Rochdale Sex Crimes – Are they a product of the Pakistani Ghetto or Liberalism?

by Yamin Zakaria

Note: This is a point of view seldom encountered in our circles. Without necessarily agreeing with it, I think it worth publishing. SIG

Rochdale Sex Crimes – Are they a product of the Pakistani Ghetto or Liberalism?

For certain, had these men been white Anglo-Saxons, the media coverage and the reaction would have been different; an isolated group of criminals only, with no reference to their racial or cultural identity. This is how for example serial killers are often portrayed. Take the example of the 8 Scottish paedophile gang convicted in 2009 [1] who were caught raping babies, not consenting young teenagers like the Rochdale case, the news went unnoticed. Similarly, the recent case in Cornwall [2] also slipped under the media radar. There was no attempt to cast a slur on the wider community, based on the actions of these culprits.

In contrast, based on the actions of the 9 culprits in Rochdale, the media and certain politicians have been busy tarnishing the Pakistani community, which is almost a million or more in the UK. The notion of proportion and logic is discarded when there is an underlying agenda; predictably, the usual Islamophobes to the closet racists have come out blaming it on race and culture, the more daft elements of the far right are blaming religion.

We have become accustomed to semi-literate Islamophobes lacking in primary education, claiming how Islam promotes rapes. They can just about utter Sharia as ‘shooria’ or ‘muslamic’ law and rant about ‘alal’ meat as if they have discerning taste after a dose of alcohol. How is it possible for any religion to allow a clear sin? Islamic law, like the other Abrahamic faiths prohibits even consensual sex outside marriage, and by greater reason rape is given the severest punishment. You are far more likely to find rapists amongst the sexually liberal party goers than the devout Muslims in the Mosques. If you want to blame religion, then blame the religion of secularism.

If we analyse this crime in the northern city of Rochdale, it has three components: drugs and alcohol, vulnerable young girls, and depraved men driven by lust – real life sexual predators.

As a society, we don’t just tolerate alcohol, but promote its consumption. Unlike alcohol, others forms of drugs such as cocaine, heroine and marijuana are technically illegal; however, trends amongst stars in the film and music industry often endorse it as something fashionable. By its consumption it will make you stand out from the rest is the implicit message, like violence is implicitly promoted through the violence of the good guys. Thus, the society is guilty in allowing and ‘promoting’ such substances in the first place. In contrast, Islam prohibits such all forms of intoxicants categorically; hence these men have acted in accordance with the values of the liberal West by using the intoxicants. I am sure the Islamophobes by now are dazed!

The next component is the vulnerable young girls in care. For sure, the racial or religious identity of these girls would not have mattered to the 9 Pakistani men. They were seen as easy meat to prey on. Although the personal circumstances of these girls are not known, the fact that they are in care already tells us something; they have come from broken homes, which is a product of society and nothing to do with Pakistani culture. On the contrary, such a phenomenon is rare among Pakistanis as girls are always protected by their families. The liberals call it oppression as they are denied freedom. The same argument is applicable to the native white population, where conservative values are upheld through the traditional family unit, which keeps them protected from sexual predators.

Then comes the last component – these depraved men who acted with the opportunity to prey on these girls. The supply side is clear, demographics and liberal values that produce broken homes mean young white girls will be more in supply than girls from other ethnic backgrounds. The media is reluctant to acknowledge this pertinent point.

As for the demand side, for these men the main component is opportunity, in conjunction with living in a liberal society which is highly sexualised. Isn’t sex promoted at every level without responsibility and consequence? Hence, their desire overtook their cultural values, which prohibits consensual sex outside marriage with anyone, let alone forcing someone using intoxicants.

In short, the men acted in accordance with the liberal culture of the west, the use of drugs, opportunities provided by the easy access to vulnerable girls, and their sexual instinct agitated by a sexually charged society. However, that does not mean the men have no responsibility for their deeds, but one needs to point out the wider collective guilt, which nobody is acknowledging and passing the buck, describing it as a foreign cultural or racial problem, a nasty Pakistani import in the language of the far right.

Finally, what about justice for these young vulnerable girls? The lenient punishment given is not a fitting compensation for the loss of dignity and the permanent psychological scars; therefore, it will hardly constitute a form of deterrent for others. This reflects how society and the legal system value such crimes in the first place, which in turn shows how little they value the dignity of women. So much for women’s rights! It is not Islam, it is liberalism that facilitates such crimes and these criminals would have been crucified in a Sharia court, and not housed and fed in a relatively comfortable prison. The girls are collateral damage – because alcohol, drugs and a liberal sexual society is more important, and to hell with the consequences.

7 responses to “Rochdale Sex Crimes – Are they a product of the Pakistani Ghetto or Liberalism?

  1. I couldn’t give that one any stars, I’m afraid!

  2. John Warren

    … nor me I’m afraid.

