-us-fer-a-laff”, they are dead.


5 responses to “Let us use our power and be thankful

  1. Stephen Moriarty

    The North Koreans may be in the gutter, but at least they can see the stars.

  2. But they probably can’t see any of the food piles that their “dear leaders” are always photographed looking at.

  3. Most people in poverty can’t see any of the food piles their leaders say are there. Nor the medicines, water and shelter. The argument is whose fault is it and what can be done.

  4. I always consider myself to be lying in the gutter, looking up at the Starbucks.

  5. If the Starbucks were in the way of the stars, what would it cost, to move every Starbucks shop on the planet….3 inches to the left?