No 16-year-old in an English gumment school could design this today

David Davis

(A reheated post from the Libertertarian Alliance Blog in 2007.)

This is Ribblehead Viaduct, in the middle of nowhere on the Settle and Carlisle line, which British Rail (whatever that was) tried to close 25 years ago. It is now one of the busiest lines in the UK.

I didn’t shoot this picture, but tried there to get one like it a few days ago on my phone. It was not very good, so I borrowed this one from wikipedia. Brian would call me a “billion monkey” I guess.

The viaduct, and the scenery in which it stands, symbolises lots to me about the North, about how far down we have come in the degree of education out State now deigns to “give” children, and how future projects like this will probably be driven by Chinese and Indian engineers. I do not mind that one bit, from the point of view of the human race as a whole; nevertheless, it will be sad that through the depradations of socialism, which the British cannot seem to find in their hearts the guts to cast out, we will lose our place in the future as the drivers of such projects.

But our record can still stand proudly.

4 responses to “No 16-year-old in an English gumment school could design this today

  1. Yes it can stand proud, as some one once said to me regarding the eclipsing of Britain by the U.S.-they are following in the footsteps of giants

  2. Tha is a photo that I took myself in 2010. I edited it a bit and it is somewhere on my facebook, like here:-

    I think it came out rather well actually.

  3. David, nothing to do with this thread,

    I don’t seem to have your email address (again) presumably lost during my last reinstall of everything. Could you email me please when you’ve got a moment? (On the email addy attached to this comment).


  4. Skola Engleskog

    I wander which English school is the best in the world? I guess that best are in UK and US, but who knows?