    There’s much to be said for the argument that liberal attitudes encouraged throughout British society for the past forty years or so have not brought about increased freedom for the individual in ways that might have once been hoped for, but in this case, surely, the added publicity is because trusted ‘house guests’ chose to disregard the law in the worse possible way.

    I do not drink alcohol abroad when asked not to because my hosts demand that I do not and, even though I do not agree with it, I respect their right to apply that demand. Likewise, I’m happy to pay more to enter The Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg than do Russians because I’m a ‘foreign’ guest. I don’t like it, in fact I think it’s quite rude, yet I pay up with a smile. I’m a guest there and should I remain there for seventy years would still feel myself a guest… that makes the difference.

    Doesn’t it?

  3. The problem with all this is it taps into multiple current social narratives and it is hard to reach any objective analysis in an atmosphere of intense moral fervour on multiple fronts. There is certainly a quite widespread belief at the moment that gangs of muslim paedophiles are targetting white girls, and thus that there is a coherent pattern. This is very hard for anyone to verify reliably. It comes down largely to what you prefer to believe.

    It is certainly the case that when there are tribal tensions, those tribes like to each define each other as morally reprehensible. There is a long history of depicting foreigners as rapists, pederasts, cannibals, and practisers of other reprehensible acts. It is interesting to note perhaps that the girls in these stories are generally of a type and social class which the most vocal exponents of this narrative would generally normally deride as chavs, slags, scrounging pramfaces, the residuum and so on; only when we tap into this differnet narrative- the current folk devil of the “paedophile”- do they become “our” girls, vulnerable innocents corrupted and ruined by the foreigners devils.

    I cannot say I am in agreement with the general thrust of the article at all, since I am a great fan of that derided as “liberalism” and despise the intense, primitive patriarchy that “protects” muslim girls in a jail of extended family. It is worth noting as an aside, again, that often those most vocal against muslims are those in Christendom who most share their family and social values, if less intensely in practise. I am quite clearly liberal on the matter. I think there is nothing wrong with a 13 or 14 year old girl having sex, so long as it is not rape- which is reprehensible- and it is very unclear how much, if any, rape actually occurred in this situation.

    But the article is right in the question of why this was old brown men and young white women; we really do not know whether this is a muslim conspiracy to corrupt girls outside their community, or whether it is simply a matter that girls in the white residuum class are available, whereas muslium girls are not. It may be indeed that these men simply took advantage of the opportunity available. Moralists of every generation have complained about the sexual looseness of the underclass and have been trying (and failing) to do something about it since the Great Reform Era began under Victoria. In muslim countries, there are similar poor girls sexually available- prostitution is rife in Iran, for instance- but that muslim underclass does not exist in this foreign (from a muslim perspective) land, so the local girls are in the frame.

    Like I said, there are many issues involved here. I don’t myself really “buy” any of the current popular narratives on the matter. But I can’t pretend to have a truth to offer either. It really all does depend on one’s own moral inclinations.

  4. So true…. It is worthy to read if you want to see the other side of picture, not what media is promoting..

  5. The weakness in Yamin Zakaria’s case is obvious: it was not girls taken from any race but only white girls. There are plenty of Asian – including Muslim – and even more black girls in care or from broken undisciplined homes living in the Great Manchester area. If there was really no racism involved there would have been a racial mix amongst the victims.

  6. I know that individual men’s tastes vary…but perhaps “white” girls are prettier to shag as seen from the perspective of “South Asian” men? I do not know: only suggesting, and I don’t think I’d want to dare ask one. Anyway, human skin colourings and phenotypes come in a wide range of a rather continuous variable… I mean, to a Bangladeshi or a West-Pakistani man, is an “Indian” girl classed as “white”? Would it matter if she came from, say a Northern Indian province, or if perhaps she was a Tamil? And were any of these in the case discussed among the victims?

    Or perhaps a “white girl” who has no obvious familial male protectors is seen as a “slave” as interpretable by these fellows and their view of “that text”….you know – the noted and rather famous precapitalist-desert-survival-guide-manual? And she is therefore deemed to be “fair game”?

    Perhaps it is actually, really, the Koran that is the problem, and its interpretation and execution by its adherents. After all, it did rather “Rise Without Trace”, rather suddenly, and the circumstances of its progenitor’s account of its probity and reliability ought perhaps to bear some examination.

    At least no one single individual ever pretended, publicly or privately, to have “written” the Old or New Testaments and set these in stone – let alone “The Bible”!

  7. Anyway – as the LA’s Director of Northern Affairs, I make it part of my business to know something about the North of England, where I now live, and by and large it is very pleasant and nice.
    But there are vast areas which are not. These, like Rochdale, which is, frankly, a “hole”, have been conmprehensively ruined, brutalized and barbarized by about 6-7 decades of pure socialism. It’s frankly a wonder to me that human beings still attempt, bravely, to live in some of these places at all, so sovietized have become the, er, Soviets, and so full of “New Labour” MPs that they are. I guess most of them are just trapped.